Purple Elephants with out Cheese

Merry Tuesday :0)!

Hana 'a'ohe p?'ili i o'u. Hana 'a'ohe heluhelu i o'u. Hana 'a'ohe nÁ‚?i o'u. Hana 'a'ohe i o'u.

Noli me tangere. Noli me legere. Noli me videre. Noli me.

. . . .

No me toque. No me lea. No me vea. Haga no m?

Ne pas me toucher. Ne m'a pas lire. Ne pas me voir. Ne faire pas me.

BerÍ}ren Sie mich nicht. Lesen Sie mich nicht. Siehe mich nicht. Nicht macht mich.



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To those new to my site, I'll add this introductory paragraph:

I started this web-site many, many years ago (back in the late 1900's). For a while it even sat dormant. I was surprised that it hadn't been deleted by Angelfire. So I started tinkering with it again, and it slowly became what you see now. Somewhere in there, I met The Cute Hawaiian Girl, and she started helping me type bubbles into The Bubble List. After she got comfortable typing in HTML, she added her own page:


And her control and influence over the site has grown from there. Since then, she has become my fianc?and gained a whole lot more influence and control over not just my site, but myself as well. The majority of this site is by me. Anything you see in this blue font has been inserted by her onto one of my pages. The Starkiss page, is obviously all hers, as are any pages connecting to it.

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