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Webster Family History

    Please keep in mind this is diffently a work in progress. I have just recently started this adventure and can see that it is going to be quite a history lesson in itself.

    Melvin was a full blood Oneida Citizen of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. He was very proud of his heritage. At a very young age he was sent to the Bethany Indian Mission School in Whittenburg, Wisconsin. He finished the 8th grade there and returned to Oneida. After his schooling he worked in the cranberry fields for about 5 years. He then went to work as a longshoreman for Lights Transfer Co., in Green Bay, loading and unloading ship cargos. While working there he married Evelyn Leone Webster Hill. He worked as a longshoreman for about 4 years before he entered the U.S. Army on the 18th of August 1942. Melvin took Military Police Training while in Basic Training and was a Military Policeman,Pfc. He was transferred to Turlock, California and he sent for his wife and her 4 young sons from her previous marriage. Melvin was discharged from the Army on the 17th of October 1945,only to find their was no work in the area for a man with a wife and 4 sons to support. He returned to the U.S.Army on the 5th of March 1946. This time he was sent to Germany on the 29th of June 1946. Melvin remained in Germany until 18th of December, 1948. His military assignments included Pfc.Rifleman and CPL Mechanic when he returned. His papers say he was in the Military Police who guarded the Army Prison and patrolled the streets. He received the WW II Victory Medal; Army of Occupation Medal; and the Good Conduct Medal. I saw my father for the first time on the 30th of December, 1948.

    According to Tribal Records, along with some help from Carolyn Andler, who helped fill in some names and dates, I am very thankful. Without them, I wouldn't be this far.UPDATE: As of April, 2003 I have finally been put in contact with my first cousins, John and Mary Webster, who helped me fill in some more information on the family. I was very excited to find them and am looking forward to more information that John is willing to share that he has researched. This is the main reason I made this site, in hopes of finding more of my family that I have never known. I have also been contacted by a number of Doxtators who are some of my long lost cousins and a very special THANK YOU to Linda Doxtator who helped me find John and Mary.

    PETER WEBSTER and EVE ANTOINE married and had 11 children that I am aware of. One son was: AUGUST WEBSTER who married ELIZABETH BAIRD in 1856. Elizabeth died fairly young.

    AUGUST and ELIZABETH WEBSTER were the parents of 4 children, one son being my grandfather:

    BORN:19 Oct 1862; DIED: 7 DEC 1942;
    MARRIED CELINDA HILL about 1896.

NOAH and CELINDA WEBSTER, were the parents of:

    LUCY WEBSTER: b/ 3 May 1897; d/ 15 Jan 1899

    CORA WEBSTER: b/ 24 Mar 1899; d/ May, 1976; m/ FRANKLIN DOXTATOR

    JOHN WEBSTER: b/abt. 1902; d/ 1950's; m /MINNIE ?? who died in childbirth
    2nd m/ Hildegard 'Hilda' O'Berg - Kreger
    John and Hilda had 2 sons, John and Joel, and 1 daughter, Mary.

    ELIZABETH WEBSTER: b/8 Apr 1905; d/Nov., 1976; m/ CALAWAY DOXTATOR 26 FEB 1922 SHAWANO CO., WIS. They had 12 children.


    MELVIN WEBSTER: b/ 11 Mar 1911; d/ 8 June 1983; m/ EVELYN LEONE WEBSTER HILL 5 Oct 1941 Ozaukee Co., Wis. They had 1 child.

    ABRAM WEBSTER: b/ abt. 1913; d/ 1913

This brings us to the Canadian side of the family. GUY AN TO GEE / GUY AN TO KEE, also known as JOHN WEBSTER. He has been described to me as "a very large man, with broad shoulders, and was very tall". He was born in Green Bay, Wis., even though he spent most of his life in Canada. He was born 22 May 1855. He died sometime around 1920/1921, probably in Canada. JOHN WEBSTER married ELIZABETH NICHOLS, who was b/ 1851 probably in the Deleware Township, Middlesex Co., Ontario. Her parents were: PETER and MARGARET NICHOLAS / NICHOLS, who were both born in Oneida Castle, N.Y. and died in Canada.

PETER NICHOLAS: b/ 1811; MARGARET ?? : b / 1820 were the parents of:

    THOMAS NICHOLAS: b / 1832

    SALLY NICHOLAS: b/ 1839

    MARIA NICHOLAS: b/ 1841

    DOLLY NICHOLAS: b/ 1843

    GOWIN (?) NICHOLAS: b/ 1845


    ELIZABETH NICHOLS: b/ 1851 ; d / abt. 1890 Canada

With a recent document found by Anne Wheelock, we have discovered that JOHN WEBSTER'S parents were ABRAHAM 'ABRAM' WEBSTER and MARGARET CORNELIUS. ABRAM was the only son of LOLESS WEBSTER and MARY. The parents of MARGARET were JOHN CORNELIUS and LENA DOXTATOR
Children of Abram and Margaret Webster:

    LENA WEBSTER, who married
    #1 - Martin F. WHEELOCK;
    #2 - James A. Wheelock;
    #3 - Unknown Doxtator

    JANE WEBSTER, who married a Moses B. CORNELIUS

    SOPHIE WEBSTER, who married a HILL

    JOHN WEBSTER, born 22 May 1955, Green Bay, Wisconsin

    AUGUST WEBSTER, married an ELIZABETH BAIRD and after the death of Elizabeth, August married Caroline (Carrie)Cornelius.(this is a different August and Elizabeth)


JOHN and ELIZABETH WEBSTER had three sons:



    b/ abt. 1887; d / 23 Jan 1922; married MARGARET HAZEL BEAUREGARD 23 June 1912 in Ashland Co., Wis.

After Elizabeth died John is supposed to have brought the 3 boys to Oneida, where they were put in a mission school. August disliked the school so much that he ran away and the family never heard from him again, but I found him on the 1905 Membership Rolls of the 'Oneida of the Thames-Oneida Reserve' in Ontario, Canada. William married and spent the rest of his life in Wisconsin and is buried in Oneida, probably in the Methodist Cem. Moses is believed to have had Diabetis, which led to his early death. Margaret d/ 3 Aug 1973 in California. Moses and Margaret Webster had 6 children, all which are enrolled Citizen's of the Oneida Nation.


If you have any connections, or corrections to this family, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL ME:

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