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My Ojibwa Side of the Family

My Fascinating Metis Family:
This is where my Oneida Family comes together with the Metis Side.

Francis H. Beauregard seems to have came from nowhere, and is buried somewhere. UPDATE: Thanks to Dennis Beauregard, I have finally been given the birh date of Francois and the names of his parents. He was born 8 Nov 1825 in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada to Pierre Jarrett Beauregard [bourgard]and Marguerite Dion Dit Guyon Ditlemoine. Francois had 13 brothers and sisters, as well as 8 half brothers and sisters. He married a young Ojibwa woman named Ne ga na si no kwe in 1853. They were married by a Catholic priest somewhere near Cornell, Wisconsin. She was the of daughter of Gi nish ta no who is listed as a chief of the Trout Lake Band of Chippewa on the 1847 Treaty, and 2nd Chief of the Lac du Flambeau Band on the 1854 Treaty. Ke nish te no is the ancient spelling, while Gi nish ta no is the newer spelling. Gi nish ta no died before 1868, and Ne ga na si no kwe's mother died when she was about two years old. We don't have any record of her name. When Ne ga na si no kwe was baptized, she was given the name of Margaret. She lived most of her life in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, even though she was alloted land, according to the Treaty of 1854, in Lac du Flambeau. Francis went off to fight in the Civil War and never returned. He is listed as a Private in Co.'A', 7th Regiment; Wisconsin Infantry; captured in the 'Battle of the Wilderness', 5 May 1864; reported to have died at prison 1 Sept 1864. He is listed as being a prisoner at Andersonville Prison, he became sick and is believed to have died there, but they have no record of his death, or where he might be buried.

Francis and Ne ga na si no kwe had six children:

I- Mary Cecelia Beauregard: born 1 May 1853 at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. She died 26 Jan 1942 in Bellingham, Whatcom Co., Washington, and is buried in Enterprise, Washington. Her Indian name was O Come Nas Sic Qook Quay (phonetic spelling). She was married to Milton Harnden before 1868 in Wisconsin and they had thirteen children that I know of:
....1-Ernest W. Harnden who married Rose Beauregard, his 1st cousin and daughter of Frank Beauregard and Angeline St. Martin;
....2-Mary 'Mae' Louise Harnden who married a Mr. Morseman/Joseph Morgan;
....3-Milton Lawrence Harnden,Jr.;
....4-Ethel Harnden who married a Mr. Bridge.
....5-Helen Harnden who married a Mr. Wagner.
....6-Laura Harnden who married a Mr. Rooney.
....7-Louis Nathan Harnden who was born 17 Mar 1868 and married Catherine Effie Crow about 1896.
....8-William R. Harnden born about 1875.
....9-Delia Harnden born about 1877.
...10-Henry Harnden born 6 Feb 1879 and married Olga about 1897.
...11-Marguerite Rose Harnden born about 1881 and married John G. Lopas about 1897.
...12-Maud Harnden born 1882 and married James Bearse 3 March 1900
...13-Frank D. Harnden born Dec 1883 and married Tena ?

II- Frank Beauregard: born 1855 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He died 9 Jul 1903 on the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin. Frank married
#1- Angeline DeMarr about 1876 and they had one son:
....1-Frank Beauegard, Jr., born about 1877. She died about 1881.
#2- Doris/Dora Unknown about 1884
#3- Delia Isham about 1886 at Rice Lake, Wisconsin.
#4- Angeline St.Martin about 1890, Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin.
The children of Frank and Angeline (St. Martin> Beauregard are:
....1-Frank (1891-1906)
....2-Rose (1897-1964)
....3-Margaret (b&d 1892)

III- Louisa Beauregard: born 1857, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. She died 4 Jul 1905 at Odanah, Ashland Co., Wisconsin. In 1888, she was married to Theodore Santineau (St.Arnold) in the Catholic Church. Theodore and Louisa had 3 children:
....1-Goldie Santineau born 5 Jun 1889,L'Anse, Mich. She was christened 5 Jun 1889 Sacred Heart Parish, L'Anse, Mich. Goldie died April, 1937. She married Elias Arbuckle and had seven children.
........Orland Francis, Louise, Theodore Jr., Wenzel, Fred Mahlon, Alton Bernard, and Patrick Arbuckle
....2-Clifford Santineau born 1894, Wisconsin.
....3-Francis Santineau born 1892, Wisconsin; died March, 1980 in St. Louis, Minnesota. Francis married Katherine Klein and had 6 children.

IV- Louis Beauregard: born 1859, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, died 2 Nov 1901 of small pox. He married Mary Hughes(1867-1929) in the Catholic Church in 1885. Louis and Mary had 7 children:
....1-George H. Beauregard: born 3 Dec 1884, Wis. and died 29 Oct 1977.
....2-Margaret Beauregard: born 1886 and died 1887, Wisconsin.
....3-Francis A. Beauregard: born 1889, Wisconsin, and died 12 Nov 1970.
....4-Rose Beauregard: born 24 May 1892, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and died 8 Jan 1974. Rose married Hiram Arbuckle 12 January 1916 in Bessemer, Michigan. Hiram and Rose Arbuckle had 9 children:
........Pearl, James Wilmer, Beatrice, Kenneth F., Robert, Lorraine, Joseph, Leonard, and Lillian.
....5-Louisa Beauregard: born and died in 1892, Wisconisn.
....6-Jospeh W. Beauregard: born 1894, and died 20 Aug 1915, Wisconsin.
....7-John H. Beauregard: born 25 Feb 1900, and died Apr 1977, Ashland, Wisconsin.

V- Margaret Beauregard: born 1861, Chippewa falls, Wisconsin, and died 30 Apr 1958, Wisconsin. Margaret married to Ben Gauthier.

VI- Muski-Go(William)Beauregard: born 1863, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and died 1 Oct 1901 in Banger, Wisconsin (Railroad Accident). Muski go William married #1-A ga sa in 1886 at Round Lake, Wisconsin, by Indian Custom. A ga sa died in 1889, leaving 1 daughter:
....1-Angelina (An gi ga bow we kwe) Beauregard: She was born 1887 and died 23 Nov 1930. She married Dan Homesky and had 7 children.
........Susan Veronica (d/6 May 1970)
........Joseph B. (d/16 Nov 1941)
........Bernard (30 Jun 1958)
........Eliza (1907-1928)

Muski go William married #2-Julia Bachand Pennock in 1890. After the death of William in 1901, Julia married #3 Mr. Charrette, and #4 Mr. Couture. Julia died in 24 Jun 1939, in Odanah, Wisconsin, and is buried on the Reservation in Odanah. Muski go William and Julia had 5 children:
....1-Margaret Hazel Beauregard: born 3 Apr 1891, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. She died 3 Aug 1979 in Stanislaus Co., California. She married my grandfather first: Moses R. Webster, 23 June 1912, Ashland, Wisconsin. Moses was born 1889 in Canada, the son of John (Guy an to gee) and Elizabeth (Nicolas) Webster. Moses had a medical problem which is believed today, to have been diabetes. He died 23 Jan 1922, in Outagamie Co. Wis. Moses and Margaret Webster had 6 children:
........1- Iola Webster: born 1912, Odanah, Wis., she died at the age of 5, in 1917 when she was in a buggy with her father, something spooked the horse and it reared up in the middle of a stream they were crossing. Iola drowned, but her father, was able to save her younger sister, Evelyn (my mother).
........2- Evelyn Leone Webster: born 27 January 1914, died 13 May 1996 in Stanislaus Co., Calif. Evelyn married #1- George K. Hill in 1931 in Wausau(?), Wisconsin and had 4 sons:
............1-Herschel Delmar Hill: born 16 Dec 1931, Oneida, Wisconsin. He died 17 March 1983, Stanislaus Co., Calif. He had no children.
............2-Lloyd George Hill: born in 1934, Wisconsin. Married, has 3 children, and is a teacher in California.
............3-Donald Edwin Hill: born in 1936, Wisconsin. Married, has 5 children, and is planning on retiring soon. He lives also in California.
............4-Kenneth Harvey Hill: born in 1937 in Wisconsin. Married, has 3 children, and is living in the State of Washington.
Evelyn married #2- Melvin Webster 5 Oct 1941 in Ozaukee Co., Wisconsin. Melvin died 13 June 1983 in Alameda Co., California in the Veteran's Hospital at Livermore, Calif. Evelyn and Melvin had one daughter, ME!
I was born on my brother Herschel's 16th birthday. I'm sure he was not exactly planning on a sister for his birthday. I was raised in California, married a 'white man' from Texas, as my grandmother Celinda called him, and had 3 children. We have 8 grandchildren: Amber, Robert, Nicholas, Preston, Autumn, Gabriel, Amelia, and Raquel. Three of these live in California, the rest of us are living in East Texas now. We love this beautiul country, but we do miss our loved ones in California and wish we could spend more time with them.

........3- Harold Russell Webster: born 1916, Wisconsin, died 21 Jan 1950 on the Klamath Falls Indian Reserve, Oregon. He is buried at Chiloquin, Oregon in a cemetery on the Reserve. It has been said he married a women up there and had a son.
........4- Bernard Lyle Webster: born 7 July 1917, Wisconsin and died 1 August 2001 in Upshur Co., Tx. His wife, Elizabeth Marie Garrison Norman had died 2 Aug 1996, in Susanville, California. Bernard L. Webster was in the Anti-Tank Company, 142nd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division and lived at Odanah Wis. when he entered the service. He received the following medals for his service:

    WW II Victory Medal
    Army Campaign Medal
    Army Good Conduct Medal
    Army Occupation Medal
    Bronze Star
    Combat Infantry Badge
    European-Africian-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
    Presidential Unit Citation - Army
My uncle Bernard was much more than just an uncle, he was more like my 2nd dad. We had a very special relationship, and I miss him very much.

........5-Leola Elenore Webster: born in 1920, she marrie Melvin Douyette,Sr. in 1946 Wisconsin and has 3 children. Melvin is the son of Arthur Douyette and Mayme Storm. She is a very active 81 yr. old, and a very sweet aunt.
........6-Donald John Webster: born 1921, Wisconsin, died 22 Jun 1968, Calavaras Co., California. He married Mrs. Bernice Thayer and had twin sons.

....My grandma Margaret married Aaron Denny after the death of Muskigo and had two children: Earl Harding Denny, and Mary Arlene Denny. Her 3rd marriage was Bazil DeCoteau, who died in 1973.

....2-Marie Beauregard: born 1895 Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, died 1982, Odanah, Wisconsin. She was married to #1-Mr.Champine; #2-Jack Hansen; and #3- August Encstrom. She had no children.

....3-William Alvin Beauregard: born 20 Feb 1894, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. He married Jennie Rabideaux, 17 Aug 1914, their children are:
..........1-William Alvin, Jr.:b/ 1920
..........2-Leonard John: 1922-1987
..........3-Marie who married a Mr. Chidsey and a Louis Neveaux
..........4-Bernard Pierre 1925-1995
..........5-Carmella who married Mr. Lemieux and 2nd Joseph Michalec
..........6-Dalemarried Eugene Juoni
..........7-Deanna married Sylvester Carbon. Dale and Deanna were underage at the time of their father's death.
..........8-Vivian Rose 1915-1920
..........9-Lillian Julia 1916-1925
.........10-Lemieux Michalec b/ 22 Nov 1926
.........11-Gladys 1930-1990; married Mr.Kerner, and 2nd Harold Spear

....4-Benedict Beauregard: 1896-1986. He married a Dorothy Wood and had 9 children:
..........1-Mildred who married a Mr. Sophina
..........2-Joyce who married a Mr. Aldman
..........3-Bernice who married a Mr. Carpenter
..........4-Margaret who married a Mr. Seifert
..........6-Carol who married Mr. Oldenberg
..........7-Donna who married Mr. Drennon
..........8-Dorothy who married Mr. Jordon
..........9-Darlene Smart who married Mr. Kupeso

....5-Bernard Beauregard:(1900-9 Jul 1926) He married Julia Cadotte, the daugher of Joseph Cadotte and Margaret Lemieux, about 1916 and had one son:
..........1-Bernard Joseph Beauregard,Jr. born 8 Feb 1919 and died 26 Oct 1990. His Indian name was Ba be dosh. Bernard Joseph married Marie Louise 'Sue' Penhallow and had 3 children. He retired from the Coast Guard and settled in Bayfield, Wisconsin.
After the death of Bernard,Sr., Julia married in 1927 to Eli George LaPoint, and had 1 son, Leonard Eugene.

Julia Bachand was the daughter of August Victor Bachand who was born 27 Aug 1837, Saint Therese, Blainville, Terrebonne, Quebec and Marguerite (Margaret) St. Arnold who was b/ 1 Jul 1837, LaPointe, Wisconsin. August and Margaret were married 7 May 1855 at The Holy Name of Jesus Church at Assissins, Michigan.
August V. Bachand was the son of Augustus Beauchamp dit Bachand and Angelique Filion, both of Quebec.
Marguerite/Margaret St.Arnold was the daughter of Eloi (Edward) St. Arnold/Arnaud who was born 26 May 1799, Ste. Genevieve de Batiscan, Quebec. He was the son of Laurent Bertrand dit Ste. Arnaud and Madeleine Trepagnier of Quebec. Edward died 20 May 1886 L'Anse, Michigan. He married on 30 Aug 1835, Madeline Isand, Wisconsin to Maria Descarreaux, who was born 1813, Sandy Lake, Michigan to Francois Descarreaux and a Daughter of the Ojibwa Chief Waubojeeg. Maria died in 1894, L'Anse, Michigan. This family has quite a number of very interesting stories behind them and have created a family today that have:

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