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Joseph O. Powless, Clerk of Oneida Nation

Cover dated 1862, 1863, 1864

Probably continued by:

John Archiquette 1868-1880

Translated By:

Oscar H. Archiquette

November, 1969

Presented to

Paul P. Abrahams

22 November 1969

59 page translation of Diary of Joseph O. Powless, Clerk of Oneida Nation,
and 8 pages of looseleaves of same Diary kept by John Archiquette.

Page 1 of Diary:

Oneida Castle, Oneida County, New York

People who died in Oneida Castle, New York:

(Indian Name) 'Sky wiped/ Clear Sky', cut his throat, he was to be married but he did not like the
action of his intended wife's father, is the reason why he killed himself on July 6, 1817.

(Indian Name) Watenis-Martines froze to death on March 1, 1827.

(Indian Name) Skana wa ti - on the other side of a swamp. An important man died April 1, 1827.

(Indian Name) 'Left and Right quarter of a shoe', his wife a religious woman died May 13, 1830.

(Indian Name) ' He causes a person to get numb', died at Duck Creek, Green Bay, Wisconsin, May 1836.

(Indian Name) The son of Bird T.O.P. died April 14, 1831.

(Indian Name) The wife of Bird T.O.P. died May 11, 1831.

(Indian Name) 'Tun wis' / Thomas his son died at Duck Creek May 15, 1831.

(Indian Name) ' Te kun wa ta se ken' died June 19, 1831.

'Flying Sky', an important man, died July 16, 1831.

(Indian Name) 'Big Flint Stone's' wife Jane died July 28, 1831.

Hannah Rice, was beaten by Jacob Cooper considered at Thanksgiving August 7, 1831.

(Indian Name) 'She bothers' died July 24, 1832.

(Indian Name) 'Big Peter' died July 28, 1832.

(Indian Name) ' Pretty pail' died July 29, 1832.

(Indian Name) ' The other side of a hill' died August 2, 1832.

(Indian Name) C. Hill (I.N.) 'his wings on it' his son died September 6, 1832.

(To ra tin go) 'Big Dolly' died January 10, 1833.

(Indian Name) Son of, 'he is making flour' died at sea or lake while moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin, July 15, 1833.

Page 2 of diary:

( Indian Name) ' Black Voice' died of which is a blessing for her on December 3, 1833. Who have died at Duck Creek, Green Bay, Wisconsin 1834:

(Indian Name) ' Flying Sky's son June 5.

(Indian Name) ' She passes right by' died at Green Bay, August 4.

(Indian Name) ' Holding Pine in her hand', her daughter Elizabeth, died August 16.

William Johnson died August 26.

(Indian Name) 'He is a Pine (tree)' John Powlis August 26.

(Indian Name) 'With Child', old George Doxtator died August 27.

(Indian Name) 'Tsi un wa sa ranken', Anthonig Swamp died August 29.

Daughter of Diana Lucy died August 31.

(Indian Name) Bird's Mother died September 1.

(Indian Name) 'She has a good husband', her son Daniel died September 6.

(Indian Name) 'She has a good husband', her granddaughter died September 12.

From Ohsweken, (Ontario, maybe Mohawk)

D. Peters died September 16.

(Indian Name) 'She breaks it (female) in pieces' died September 18.

(Indian Name) 'Bad looking' Jourdan died September 20.

(Indian Name) 'Bad looking' Jourdan's daughter died September 28.

Page 3 of Diary:


Who have died at Duck Creek, Green Bay, Wisconsin:

Daniel Bread's mother died February 5.

(Indian Name) 'No meaning' died February 10.

'No meaning', father of (Indian Name) 'she has a good husband' died March 31.

C. Hill (Indian Name)'his wings on it', his daughter died September 7.


Two men drowned, blessing for them (Indian Name) 'No meaning' and 'Peter' April 8.

H. Jourdan (Indian Name) 'He the great blossom's' wife died August 7.

(Indian Name)No meaning pretty young lady died August 27.

Three men froze to death a blessing October 19.

October 25 when they were found they were lying in a boat at Duck Creek or the beginning of Duck Creek from Lake Michigan where they had built a fire, they were drunk when they left Green Bay. Their leader (Indian Name) ' No meaning' and Thomas Powlis and Anthony Webster, son of (Indian Name) 'She is holding water' / Phebe, a religious woman P.E.C. died November 11.

Old John Hide (Indian Name) 'ha ra sen ken ' died November 21.

Page 4 of diary:

Deaths 1839 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

John Hill's daughter died February 3.

Hanah White, Oneida Castle, New York February 4.

Anthony Wheelock ( Indian Name ) ' ha la cuh gih' February 22.

Big Martin's wife, Hanah Denny, New York March 29.

(Indian Name) 'He with garters' his wife died Oneida, New York May 5.

D. Doctater / Daniel, New York died May 12.

(Indian Name) 'She does the same', her daughter, died September 24.

Old Smith (Indian Name) 'He is a side of a boat' died November 12.


Son of Snow died April 1.

Son of 'What are you doing' died December 10.

Margaret, mother-in-law of Big Martin, she was a religious woman, died 1822.

Page 5 of diary:

Deaths 1839 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

(Indian Name) 'Two pieces of wood together', his wife Katherine died January 25.

(Indian Name) 'He is looking at the Sky' / William Antone froze to death, a blessing, died near Green Bay February 1.

(Indian Name) 'Big Medicine', was an important man, he has devoted a lot of time to help the nation during his life, now died this day February 19.

(Indian Name) ' Kwitelgo' / Big Peter's wife, Rachel died February 20.

(Indian Name) 'Has no meaning', his friend fell from a bridge and drowned, a blessing died May 16.

Thomas Needdy (Archiquette) fell from a horse while racing, a blessing. John Smith, (Indian Name) 'Thigh' were racing together, a road to Daniel Bread, is where he fell from the horse. Died August 3.

(Indian Name) 'Kettle on top of the other', his mother died August 8.

(Indian Name) 'He is eating a foot', his mother died August 16.

Son of Adam Swamp died September 16.

Son of Thomas King died December 4.

Mother of (Indian Name) 'ha dia tun nen tha', a christian lady died 1825.

Page 6 of diary:

Deaths 1840 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

(Indian Name) 'Fossil shell', his son died February 24.

Jane, a young lady died of child birth March 13.

At Stockbridge (Stockbridge Indians) a man was hung. He had killed a person was the reason he was hung. He was tried before their court and law, March 14.

Old Peter Smith's wife died March 27.

William Hill drowned in Oneida Lake, New York April 10.

Jonathan Jourdan drowned between Ska ne ta ti and New York City while on their way to Washington, D.C. in regards to land of Mysaun Mission. They went on board a ship at Ska ne ta ti, they arrived at New York City at night, in the morning they missed (Jonathan Jourdan). This day April 15, there were four of them when they left for Washington D.C. regarding Mysauri, Baptist Powlis, John Denny, William White and the one who was last, Jonathan Jourdan, this is the way it happened.

Louis Hill (Indian Name) ' his wings on it', has done much toward religion, he held an office P.E.C. now died on Sunday, September 13.

Jacob Cooper, a tree fell on him July 15.

(Indian Name) 'She is holding a Pine tree', she was a good woman died November 4.

Cornelius Summers froze to death December 16.

Page 7 of diary:

Deaths 1841 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Old John Doxer / Metoxan, his son died in a wagon he was crushed to death by a number of men who were under the influence of liquor and riding in the wagon. Killed January 12.

Sueson Swan's daughter died January 19.

Thomas King's son died January 30.

(Indian Name) 'Giant H.S., his son died January 30.

Peter Hill - 2 children of his died who were very much deformed, a person would not think they were human, so this is the way it is. Everyone is created by God, some are deformed. February 11.

(Indian Name) 'A robber' died February 28.

(Indian Name) 'She dissolves marriages' son died February 28.

(Indian Name)'Daughter of Bird' died Sunday March 7.

(Indian Name) Daughter of (Has no meaning), died April 4.

(Indian Name) name refers to body, his daughter died September 23.

(Indian Name) 'The great Fish', his mother died New York September 24.

The mother of (Indian Name) 'It is raining' died October 1.

(Indian Name)'He with long house', his daughter died October 13.

( Indian Name )'He is lugging a vessel', and his wife both died four days apart in New York. Died 1817.

Page 8 of diary:

Deaths 1842 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Peter Green was hanged in 1842.
He murdered three of his children with a two foot blade or knife on February 2.
He was asked why he killed his children, he said their mother is never home and they have suffered much, by killing them they would go to heaven and suffer no more.
He was tried by Indian Court by Chiefs and convicted to be hanged on February 18.
He was executed by Peter Archquette and was compensated, Mrs. Margaret Green was questioned about the above, and she said it is true, I am very seldom home, because I am always looking for some food for the family, there are a lot of things happened to this family.

Page 9 of diary:

Deaths 1842, Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Son of (Indian Name) 'What are you doing' died in Onudaga, New York March 8.

Rev. William Doxtator died in Canada April 3. Rev. Doxtator is a Mohawk, he was the first to be authorized to be in charge of Methodist Church in Oneida Castle, State of New York, A.D. 1828. It was thru him that we accepted the Methodist Church, he is from Ohsweken.

Rev. James Johnson now deceased, he was a preacher at the Methodist Church and gave much of his time to it and a very strong believer in God. Rev. James Johnson was an Oneida and spoke Oneida language.

(Indian Name) 'No meaning', his son Cornelius Stevens died August 25.

Lewis Denny, Old Lewis Denny died July 26.

Wife of Daniel Bread died October 1.

Page 10 of diary:

Deaths 1843 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Thomas Lotwick's son died February 8.

Lotwick King's son died February 20.

Old H. Powlis daughter died March 20.

(Indian Name) 'No meaning', his son died March 21.

(Indian Name) 'Good road' died at the age of 110 July 14.

(Indian Name)'Wife of Left and Right Quarter of a shoe', Hannah Archiquette, died September 4.

(Indian Name) Mother of, ' Criticize' died October 22.

Deaths 1844 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

(Indian Name)'Himself'/C. Hill wife died January 23.

Sister of Standing Spools, died February 15.

Old Cornelius Wheelock's wife died March 21.

Daughter of 'Kettle Top of Another' died March 22.

(Indian Name) 'Flying work', her daughter April 14.

Old Peter Smith's wife died April 16.

John Smith (Indian Name) 'Thigh', his wife died August 19.

Wife of John Powless, Onundaga tribe died August 20.

(Indian Name) 'Oses' / Moses was killed by 2 indians (not Oneida). His head was beaten to a pulp, while they were in a drunken stage. Green Bay, died October 30.

(Indian Name) 'No meaning', his daughter died October 20.

Daughter of Dolly, a religious person died November 28.

Rev. Daniel Poe died July 15.

Mr. D. Poe came to Oneida Mission at Duck Creek in 1836 stayed for 3 years at Oneida West Mission.

Page 11 of diary:

Deaths 1845 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

(Indian Name) 'Buttock gethered', froze to death and was intoxicated. Died March 15.
George Hill's body was in water (creek) either froze to death or was killed, was intoxicated died March 23.

Joseph G. Cornelius, his daughter died July 24.

Joseph G. Cornelius, his daughter died July 30.

Son of C. Hill died May 20.

Son of Rev. Isaac Wheelock died August 6.

Son of Hannah died August 8.

Son of Jane Cooper (Indian Name) 'She does two things the same' died August 22.

Henry John (Indian Name) no meaning died August 23.

(Indian Name) 'With his new house', his daughter died September 6.

Old Honyost Smith son died October 17.

Son of Elizabeth died October 23.

Daughter of Peter S. Webster died December 6.

Page 12 of diary:

Deaths 1846 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Husband of (Indian Name) no meaning, Daniel Hill, died January 26.

Daughter of Adam Swamp (Indian Name) 'Lord is made', March 20.

(Indian Name) no meaning, his daughter died April 4.

James D. Silas his two children died April 30.

(Indian Name) no meaning, his mother died in Oneida Castle, New York, July 7.

Old J. Cornelius (Indian Name) 'Ska in wi ioh', his child died July 10.

Son of Old Peter Hill (Indian Name) 'Bread' died September 23.

Sons of (Indian Name) 'Buttocks', both died elsewhere, October 23.

Son of Rose; John Powlis wife died November 10.

Son of (Indian Name) no meaning D. Denny, died November 23.

Daughter of (Indian Name)'Chicago', died December 1.

Daughter of Thomas Schuyler died December 4.

(Indian Name) 'He is dragging a log', froze to death while under the influence of liquor died December 7.

Son of (Indian Name)'His body falls' died December 28.

Daniel Powlis was killed, he was stabbed several times by Thomas Doxtater, it took place at night December 22.

He had a trial before the Oneida, Chiefs of Oneida Nation of Green Bay. He was found guilty, he was ordered to leave the Oneida Reservation and never to come back, to Duck Creek, Green Bay. He lost his rights to land and everything, he left at night for Canada West. This is what happened to T. Doxtater.

Page 13 of diary:

Deaths 1847 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Moses froze to death while under the influence of liquor on January 2.

Hulda, Oneida Castle, New York died January 13.

Daughter of Daniel D. Hill died January 21.

Son of (Indian Name) 'Well sharpened', died January 21.

(Indian Name) 'It is burning along', his son died February 18.

(Indian Name) 'Rim flying an old man' died February 25.

Son of N. Deer (Indian Name) 'Scanudoah', died February 26.

Child of Joseph S. Thomas died February 28.

Wife of C.O. Hill (Indian Name) 'Under vessel', Jane Hill died March 21.

(Indian Name) 'She breaks marriage', her daughter Jane died April 15.

Daughter of (Indian Name) 'Twenty Cities', burned died April 26.

Son of Peter Denny died August 7.

Old Honyast Smith died at age 60 August 10.

Daughter of John Johns (Indian Name) 'Lugging a skull' died August 15.

Daughter of (Indian Name) 'Hold my arm' died August 23.

Daughter of Sally Kilk died August 25.

(Indian Name) no meaning died elsewhere September 4. (female)

Baptist Powlis was an important man who died elsewhere. He was their chief in religion,he had no enemies, he went away and took up missionary work. He was a grafted chief.

B. Powlis died October 10.

Doradeen died at age 22, October 25.

Page 14 of diary:

Deaths 1847 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Needdy / Edward King his daughter died December 9.

Hannah John (Indian Name) 'tsia te ta ra yeuh' died December 15.

(Indian Name) 'She has a good husband', a religious woman, died at age 96 on December 19.

Daughter of Margaret O. Day died December 24.

Rev. Daniel Adams, Canadian Indian Mohawk from Ohsweken, he was a Mehtodist minister came to Oneida Castle, New York in 1830, to Duck Creek in 1832, then he left for Ka na wi ioh ge and was sent there by Ministers in 1837. He died on Sunday, March 3, 1844 at Ka na wi ioh ge.

Page 15 of diary:

Deaths 1848 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

(Indian Name) 'Ya gwek' / Jacob S. Cornelius his wife died January 20.

(Indian Name) 'It dropped on him', his grandson died January 23.

Daughter of Old Daniel Bread, February 12.

Wife of (Indian Name) 'ha nan si ha tha' -no meaning, died March 2.

Aaron an old man, came from O tria no age died April 4.

William Schuyler (Indian Name) 'Outburst of Anger from his heart', (like a lion), died April 22.

Wife of Daniel Bread, Jane Bread died June 6.

Old Paul Powlis (Indian Name) 'He splits lumber' died July 7.

Daughter of John Chrisjohn died September 5.

Son of Martin Cooper died September 5.

Son of (Indian Name) 'He who awakes', died September 10.

A.L. (Indian Name) ' Mild Day', he is the only one as fast to fill cedar browse, he was a kind man, had good education, died on October 5.

Daughter of Jacob S. Cornelius (Indian Name) is 'Kwak', died November 16.

Daughter of John Antone (Indian Name) 'Cool it', died November 30.

In the book, The Oneidas by J.K. Bloomfield, John Antone is only mentioned by his Indian name, 'swistot', he was a messenger for the Oneida Nation and known to be the fastest runner, a person would not think he could move fast. The way he acts otherwise, he was a very religious man. He is known to give an awfull hoop that can be heard for miles.

The above was added by Oscar H. Archiquette October 10, 1969.

Page 16 of diary:

Deaths of 1849 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Son of A.O. Powlis died February 5.

Daughter of Joseph Winnebago died February 8.

(Holy Apostles Church records show J. Winnebago was a Civil War veteran added by O. Archiquette, October 10, 1969).

(Indian Name) 'Neddy' / Edward King's son died February 21.

Son of Isaac Johnson died February 28.

(Indian Name) 'Pity for everyone', Elizabeth Hill died February 28.

(Indian Name) 'Nine Hill' member of Otsia no sge ha ga died March 1.
(Otsia no sge ha ga could mean a reservation from elsewhere, may be in Canada or Indian Tribe.)

Wife of William Bread, Phoebe Bread March 2.

Son of (Indian Name) 'Tracks was made', (Indian Name) 'He who awakes' died March 2.

Son of (Indian Name) ' Ka ra ni gwal', died March 9. (no meaning to name)

Grand-daughter of (Indian Name) 'The drops', died March 16.

(Indian Name) 'She pities', her grand-daughter, died March 18.

Daughter of Thomas Antone, his Indian name, 'Sun goes down' died March 18.

Daughter of D. Baird died March 19.

Daughter of Lowick King died March 20.

Daugher of (Indian Name) 'Soaked with blood', who drowned died March 23.

Daughter of Sally Kick died March 30.

Son of (Indian Name) 'His is resting' / Martines Archiquette, grand-father of Oscar H. Archiquette died March 31.

Daughter of 'Two pieces of wood together', Hannah died April 3.

John Anthony's niece, her husband died April 3.

Pages 16 and 17 of diary:

(Continued Deaths 1849 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Grandson of (Indian Name) 'Good hull corn soup', died April 5.

Son of Moses Swamp / his Indian name, 'Pig's feet', died April 8.

Daughter of H. Powlis his Indian name, 'His body falls over', died April 15.

Daughter of Lowick King died April 19.

Some outside Indian was supported by an Oneida man who died on May 9.

Daughter of Peter S. Silas died May 13.

Daughter of A. Webster his Indian name, 'Is pulling or dragging', died May 13.

Daughter of Paul Powlis died June 3.

Daughter of Katherene Coulon died June 6.

Son of Mary Cooper, her Indian name, 'She is knocking down sun', died June 8.

Son of Isaac Johnson died September 29.

Son of Anthony Swamp or 'He has a sharp foot' died October 19.
Daughter of Mary Stevens died December 16.

Rev. Peter James, Canada Indian died June 27, 1856.

Rev. P. James is a Mehtodist and has caused many to become Christians among 'a dwa gan ha' meaning Indians outside of the Six Nations. He used to preach to Oneidas in Canada West.

Page 18 of diary:

Deaths 1850 Duck Creek, Green Bay:

Grandson of (Indian Name) Good body, died January 19.

John Johns (Indian Name) Carrying a skull, his son died January 19.

Son of C. Hill died January 19.

Daughter of two pieces of wood together, Rachel died February 17.

Daughter of (Indian Name) na ra ni gwal died February 19.

Son of (Indian Name) He is lugging a foot died February 26.

Daughter of Drops, Rachel died March 28.

Wife of C. Hill, his Indian Name, in a dipper died April 2.

Moses Swamp, or Pigs feet, preacher much in Methodist Church, he preached here today May 26. He died today May 29. Moses Swamp has helped a lot in religion.

Nephew of John Anthony died June 4.

Thomas James (Indian Name) tun wis go wan ken, died June 7.

(Indian Name) tsia wan ran ken, religious woman died June 20.

Wife of Big Cornelius, she was religious, died June 20.

Wife of His mouth open, Mary Atsiquette died June 20.

Daughter of (Indian Name) he hangs house, pretty young lady died June 20.

All women died same day and all were buried the same day. Their bodies were taken to church (Note: There could have been three bodies.)

Mother of Old Peter now died June 30.

Grand-daughter of (Indian Name)torn drops, Mr. Hill, died July 13.

Daughter of H.S. died July 14.

Daughter of (Indian Name) Voice on it, died July 30.

Daughter of Jacob Smith, died August 17.

Son of Moses John (Indian Name) He has garters on, son died September 5.

Pages 19 & 20

Deaths 1850: Duck Creek Green Bay:

Son of Peter Powlis, his Indian name was, 'He lives at two places'. Died October 19.

Daughter of Jacob A. Schuyler, died December 2.

Son of Isaac Wheelock died December 24.

Deaths 1851: Duck Creek Green Bay:

Daughter of Anthony Swamp (Indian Name) He with sharp foot. She died January 19.

Thomas King an important man died March 10.

Thomas Lawock, 'He with drops' (Indian Name), an important man died March 12.

Daughter of John Parker died April 12.

Wife of (Indian Name) no meaning died April 28.

Two children of (Indian Name) 'ha nun si ha tha' died May 1.

Father of John Hill, old C. Hill died May 30.

Son of (Indian Name)no meaning died July 30.

Daughter of Old Wm. Schuyler died July 31.

Peter Atsiquette (Indian Name) Left and right quarter of a shoe, took sick and died at Ocean August 7.

Daughter of John Chrisjohn died Sept. 4.

Grand-daughter of Big Lucy died Sept. 18.

Wife of 'He with the drops' died November 6.

Daughter of I.S. Cornelius died December 19.

Abraham Lincoln President of the United States for four years, and one month and ten days, shot in Ford's Theater on Good Friday night about 10:00 o'clock April 14, 1865.

Page 21 of Diary:

Deaths 1852 Duck Creek Green Bay:

(Indian Name) Branch same length, froze to death January 1.

Old Peter Webster religious man died January 15.

Two children of D. Baird died January 1.

Katherine King's child died February 1.

Grandchild of Lucy died February 2.

Mother of (Indian Name) Ka hen ti te (no meaning) was a religious woman died February 10.

Old Cornelius Stevens an important man died February 22.

Daughter of Old Peter Hill, her Indian name, Bread, died February 26.

Jacob Schuyler (Indian Name) 'Voice snappy' died March 17.

(Indian Name) ' He will bring it', froze to death near Green Bay on March 28.

Daughter of (Indian Name) 'Great Knife' died April 4.

(Indian Name) has no meaning died April 7.

Mother of 'two pieces of wood together' now died, a kind woman, April 9.

Daughter of Peter Sickles died April 13.

Wife of (Indian Name) no meaning died May 19.

Granddaughter of (Indian Name) 'Flower head,' Jane Doxtater died June 6.

Son of B.D. Doxtater died June 10.

Old John Angus was an important man, first to come here, Boat docked at Green Bay, he did not have a title, even tho he was a grafted Chief, was a good man on business, died June 22.

Daughter of John Hill died August 13.

Wife of Thomas Antone (Indian Name) 'Sun goes down ' died September 14.

Daughter of Old Daniel Doxtater, pretty young lady, Jane Hill, died December 10.

Son of Old John Danford died October 9.

Daughter of G.N. (I.N.) 'what are you doing' died December 10.

Granddaughter of Old Joseph Thomas died December 25.

Page 22 (part of 21) of Diary:

Deaths of 1853 Duck Creek Green Bay:

Son of Jacob Schuyler died March 5.

Daughter of Suesana Swamp March 5.

Granddaughter of (Indian Name) wa hasan, no meaning, died March 6.

Daughter of (Indian Name) 'his back broke in two,' died April 8.

Daughter of Thomas King died April 16.

Martinas Doxtater drowned while intoxicated - died April 20. He fell from a raft while riding on it from Green Bay. They were rowing to the mouth of Duck Creek, about halfway between, the oar he was using fell off and he fell backwards into the water, and that was the last time they saw him. An Indian other than Oneida found the body 23 days afterwards, May 12.

Son-in-law of Big Lucy died May 19.

Son of Sally Kick died May 27.

Granddaughter of Old Joseph Thomas died June 14.

(Indian Name) no meaning, her youngest old brother died June 22.

Daughter of (Indian Name) no meaning died June 22.

Son of Martinus Denny died June 25.

Page 23 of Diary:

Deaths of 1853 Duck Creek Green Bay

Son of Margret P. Smith died July 9.

(Indian Name) no meaning, was a religious woman, died July 10.

John King, his Indian name wa Bass Fish, died July 18.

Son of Jacob Schuyler, died August 5.

Moses ChrisJohn was killed near Green Bay, August 12.

Honyost Parkhurst committed the crime, he ran away to Canada right away. He is not wanted to come back to Oneida Duck Creek Wisconsin, nor to ever see him again. The Honyost Parkhurst.

Rev. S.D. or 'Bright Sky' died Green Bay August 29. Had charge of Oneida Nation of New York for over 30 years and Duck Creek Green Bay.

Daughter of Adam Swamp died September 5.

Grandchild of (Indian name)Has nest in his mouth, died September 17.

Child of Rev. John D. Cornelius died October 13.

Son of Isaac Johnson I heard he drowned in Lake of Wisconsin.

Old John Delon died while drunk, Green Bay, October 23.

Father of Peter Sickles died November 22.

D. Build died December 21.

Page 24 of Diary:
Deaths 1854 Duck Creek Green Bay

A. Powlis (Indian Name) Hay, in Oneida a log fell on him and crushed him to death. He was hauling logs. Died this, day, January 17.

Grandson of Elizabeth died January 18.

Daughter-in-law of Elizabeth died January 24.

(Indian name) Voice Boiling, died February 14.

Mary Powlis (Indian name) Ka hen ti te, died at Onundaga Castle, New York February 16.

Grandson of Margret Green(Indian name) Buttock in a sitting position, Grandson died March 6.

Two children of (Indian name)Her Voice on it, died April 1.

Son of Daniel Bread, John Bread died April 15.

Grandson of Big Lucy died April 25.

Daughter of (Indian name) Ka ra ni gwal, no meaning, died April 27.

Daughter of Adam Smith died April 29.

Son of (Indian name) Some kind of large bud died May 9.

Grandson of Peter Hill his Indian name close to city, died May 10.

Wife of Gebs Doxtater died May 25.

(Indian Name) Big Fish, died August 1.

(Indian name) Thorny fruit, died August 3.

Father of Luwick King died August 5.

(Indian name) Dishes rattling died August 7.

Wife of Old H. Smith died August 11.

Daughter of Luwick King died August 11.

Daughter of Thomas Swamp died August 13.

Old Scanadoah (Skenandore) (Indian name) Racoon died August 14.

Daughter of John Powlis died.

Continued from page 24 to 25:
Deaths 1854 Duck Creek Green Bay

Wm. Bread (Indian name) Wet Shoe, died August 15.

Old Jane Doctater religious woman, died August 21.

Son of Isaac Peters died August 23.

He has nest in his mouth, an important man died September 7.

Daughter of Joseph G.Cornelius, died September 10.
John Bartier died September 15.

Grandson of Old Peter Hill died October 20.

Son of Jane Cooper died December 14.

Page 25 of Diary:

Deaths of 1855

Mother of Sally Kick died January 15.

Old Wm. Cornelius died January 28.

Wife of D. John, his Indian name, His Buttock in it, died January 30.

Daughter of Along the River bank died February 1.

Daughter of I.S. Cornelius died February 8.

Daughter of Anthony Swamp (Indian name) His foot is sharp, died February 21.

Daughter of 20 cities / D. Williams died March 12.

Daughter of Suesan Swamp died March 16.

Wife of John Barker died March 27.

Daughter of B.S. Scanadoah died April 1.

Old A. John (Indian name) Snow died April 14.

Granddaughter of (Indian name) no meaning, died April 21.

Son of Flying body, Wm. Smith, died April 21.

Daughter of D. Baird died April 28.

Page 26 of Diary:

Deaths 1855 Duck Creek Green Bay

Daniel Hill was cut up and killed near Green Bay by Peter Baird on April 28.

Peter Baird was now put in jail May 1.

Peter Baird now released from jail June 4, 1856. He was released by mistake, it is true that he murdered Daniel Hill who was an important man to the Nation.
Peter Baird released April 28, 1855.
He served one year and 34 days.

Son of He is Resting, or Martines Archiquette died May 15.

Son of John Hill died May 15.

Daughter of Isaac John (Indian name) Standing Neck, May 22.

Daughter of Her throat inflates, died May 22.

Daughter of Joseph Skenandore (Indian name) Fox, May 22.

Daughter of (Indian name)He is making flour died June 19.

Daughter of (Indian name) He is Resting / Martines Archiquette (Grandfather of Oscar H. Archiquette by O.A.) died June 25.

At age 13 years and one month she started praying and while sick and suffering she always held the Common Prayer Book. The day she died she said I believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, then her eyelids closed and her breathing ended this day June 25, 1855. She has now gone home to Holy Land, to another land where she will sing forever. Holy, Holy, Holy Her breath is now gone.

Page 27 of Diary:

Deaths continued 1855

Wife of D. Baird died July 9.

Daughter of (Indian name) City hanging died August 7.

Wife of Danial Hill, died August 14.

Sally Jourdian died August 26.

Daughter of Simon Antone died August 30.

Son of (Indian name) House full died September 2.

Daughter of Daniel T. Hill died September 2.

Daughter-in-law of (Indian name) no meaning died October 17.

Grandson of Old Polly Chrisjohn died October 28.

Daughter of (Indian name) Ha sulha tsi - no meaning died December 3.

Daughter of B.S. Scanahoah died December 16.

Martinas Denny wife died December 29.

Right Rev. John Henry Hobart died September 12, 1830, age 55 yrs..
Born September 14, 1775 at Philadelphia, Pa.

Page 28 of Diary:

Deaths 1856 Duck Creek

Son of H.K. Cooper died January 20.

Daughter of Polly Kick died February 7.

Granddaughter of Joseph S. Thomas died March 26.

Granddaughter of Joseph S. Thomas died April 5.

Rub it (Indian name) died April 18.

Son of Old Daniel Doctater April 25.

Wife of Old Needdy Archiquette died May 16.

(Old Needdy Archiquette is most likely my great-grandfather, Oscar H. Archiquette - by O.A.)

Grandson of Joseph S. Thomas died May 23.

Daughter of (Indian name) High Hill, died May 28.

Daughter of Isaac Peters died June 6.

Son of Moses Swamp died June 11.

City has fallen (Indian name) died June 17.

Mary Webster (Indian name) She is knocking down flowers, died June 23.

D. John died June 27 mother a religious lady.

Wife of (Indian name) He is making flour, Mary died June 27.

Wife of John Chrisjohn his Indian name, Long Forehead, civil war veteran, his wife's Indian name is Ni ki, Malinda died July 13.

Daughter of Peter S. Silas died July 31.

(Indian name) Two pieces of wood together, an important man, died September 1.

Peter Baird who had committed a crime, died September 28.
Record of Peter Baird can be found on page 26 of this book.

Daughter of Paul Powlis died October 9.

Daughter of John O. Cornelius died October 12.

Son of B.S. Scanadoah, died October 13.

Daughter of Paul Powlis died October 15.

Daughter of Peter Hill (Indian name) Gun, died October 15.

Daughter of Indian name has no meaning, died October 31.

Wife of Chief Daniel Bread, a Mohawk, died November 1.

Daughter of Anthony Swamp, died November 2.

Daughter of Chief Daniel Bread died November 8.

Daughter of John Powlis, died November 23.

Daughter of Joseph S. Thomas December 18.

Page 29 of Diary:

Deaths of 1857 in Duck Creek

Daughter of Anthony Swamp died January 18.

Lawick King froze to death near Green Bay on January 18.

Granddaughter of Peter John died January 30.

Son of Big Mary, died February 20.

Son on Mary Cooper, her Indian name ws, she knock down marriage, son died February 22.

Granddaughter of Jane Cooper (Indian name) It is done the same, died March 6.

Sister of Peter John (Indian name) no meaning, died March 10.

William Baker died March 10.

Mouse died March 16.

Daughter of (Indian name) She is picking it off, died March 17.

Daughter of (Indian name) no meaning, died March 18.

(Indian name) He is eating feet, a kind man, died March 22.

Daughter of Adam Peters died March 23.

Wife of Big Antone died April 5.

(Indian name)Good Swamp a kind woman, died April 11.

Page 30 of Diary:


Daughter of William Jourdan, died May 18.

Daughter of Moses Cornelius died June 14.

Son of Big Mary, died June 23.

Son of William Hill / He is on his back, son died July 9.

Son of Peter Johnson died July 30.

Wife of Peter Johnson died August 3.

Daughter of George Smith died August 7.

Son of Sa go ie sa tha, or He is criticizing people, died August 25.

Daughter of Peter Baird died September 23.

Son of Isaac Peters died November 30.

Deaths of 1858

Son of Joseph S. Thomas (Indian name) of son, He with horns, died January 9.

Mr. Green, a white man was a good kind man. Somebody cut a tree which fell on him by accident, died January 26.

William Ninham died January 30.

Son of His back broken/Thomas Hill died February 3.

Son of She does the same, died while intoxicated February 21.

Daughter of He is lugging a foot, Abram Summers, died April 16.

Children of George Doctater two drowned at Duck Creek died June 27.

Son of (Indian name) no meaning, Isaac Swamp, died July 8.

Granddaughter of He is on his back / William Hill died July 30.

Daughter of His foot sharp / Anthony Swamp died August 6.

Page 31 of Diary:

Deaths of 1858 Duck Creek Green Bay

Daughter of 20 Cities or Daniel Williams, died August 7.

Daughter of Baptist Smith died August 27.

Rev. Eleazer O. Williams, his Oneida Indian name was 'Sky has been crossed', he died at Hogansburg, New York.

(Indian name) Ha gwe sus ne, He was a missionary for the Oneidas a long time, came to Oneida Castle, New York, A.D. 1816, died August 28. (Age 72)

Granddaughter of (Indian Name) Wa hisan, no meaning, died August 30.

Son of Bow Standing Up, died October 4.

Granddaughter of His foot is harp/ Anthony Swamp, died October 5.

Daughter of Buttucks is it, / D. John, died October 26.

Daughter of Black Bird died October 30.

Son of Thomas John died November 1.

Daughter of William Jourdan, died November 3.

Son of He is resting, or Martinas Archiquette died November 8.

Daughter of He is lugging a foot died November 10.

Daughter of Under the Dipper / C. Hill, died November 14.

Granddaughter of Thomas Baird died November 16.

Daughter of Sun goes down / Thomas Antone died November 17.

Daughter of Let us Run away, died November 19.

Daughter of H.K. Cooper died November 21.

Granddaughter of William Jourdan died November 22.

Granddaughter of He is long hide / Marge King, died November 25.

Daughter of Moses B. Cornelius died December 8.

Granddaughter of Go gwis Powlis died December 9.

Daughter of Adam Smith died December 19.

Granddaughter of Margret O. Green died December 20

Daughter of Peter G. Hill died December 21.


Page 32 of Diary:


A. Powlis or (Indian Name) It is taken off quickly, froze to death January 3.

Danial Lowick and A.P. both froze to death while drunk on February 6.

Son Joseph of He criticizes people, died March 1st.

Grandddaughter of His Foot is Sharp / Anthony Swamp May 20.

Daughter of Cornelius Hill (Indian name) Under a dipper, died May 20.

Henry Danforth (Indian name) Black Bird, died May 22.

John F. Hill died May 26.

(Indian name) Ka nantiia tha, died June 2.

Jane Cooper, ( Indian name) She does the same here, granddaughter died June 23.

Son of A. John (Indian name) Braids Standing, died July 2.

Old John Howe his Indian name, Inside of a foot, died July 16, a Christian man.
He was a member of the Methodist Church for 29 years.

Daughter of Joseph S. Thomas died August 5.

Daughter of Peter Stevens his Indian name, He is socked with blood, died August 17.

Daughter of Indian name Jia wen ji hun, died September 23.

Son of John W. Cornelius died September 26.

She is holding flower died October 1.

Son of William Barker died November 25.

Granddaughter of Joseph S. Thomas died November 30.

END OF 1859

Page 33 of Diary

Deaths of 1860 Duck Creek Green Bay

Daughter of Indian name, City washed, died January 5.

Martinus Archiquette Indian name, He is resting, his son died February 11.

Daughter of John Hill died February 12.

Isaac Stephen died suddenly on March 20.

Daughter of Bag died March 25.

Daughter of Parted City, died March 27.

Daughter of John K. Hill, his Indian name was Cannon, died March 30.

Two nieces of Peter Smith died April 3.

Indian name has no meaning died April 8.

Wife of John Danforth, his Indian name was He is making flour, his wife was a Stockbridge died April 9.

Wife of Gizzard (only name written) died April 15.

Son of M.A. (Martines Archiquette) Indian name, He is resting, died April 18.

Daughter of Betsy Webster died May 2.

Daughter of Adam Smith died May 4.

Daughter of C. Hill died May 5.

Son of William Barker died November 25.

Granddaughter of Joseph S. Thomas died November 30.

End of 1859

Page 34 of Diary:

Deaths of 1860

Granddaughter of (Indian name) Dinah (Schuyler) died May 5.

Daughter of Martinas Cooper died May 6.

Son of Daniel Ninham died May 9.

Son of Indian name, Hu sanl ha tsi (Miner Antone) no meaning, died May 14.

Two grandchildren of Jane Y. Doctater died May 15.

Daughter of Adam Smith died May 17.

Nephew of Maple Sugar or John Hill (I.H.) died June 6.

Daughter of Under the Dipper /C. Hill died June 11.

Daughter of Peter S. Silas died June 20.

Grandson of Two pieces of Wood Together died June 26.

Daughter of Hanah Hanah Powlis died July 1.

Daughter of Him to died July 2.

Daughter of Thomas Swamp died July 27.

M.A. He is resting/ Martines Archiquette, his daughter Katherene Archiquette died August 11.

Daughter of Polly Kick died August 12.

Wife of James Wheelock died August 25.

Daughter of John W. Cornelius died August 26.

Son of Adam Smith died September 2.

Granddaughter of He is on his back / William Hill died September 18.

John Cornelius died September 30.

Son of Anthony King died October 3.

Son of (Indian name) no meaning died October 7.

Son of Rev. E.A. Goodnough, William A. Goodnough, died July 18.

Old Baptist Denny / Stub died November 22.

Isaac John / Standing Neck was hurt in a wagon from which he died of, was intoxicated at the time of the accident, died November 25.

Daughter of Simon Antone, Rachel died December 14.

Daughter of William D. Archiquette died December 15.

(Indian name) Nikien gowanneken, Canadian lady or Indian died May 20, 1860.

Page 35 of Diary

Deaths of 1861 Duck Creek Green Bay:

Wife of Ga wi'ta died January 12.

Son of Great Killer died January 31.

Granddaughter of Sally Kick died February 20.

Isaac Peters froze to death in Green Bay February 25.

Granddaughter of William D. Archiquette died March 1.

Daughter of John S. Hill died March 14.

John Swamp froze to death while intoxicated. Died March 18.

Big Thigh / John Smith died March 31.

Son of Ah zulhaji? / Miner Antone died April 8.

Grandson of Big Lucy died April 20.

Son of William Archiquette, Moses Archiquette died May 8.

Son of Henry Stephens died May 12.

Daughter of Under the Dipper / C.O. Hill, died July 14.

Daughter of John Chrisjohn died August 20.

Son of Mr. John, Elijah John died August 21.

Wife of Martines King died September 16.

Old Sally Honyost died October 2.

Son of His Back is Broken (deceased) A. Hill died October 6.

John B. Cooper was an important man. Died October 12.

Wife of Joseph G. Cornelius died October 23.

A Stockbridge Indian lady now died November 2.

Anthony Ariquette / Maple Sugar died December 25. A.A. was a religious man.

Daughter of Her Hair is cut, drowned on December 29, 1861

He carried her name (a Canadian) died January 9, 1861.

Cornelius died December 28, 1861.

Page 36 of Diary

Deaths 1862 Duck Creek Green Bay:

Daughter of Elizabeth Ludwick died January 1.

Daughter of He lives at two places died January 8.

Go Gives Go / Jake Homer, his daughter Mary died January 10.

Wife of He has his mittens on / Cornelius Schuyler died January 22.

Daughter of His body goes down hill / Chief Henry Powlis died January 27.

Daughter of Baptist Smith died January 31.

Go Gives / Thomas, died in an accident in a wagon on March 22.

Daughter of Big Sharpened Thing died March 28.

Granddaughter of Ya go wingo died March 30.

Son of Pail on Top of the other, died April 1.

Son of Peter Powlis died April 8.

Son of Anthony Swamp died April 30.

Solomon Thomas was killed in Green Bay May 7.

Grandson of He lives at two places, died May 8.

Daughter of Honyost John / He with long cloth died June 15.

Granddaughter of He is on his back/ William Hill died June 19.

Daughter of He is shouting (Danforth) died June 26.

Son in law of Peter Denny, Thomas Hill, died July 1.

Daughter of Under the Dipper / C. Hill died July 3.

Daughter of Isaac Johns died July 17.

Daughter of Big Mary now died on July 18.

Page 37 of Diary

Deaths 1862 Oneida Indians Green Bay:

What are you doing / Gene Ninham died August 19.

Grandson of (Indian name) no meaning died August 22.

Daughter of He has Mittens On or Gloves, died September 1.

Daughter of Thomas John died September 11.

A.W. died September 12.

Daughter of Peter Hill, his Indian name has no meaning, died October 5.

Daughter of Braids Standing / Abram John died October 12.

Grandson of M.K. / (Indian name) His hair has been pulled on died October 15.

Grandson of His back is broken, died October 20.

Big Katherene (Indian name) glikiengo (was wan ken) died October 24.

Grandson of Peter Denny died November 19.

Daughter of Peter Green died November 20.

Grandson of Peter Denny died December 19.

Page 38 of Diary
1863 Deaths of Oneida Indian

Son of Pail on top of the other / Chief Abram Skenandore died February 9.

(Indian name only) We are keeping a secret from you, died February 11.

Son of the other side of a hill / C. Hill died February 16.

Dolly G. Powlis, Onundaga, N.Y. died April 9.

Son Joseph Hill / Peter Hill died at Civil War, was sick, died March 27.

Daughter of What are you doing / Genns Ninham died April 11.

Son of There lay a fist / Henry Antone died April 13.

Daughter of Isaac Denny died April 15.

Granddaughter of Old Polly Chrisjohn died April 18.

Grandchild of Peter S. Webster died May 11.

Daughter of H.T. Stephens died May 16.

Daughter of Braids Standing / Abram John died May 17.

Son of Braids Standing/ A. John died June 6.

Two grandchildren of Wa hesan -no meaning died July 11.

Son of I.S. Cornelius died at war July 12.

Son of Henry Parker died July 28.

Granddaughter of Martin King died August 1.

Daughter of Left and Right quarter of a shoe / Abram Baird died August 7.

Daughter of (Indian name)no meaning died August 20.

Cannon / Peter Hill died August 22.

Granddaughter of H.K. Cooper died August 27.

Son of Moses Powlis died September 10.

Daughter of Cornelius Adams died September 21.

Daughter of William Jourdan died October 8.

Daughter of No Scanadoah died October 12.

Granddaughter of Lucy died October 25.

Son of Moses Powlis died November 27.

Daughter of He takes you along, died December 31, 1863.

Granddaughter of James Silas died December --, 1863.

Page 39 of Diary

1864 Deaths of Oneida Indians:

Honyost Summers / Braids Standing died in Madison, Wisconsin January 1.

Henry Baird / He bathes them, He was public hearted died January 15.

Son in law of Old Polly Chrisjohn died February 14.

Daughter of A. Stephens died February 19.

Daughter of Peter Hill, his Indian name has no meaning, died March 2.

Daughter of He criticizes people (Simon Parker) died March 5.

Wife of He Criticizes people of Simon Parker, died March 10.

Son of A. Stephens died March 13.

Sister in law of two bows standing / Henry Smith, she was a Canadian Indian, died March 13.

Grandson of He lives at two places, died March 14.

Daughter of D. John / His buttocks in it, died March 14.

Daughter of Simon Parker / He criticizes people died March 17.

Daughter of Simon Parker / He criticizes people died March 20.

Wife of Peter Silas died March 20.

Peter John / Te ho trbis aran (has glass around him) died March 28.

Daughter of John Chrisjohn died April 4.

Child of She is lugging a foot, died April 10.

Son of Daniel and Elizabeth Doxtater, Paul died at war May 3.

Son of Daniel Cooper died April 5.

Daughter of Isaac Johnson died May 6.

Son of H.S. now died May 6.

Son of Hannah Hannah Powlis died May 15.

Daughter of Daniel Hill (deceased) died May 17.

Daughter of Te waki netha - no meaning, died May 19.

Daughter of Peter Denny died May 27.

Son of Hulda Charles died May 28.

Daughter of Big Joseph Mut Cornelius died May 31.

Henry Smith died at war, May, 1864.

Son of Ka ra ni gwar Isaac Elm, fell over and died at war June 1.

William Green died at war June, 1864.

Henry Lowick died at war (Dickson) June, 1864.

Daughter of John W. Cornelius died June 8.

Son of Miner Antone, Abram Antone, died at war June 12.

Old Adam King died June 15.

Daughter of John Powlis died June 16.

Daughter of Thoams Swamp died July 1.

Father of Ka he nan ny, died July 2.

Son of Paul Powlis, August Powlis, died July 4.


Page 40 of Diary

Deaths 1864 Oneida Wisconsin:

Son of John Jourdan, Moses Jourdan, was sick and died at war on July 8.

Son of David John, William John, was sick and died at war on July 15.

Father of William Baird, Thomas Baird, took sick and died at war June 17.

Daughter of Baptist Scanadoah, died July 22.

Brother of William King, Simon King, was shot in the head while lying on the ground near Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia, July 22, 1864.

Daughter of Peter Denny now died July 23.

Son of She is selling died August 17.

Son of We are after your body, died August 19.

Son of Hanah Cornelius, Jonas died August 22.

Son of Margret Ninham (Indian name) Gogwis / Cobus Danforth, fell dead at war August 23.

Son of William Jourdan died August 29.

Honyost John son of Old Electa Denny, took sick and died at war August, 1864.

Peter Jourdan died September 19.

Aaron Elm, his Indian name Ga ra ni gwar - has no meaning, died at war August 25.

William O. Hill was sick and died at war September 14.

Adam John was killed by his sister in Dolly Stephens, October 19.

James Parker, son of Margret Smith was sick and died at war October 9.

Daughter of Antone T. Hill died October 12.

Son of Jirusha Thomas, Thomas Thomas, was sick and died at war October 14.

Daughter of Black Belly / Cornelius Doxtater died October 27.

Grandson of She causes House to Slide died on small pox on November 8.

Son of She causes House to Slide died of small pox on November 9.

Indian name, Bag, was a half brother of David Chrisjohn. Bag died while in the army , died October, 1864.

Baptist Antone, son of Miner Antone he was sick and died while in the army November 9.

Daughter of There lay a fist (juh giva ya ha) died of small pox November 26.

Mary Jane Doxtater died of small pox November 30.

Thomas Baird's wife died of small pox December 5.

Son of There lay a fist, died of small pox December 7.

Son of George Danforth/ He is making flour, died of small pox December 7.

Alex, son of Thomas Baird died of small pox December 9.

Daughter of Has gwa ra ge ran - no meaning, died December 15 of small pox.

Son of Black Belly / Cornelius Doxtater died of small pox December 16.

Daughter of Thomas Baird, Betz, died of small pox December 17.

Grandson of Big Lucy, died December 18.

Wife of Thomas Webster died of small pox December 20.

Son of Thomas Baird, Jerome, died of small pox December 22.

Granddaughter of Ga lani gwal / Aaron Elm died May, 1864.


Page 41 of Diary

Records in 1865:

(Indian name) no meaning, died January 2.

Son of Thomas and Esther Schuyler took sick and died at war, 1865.

Old Neddy Archiquette was an important man, first settler in Oneida, Wisconsin in 1824, died January 7. (Old Neddy Archiquette could very well be my great grandfather - Oscar H. Archiquette, born June 15, 1801)

A tree fell on Thomas KIng. Died January 7.

Granddaughter of Old Polly Chrisjohn died January, 1865.

Brother of Peter Smith, Henry Smith, died while in the army, January 17, 1865.

Grandson of Old Peter Hill died February 4.

Son of Daniel Cooper died while in army, February 8.

James Ninham, son of Aaron Ninham, died while in the army February 8.

Grandson of Peter S. Webster died February 9.

Margret Thomas, Onundaga Castle, N.Y. died March 5.

Daughter of Jacob Smith died March 5.

Wife of Johnny Mut Denny, died March 20.

Son of Big Antone Cornelius Anthony died while in army March 21.

Son of Voice on it, died of small pox March 28.

End of page 41.

Page 42 of Diary

Deaths 1865

Grandson of Old Peter Hill, died April 3.

Son of H. John (Indian name) no meaning, died April 7.

Indian name - no meaning, was a religious woman P.E.C. died April 9.

Indian name - no meaning, was a religious woman P.E.C. died April 12.

Jacob Thomas fell dead while in the army, April 2, 1865.

Daughter of John D. Cornelius, died March 11.

Son of Isaac Johnson died April 11.

Henry Hill was shot at Spanish Fort, Alabama, April 8, 1865.

Granddaughter of Twenty Cities, died when seven days old April 18.

Daughter of Cobus Powlis died April 29.

Granddaughter of Old Peter Hill died April 30.

Son of Jonas Cornelius died May 16.

(Indian name) no meaning- She was a religious lady M.E.C. died May 17.

Daughter of He is lugging a foot / Abram Summers died May 18.

Granddaughter of Old Isaac Johnson died May 22.

Daughter of John Jourdan died June 10.

Thomas Antone, father of Sarah Webster took sick and died while in army, June 24, 1865.

Thomas Schuyler died while in the army June 26, 1865.

Daughter of He is resting / Martinis Archiquette, died August 2.

Wife of Joseph S. Thomas died August 7.

Granddaughter of Old Polly Chrisjohn died August 21.

Daughter of Dinah Elizabeth drowned in Oshkosh, Wisconsin 1865.

Daughter of Peter Sickles died September September 8.

Granddaughter of Aaron Elm died September 10.

Granddaughter of It is sharpened, died October 13.

Granddaughter of He lives at two places, E. Powlis, died October 16.

Simon Parker, He criticizes people died October 27.

Son of Bread / William O. Hill died October 30.


Page 43 of Diary


Daughter of John Thomas died January 10.

Wife of Old Martines Denny died January 20.

Daughter of Danial Ninham died January 28.

Old T. Powlis died at age 90, February 2.

Daughter of Baptist Scanadoah, died of small pox February 28.

Daughter of Susan Swamp, her Indian name is 'porcupine', died March 12.

Anthony Swamp died in a shor time. His brother was John Swamp. Died March 13.

Son of H.K. Cooper died March 30.

Daughter of Big Pigeon / John O. Cornelius, died April 17.

Daughter of John Powlis died of small pox May 3.

Wife Catherine of He has Garters on, died May 5.

Daughter of Along the Bank, died May 5.

Granddaughter of There is a stump o him, died of small pox May 5.

Father of Standing Necks / Isaac John's wife died May 16.

Daughter of John Powlis died of small pox May 19.

Grandson of Big Sarah and brother of Peter Bread, Daniel Bread died June 3.

Father of John M. Cornelius died June 10.

Father of John Swamp, Anthony Swamp, died of small pox June 13.

Daughter of Big Peter Powlis died August 26.

Son of Daniel Hill / Hale has been split, died September 12.

Son of Fire coming / burning along, Jonas Cornelius drowned at Appleton, Wisconsin while under the influence of liquor on September 16.

Son of Peter Smith died September 17.

Page 44 of Diary

Records of 1866:

Daughter of Joseph Thomas died September 18.

Daughter of Isaac Denny died September 20.

Daughter of Beaver died September 22.

Daughter of Peter Powlis died October 9.

Daughter of Jacob Smith live near Depere, died October 15.

Daughter of Jacob Smith live near Depere, died October ___

Daughter of August Webster died 1866.

Daughter of Thomas K. John died November 1.

Son of John Chrisjohn died November 18.

Daugter of Peter Hill / Givi do gwit died December 3.

Daughter of He is resting died when 6 days, December 7.

Daughter of A.B. Powlis died December 15.

Son of He is resting / Martines Archiquette died December 20.



Old Sally Hill died January 2.

Old Peter Hill / Bread died January 18.

Daughter of He has Gloves on, died February 1.

Daughter of G.S. Doxtater died February 6.

Grandson of He with long house died February 23.

Granddaughter of Thomas House died March 6.

Daughter of Jacob Hill died April 2.

Daughter of Again she killed, died in Appleton April 8.

Grandson of Big Sleigh Coming, burned to death April 25.

Daughter of Da wa gi ne' ta, died April 27.

Daughter of J.S. Doxtater died May 1.

Daughter of Thomas died May 14.

Martines Cooper met with an accident. Died May 18.

Daughter of Old Polly Chrisjohn, Susan was sick just a short time, died May 25.


Page 45 of Diary


Isaac Metoxen (Indian name) no meaning - died June 8.

Daughter of N. Scanadoah now died June 17.

Mother in law of Bird Hannah died June 29.

Daughter of Cobus Silas died June 29.

Daughter of Isaac Antone / Light Flying died August 29.

Wife of (Indian name) no meaning was a kind woman. Died August 30.

Daughter of William Cornelius died September 2.

Daughter of Paul Powlis died September 29.

Daughter of William Archiquette, Phebe, (wife of Elijah Lodwick) died October 1.

Step daughter of (Indian name) no meaning, died of burns November 18.

Elizabeth Webster died December 1.

Daughter of Cornelius Schuyler / He has Gloves On died December 9.

Granddaughter of Peter Denny died December 25.



Old Joseph Thomas died January 4.

Son of Jacob Doxtater, Charles, died January 8.

Daughter of (Indian name) no meaning, died January 25.

Daughter of E. Schuyler died February 1.

Daughter of B.H. died March 10.

Daughter of August Webster died March 11.

Daughter of Peter Bread, Mrs. Jane Stevens, age 31, died March 14.

Daughter of Nicholas Williams died March 14.

Daughter of Henry Stevens, 2 months old, died May 4.

Joseph Denny / A block or stub, died May 7.

Grandchild of Henry Smith / Sh lay'gu died (no date given)


Page 46 of Records


Son of J.B. / Mild weather died June 7.

Divided City, drowned in Duck Creek June 15.

Wife of Old H. Baird / He gives them a bath, died June 16.

David O. Hill now died June 18.

Baptist Webster died on Sunday in Canada June 1, 1868.

Abram Antone ws shot by Jacob Powlis October 16.

Child of Anthony Doxtater died July 23.

Joseph O. Powlis was a chief. Died August 6. (Clerk of Oneida Nation)

Soles Skyler (Schuyler) died age 32 or 33, August 7.

Daughter of John Silver Hill died August 7.

Son of Anthony Hill, 13 months old, died August 27.

Daughter of Sho se gen (name, no meaning) died at age between 30-45, October 10.

Son of Katherene died December 6.

Son of Jerry Williams died December 20.

Granddaughter of Put the sheet down, and daughter of Yo'set died December 8.

END OF 1868

Oneidas who died in 1869

Daughter of Iron twisted / Phebe Thomson died at age 22 months on Thursday night-January 28.

Albert Powlis died on Friday morning, age 12, January 29.

On Wednesday son of Lucy Parkhurst died at age 8 months, February 3.

On Wednesday daughter of Abram Smith died, age 2 years and 6 months, February 3.

Monday, Margret Archiquette died, age 54, February 8.

Tuesday, daughter of Her voice ahead, Julia, died February 6.

Sunday, daughter of Baptist Syles died February 21.

Sunday, wife of Old Jacob S. Cornelius died February 28.

Son of Solomon Cornelius, 22 days old, died February 28.

Friday, Old Baptist Steven's wife, age 72, died March 5.



Deaths on the Oneida Reservation 1870

Friday, Son of Elizabeth Swamp or She goes ahead of, died September 16.

Friday, Wife of William King / Hard Iron, age 25, died September 16.

Saturday, wife of Nicholas Archiquette died September 24.

Child of New House (no english name given) died October 1.

Abram John / Braids Standing, died October 16.

Child of Lowis Woodman, died October.

Son of Peter Medoxen died September.

Wednesday, Old Morgan Doxtater aged about ....years, died October 19.

Daughter of Martin Cornelius age about 2 years, died October 25.

Thursday, wife of Abram O. Hill, Jerusha, age 23 years, died November 3.

Friday, Jacob Cooper now died, was a religious man. Member of Methodist Church, age about 51 or 52. Died November 8.

Old Baptist Stevens, a religious man of the Episcople Church; age between 70 and 75, died November 22.

Saturday, son of Betsy Webster died December 3.

Thursday, Son of She came ahead, Nelson Farmes, age between 18-19, died December 15.

Thursday, daughter of Peter Bread, about 9 months old, died December 22.

Friday, Daughter of Miss Rachel Baird, 19 months old, died December 23.



Monday, daughter of George Baird died January 2.

Wednesday, daughter of Mrs. Big Margret Hill, Jane died February 8.

Thursday, son of Miss Dolly Stevens died February 9.

Friday or Saturday, daughter of John W. Cornelius died February 10 or 11.

Saturday, daughter of Big Peter Powlis died February 11.

Thursday, son of Antone and Lucinder King died February 9.

Page 48 of Diary

Died in the Oneida Reservation A.D. 1871

Daughter of Isaac Medoxen died February ?

Friday, son of Abram and Lucy Syle, 12 months old, died February 17.

Daughter of (Indian name) no meaning, her age about 54, died February 17.

Tuesday, son of Martin King, 7 months old, died February 21.

Wednesday, Old Polly Smith, age 80, died March 8.

A lady in a sitting position / Margret Day, age 68 years, on Monday morning in Freedom (Wis.). Denny was the first to see where she was lying; she was either killed or frozen to death. The body was found after she had been dead several days on March 6.

Wednesday, Solomon (Fun) Cornelius was accused of the death of Margret Day and had a hearing before the Oneida Indian Court on March 8.

Saturday, William Antone disappeared in Green Bay City. December 11, 1870.
His body was found near the Fox River Light House by white men on March 17.

Saturday, son of Miss Elizabeth Webster died April 8.

Tuesday, daughter of She is making marriage good, died April 11.

Tuesday, daughter of Henry K. Cooper, age about 12, died March ?.

Page 49 of Diary


Tuesday, wife of Aaron Smith, Jane, age 28, died April 11.

Thursday, John King, son of (Indian name) no meaning, age 38, died April 13.

Wednesday, daughter of Antone King, age 14 months, died April 19.

Tuesday night, Samson Jordan died, age a little over 20, April 20.

Thursday, daughter of Witch, Old Hill, died April 27.

Monday, Big Catherine Wheelock has now finished her business. Died May 1.

Saturday, Old Moses Schuyler, Chief Long Horns, an old man, died in Canada April 15.

He was near one hundred years old.

Friday, daughter of John Chrisjohn, six weeks old, died June 9.

Wednesday, son of Miss Esther Williams, 2 months and 14 days old, died June 21.

Friday, Louis John / Swift like Fire, was a religious man, member of the P.E. Church (it could mean Episcopal Church). He was 87 years old when he died on July 21.

Mrs. Sophie Doxtater was shot in Green Bay by George Canada, a colored man.
She died some time after. She was the daughter of Stem of a pipe on it. It was Wednesday morning when she was shot; died August 2.

Saturday, son of William Jordan, age 16, died August 26.

Saturday, daughter of Moses Powlis, her age 2 years 5 months and 5 days, died September 9.

Wednesday, Elizar Powlis, age about ..... years, died September 6.

Friday, daughter of Aaron Smith, age 5 months, died September 29.

Sunday, Lucy Powlis, age 86, died October 1.

Tuesday, Abram Wheelock / Oshkosh, age 48, died October 10.

Wednesday, son of Abram Wheelock / Oshkosh, age 17 years, died November 8.

Page 50 of Diary


Abram Powlis now died. His Indian name, It makes land good, age about 90, died Sunday, November 19.

Sunday, son of Cobus Peters, age 8 days, died November 26.

Saturday, Moses Powlis now died, December 17.

Wednesday, wife of Thomas Swamp, Mary Swamp, was a Baptist religious. She was about 38.
Died December 26.

Saturday, son of Job Swamp, age 1 year 8 months and 9 days, died December 23.

Saturday, wife of Nicholas died December 30.


Deaths 1872 Oneida Reservation

Tuesday, daughter of Houyost Swamp died January 3.

Saturday, son of Under the dipper, age few days, died January 6.

Thursday, daughter of Mr. Webster who drowned, died January 18.

Saturday, wife of Jacob Doxtater died, January 20.

Son of Sun Hanging Sir, name Webster, died January 6 or 7.

Sunday, daughter of Chief C. Hill, age 14, died January 28.

Monday, Henry Stevens or Has Infant Inside of Him, died February 5. It is awful what a bad luck Henry had. He, the Giant, came to his home with a bottle and they drank together. Henry was given a beating, he suffered for 56 hours before he died on February 5.

Tuesday, daughter of Sarah B. Powlis died February 6.

Tuesday, George King / Pigion, his 6 year old, died February 13.

Monday, daughter of Louis Cornelius, age 10 months, died February 12.

William Smith, age about 21, died February.

Son of Antone Powlis, age 13 years, died March ?

Wednesday, Old John Parkers now died, April 17.

Monday, granddaughter of David John, age 8 months died April 29.

Page 51 of Diary

1872 Continued

Thursday, Son of Samual Cornelius, age one year, 10 months and 28 days, died May 2.

Daughter of Martin Cornelius, died May 4.

Monday, He is always first in anything, age 70 years, died May 6.

Daniel Cooper, age about 55, died May 13.

Wednesday, daughter of Jacob Hill, 7 hours old, died May 15.

Friday, Miss Sharlotte Schuyler, her son 7 months, died May 17.

Monday, Daniel Chrisjohn now died, age about 32, May 20.

Monday, daughter of Peter Denny Jr., age 12, died June 10.

Monday, Miss Elizabeth Peters, her age about 24, died June 24.

Daughter of John D. Cornelius and husband of Simon Medoxen died June 26.

Wednesday, daughter, Stem, age 10 months 7 days, died June 26.

Thursday, Baptist Steven's daughter died June 27.

Tuesday, daughter of Simon / Lahgot Antone died at age 6, August 6.

Wednesday, Wife of Big William Cornelius' wife died of child birth, August 28.

Saturday, child of Peter Peters / Where a number of pieces is put, died September 14.

Saturday, daughter of Jacob S. Cornelius died October 5.

Wife of George Powlis died in Ohsweken, N.Y., age 27, about September ?

Monday, daughter of Isaac Madoxen (Metoxen) age 13 years, died October 13.

Thursday, son of Henry Powlis, Chief, age about 27, died October 31.

Thursday, son of John Thomas died November 6.

Friday, daughter of Martin Denny, 2 months old, died November 4.

Thursday, son of Antone Webster, Josiah, age 18 months and 21 days died November 28.

She is holding water, age 83, died December 3.

Thursday, granddaughter of Margret Parkhurst, age 4, died December 10.

Monday, son of Two bows Standing / Henry Smith, age about 3 years, died December 16.

Sunday, Mary Ann (Elm) Denny, daughter of Martin, age 3, died December 22.

END OF PAGE 51 - 1872

Page 52 of Diary

Ji ia i he ion se Oneida Brown County - 1873

Monday, daughter of Miss Rachel Baird, age 1 and 14 days died, January 20.

Tuesday, children, twins of Abram O. Hill died February 7.

Wednesday, son of She is carrying the sky, died February 12.

Isaac John froze to death, age about 70, died February 21.

Henry Nichols from Canada died February 23.

Daughter of A Muttering Complaint / William Schuyler died February 26.

Lucinda Danforth, age 9 months and 1 day, died February 4.

Daughter of Abram Stevens, age 1 year, died February 23.

Died December 5 ( the rest not legible)

Antone Danforth now died at age of 43, March 5.

Daughter of Pigeon King / George King, age 1 month and 23 days, died March 3.

Isaac Silas killed by lightning, age 30, March 15, 1873.

Sons of Big Peter Powlis, they were 3 months old; they died one hour apart on March 17.

Wife of Cloth Taken from Water / Cornelius Smith, age about 45, died March 18.

Son of Henry Webster and Miss Phebe Thompson, age 2 years, died March 17.

Child of William T. Schuyler died March 8.

Henry Nichols died of small pox March 7.

Son of William Jordan, 6 years old, died March 26.

Wife of Martin King, Rachel, age 24 years, died March 28.

Page 53 of Diary

Died in Oneida 1873

Sunday, She Knocks Down Marriage / Elizabeth King, age about 67, died April 6.

Thursday, daughter of Antone Hill died April 3.

Wednesday, Abram King was sick just a short time and died; age 60. Died April 9.

Wednesday, son of Pestle died April 9.

Thursday, George Baird now died of consumption, age about 33, April 10.

Monday, wife of John Chrisjohn, age 30, died April 21.

Son of Abram and Margret Smith, about 1 month old, died April 22.

Saturday, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Fox, age about 2 days, died April 20.

Saturday, Daniel Doxtater now died, April 26.

Wednesday, daughter of Muttering Complaint / William Skyler (Schuyler), age 1 year, died May 14.

Monday, mother in law of Moses Smith died May 19.

Wednesday, child of John Chrisjohn, age about 3, died May 2.

Saturday, Henry H. Cornelius, he was the only one well-educated of the Oneida, died May 24.

Thursday, daughter of Fossil Shell, Mrs. Jane Danforth and her brother died of same sickness. Died June 5.

Sunday, Mrs. Mary Thomas, age about 23, died June 8.

Monday, daughter of Nicholas King died June 10.

Friday, daughter of Hay died June 20.

Tuesday, Taylor Danforth died June 24.

Wednesday, She is placing it on top of the other / Susan Summers, age about 50, died June 25.

Wednesday, daughter of Martines Hill died June 25.

Friday, daughter of Martines Hill died June 12

Page 54 of Diary

Records of 1873 Continued

Monday, daughter of Martines Hill died July 15.

Daniel Bread, the Chief, was the greatest and most important man of all Oneidas as well as among the white people. He died at the age of 76 on July 21.

Saturday, mother in law of Reverend E.A. Goodnough died August 16, an old lady.

Monday, daughter of Martin Cornelius died August 20.

Tuesday, daughter of Baptist Stevens died August 28.

Sunday, son of Louis Woodman died September 7.

Wednesday, widow, Margret Baird, age 25 years, died September 24.

Three children of Solomon Cornelius died of small pox in the month of September.

Friday, Old Elizabeth John, age about 85 years, died October 10.

Friday, Great Wood Chopper, an old woman, died November 14.

Sunday, child of Nu zi ha tai / Abram King (deceased), about 3 months old, died November 16.

Tuesday, Flying Toward Us / David Swamp, his age about 35, died November 18.

Tuesday, Son of John D. Powlis, age 2 years and 7 months, died December 2.

Thursday, daughter of William Cornelius died December 11.


Records of 1874

Miss Mary Smith, her age about 19 years, died January 5.

Friday, daughter of John Reed, age 11 months and 28 days, died January 30.

Monday, wife of In His Foot, age about 84 years, died February 2.

Thursday, son of John George, died February 4.

Saturday, wife of Abram Stevens, Dolly, age about 34, died February 7.

Old Loles Powlis, age 82, died March 9.


Page 55 of Diary

1874 is ko wen ta on Oneida, Wisconsin

They have died:

Thursday, son of Honyost Swamp, 6 years old, died March 13.

Monday, Flour Maker of John Danforth / He Is Making Flour, age 78, died March 23.

Sunday, daughter of Louis Denny died March 22.

Wednesday, daughter of Mrs. Sharlotte Denny, age about 12/13, died March 25.

Sunday, Holding Double, age about 70 years, died March 29.

Saturday, Mrs. Sally George now died at age about 23 years, April 11.

Monday, wife of John Stevens, Old Margret Stevens, age 84 years died April 20

Tuesday, Peter Trout died at age 60, April 21.

Wednesday, son of Abram Stevens died April 22.

Wednesday, daughter of John Powlis, The Preacher, died April 22.

Friday, son of Black Belly Cornelius and Sharlotte Denny, age about 3 or 4 months, died April 24.

Saturday, child of Abram Cornelius and Long Sun / Moon died April 25.

Tuesday, daughter of Mrs. Margret Chrisjohn, age 10 months, died April 28.

Wednesday, Mrs. Margret Chrisjohn's son, age 2 years 11 months and 14 days, died April 29.

Tuesday, son of John Silver Hill died April 28.

Saturday, daughter of Miss Mary Smith died May 2.

Tuesday, Old Cuty Webster, The Corn Is Dead, his was buried same day he died; His Indian name must have been 'Corn'.

Sunday, Mrs. Margret Jordan, age 19, died May 10.

Thursday, daughter of Jacob Beechtree, age 6 months, died May 15.

Tuesday, child of Cornelius Baird and Margret died May 19.

Sunday, infant of Soloman G. Cornelius died May 31.

Tuesday, wife of Soloman Cornelius, Catherine Cornelius, died June 2.

Wednesday, Old Sally John, people depended on her, she was only sick 3 or 4 days, age 74, died June 3.

Wednesday, wife of John Medoxen, Sally Medoxen, died June 5.

Friday, Aaron Archiquette, son of M.A. age 28 or 29, died June 26. Was a veteran of civil war.


Page 56 of Diary - 1874

Thursday, Old Isaac Silas, age about 70, died July 2.

Baptist Baird, age 22, died July 2.

Wednesday, Mrs. Margret Chrisjohn, age 33, died July 15.

Sunday, son of Gray Cornelius died August 9.

Monday, child of P. Peters died August 10.

Thursday, son of Caty Kick died August 13.

Saturday, Felix Baird, 9 months old, died August 22.

Wednesday, child of Quincy Adams died September 2.

Wednesday, daughter of Isaac Medoxen, 15 months old, died September 2.

Sunday, widow Belinda Johnson, age about 58, died September 6.

Tuesday, daughter of Elias Jordan died September 22.

Wednesday, daughter of Abram Baird died September 25.

Saturday, Cool It / John Antone died of liquor. He was 52 years old; died October 3.

Monday, wife of Old Elijah Powlis, she was about 70 years old, died October 19.

Friday, son of Louis Denny, age 2, died October 23.

Saturday, Phebe Doxtator, age 30, died October 31.

Thursday, Phebe Stevens, age 10 years and 6 months, died November 14.

Saturday, daughter of Daniel Williams, Sarah, died November 21.

Sunday, sister in law of Reverend E.A. Goodnough died November 22.

END OF 1874


Sunday, wife of William Miner / Pelistel, age about 70 died January 10.
Daughter of de hah lu wa dye twins died January.

Wednesday, daughter of Se yes / Say yes Webster died January 20.

Thursday, son of Nathanial Doxtator died January 21.
Thursday, child of Thomas Wheelock died January 21.

Tuesday, son of Elizabeth King and G. Doxtator died February 2.

Daughter of Big Peter Powlis died February 28.

END OF PAGE 56 - 1875

Page 57 of Diary - 1875

Thursday, a tree fell on Joshua Parkhurst and killed him. He was cutting wood for himself. He was about 29 years old. Died March 11.

Monday, Catherine Baird now died, age about 50, March 22.

Friday, De ha lu wa ly aks, He is cutting wire / Antone James, was killed near Depere by a train, age about 29, April 2.

Tuesday, Louis O. Cornelius died May 18.

Saturday, daughter of Moses J. Smith died May 15.

Tuesday, son of Isaac Archiquette, 4 month old, died May 25.

Friday, son of Nicholas Huff and Elizabeth / Betsy Hill died May 28.

Wednesday, son of John Swamp, two weeks old, died June 3.

Monday, wife of He is iron, or David White, Catherine White, died June 7.

Tuesday, She goes there or Sally Honyost died July 6.

Tuesday, wife of Nicholas Archiquette, Rachel, died July 13.

Monday, daughter of Nicholas Archiquette, 2 weeks old, died July 19.

Tuesday, daughter of Henry Skenandoah died July 20.

Saturday, child of Henry Baird, age 3 or 4 weeks, died July 31.

Monday, daughter of widow Mrs. Hannah King, age few months, died August 2.

Tuesday night John Powlis fell off from a railroad bridge near Duck Creek railroad crossing and fell on a rock. He died several hours after. He was under the influence of liquor. Died November 2.

Thursday, Cornelius Cooper, age 22 years 7 months and 17 days, died November 3.

Daughter of We Passed By You, 9 years old, died December 12.



Thursday, daughter of John W. Cornelius died February 5.

Sunday, wife of Chief Jacob Cornelius died February 6.
Child of Sharlotte Denny, age 8 months died ??

Tuesday, daughter of Abram Smith, 7 months old, died February 22.


Page 58 of Diary - 1876

Saturday, wife, Elizabeth, of John Thomas died February 19.

Tuesday night, wife of John Smith, Caty Smith was killed when a kerosene can exploded. Died January 12.

Tuesday, Lervin Coulong, age about 35, died March 5.

Thursday, wife of Thomas Cornelius died April 6.
Friday, daughter of Moses Boaks, age 12, died April 21.

Wednesday, He is lugging a foot, his little daughter, died April 19.

Saturday, Martin Denny died April 29.

Thursday, Janelind Baird, wife of William Baird, age 25, died May 18.

Friday, son of Janelind Baird died May 19.

Tuesday, John Cornelius died May 30.

Tuesday, son of Cilinda Danforth died August 22.

Saturday, son of Mrs. Cilinda Danforth died September 2.

Tuesday, son of Antony Wheelock, 6 months old, died August 22.

Wednesday, Mrs. Phebe Wheelock died September 20.

Friday, Moses R. John / He Has Garters On died September 22.

Thursday, daughter of Daniel Danforth died October 5.

Saturday, son of Nicholas Elm, age 7 months, died October 7.

Friday, Eva Elm died October 28.

Sunday, Isaac Medoxen died October 30.

Thursday, Martin Silas, age 13, died December 14.

Friday, Aaron Smith froze to death. Died December 15.


Saturday, Susan Swamp, age 55, died January 20.

Thursday, daughter of Thomas Webster, age 13 years, died February 1.

Sunday, twin children of Nicholas Archiquette both died February 11.


Page 59 of Diary


Thursday, daughter of John Baird died February 18.

Tuesday, son of Elijah Ninham, age about 2 years, died February 20.

Son of Old Peter Webster was a good looking man. Died February ?

Saturday, daughter of William Skyler died February 3.

Wednesday, Wesley Wheelock, age about 25, died February 28.

Son of Sun Standing / Simon Antone died March 11.

Thursday, John Jordan was killed when a tree fell on him. Died March 22.

Child of David Abrams died March 27.

Grandchild of Henry Skenandoah died March.

Thursday, daughter of David Hill, one week old, died April 5.

Friday, son of Joseph Swamp, died April 27.

Tuesday, daughter of Mrs. Julian died May 5.

Child of Simon Medoxen died May 5.

Saturday, son of Joseph Medoxen, died May 12.

Tuesday, wife of Antone Powlis, age 38, died May 8.

Daughter of Abram Smith, 3 months old, died May ?

Friday, daughter of Mrs. Charlotte Denny died August 3.

Tuesday, child of Joseph T. Skenandoah died August 7.

Thursday, child of Truman Doxtator died August 23.

Sunday, son of John and Jane Danforth, 13 days old, died September 2.

Child of Mrs. Mary Hill died September 5.

Monday, Mrs. Hannah Denny died September 17.

Monday, daughter of Antone Hill died April 24.


Page 60 of Diary

Died in Oneida, Wisconsin, 1877 and 1878

Tuesday, wife of Abram O. Hill, Lucy or (yo zih) died October 2.

Friday, child of Peter Peters / Where It Is Put There, died October 29.

Saturday, child of George King / Pigeon, died October 20.

Saturday, child of Nicholas King died October 20.

Sunday, child of Peter Williams or Gwidel died November 11.

Child of Mrs. Delia S. Cornelius died November 24.

Friday, Mrs. Elizabeth Danforth, age 64, died November 30.

Saturday, son of Pigeon / George King, 2 years old, died December 24.

Monday, Elizabeth Peters died at Green Cadle Home December 30.



Tuesday, Phebe Baird died January 1.

Thursday, daughter of He With Horns / Aaron House, Jr., she burned to death. Died February 7.

Friday, Robison Stevens jumped from a train and was killed, age 11, died February 22.

Friday, Thomas King, age 12, died February 22.

Wednesday, child of Isaac Antone, an infant, died March 6.

Wednesday, Baptist Smith now died, age about 60, April 3.

Tuesday, daughter of Sally Baird, about 5 months old, died April 1.

Thursday, Old Scanandore died April 11.

Friday, daughter of John D. Powlis died May 24.

Monday, Louis Corelong, age 17, died June 3.

Friday, Elijah King died June 14.

Monday, daughter of Honyost Stevens died July 1.

Friday, Mrs. Mary King died July 19.

Tuesday, Martin Cornelius died July 23.

Saturday, Moses Reed, age 60, died August 10.

Sunday, son of Johnny Baird died August 25.


Page 61 of Diary

Died in Oneida, Wisconsin 1878 and 1879

Child of Martin White died August ?

Old Lydia Doxtator died September ?

Child of Moses Coulong died September ?

Thursday, Jesse Archiquette, age 15, died October 3, 1878.

Saturday, Old Theresa Swamp, age 96, died October 5.

Thursday, child of Anthony Powlis, age 3 months died November 14.

Wednesday, Miss Easter Hill, daughter of On the Other Side of the Hill, burned from kerosene oil lamp. She was 8 years old. Died December 17.



Monday, Jirusha Johnson, age 4 years, died January 6.

Monday, Moad / Moses Smith, age 65, died January 20.

Daughter of Miss Susannah died January 17.

Saturday, daughter of She is Planting, / Kate Kick, age 3 years, died February 8.

Thursday, She si Carrying Sky, her son, died March 6.

Wednesday, grandchild of Henry Powlis, she was from New York, died March 26.

Monday, daughter of George Webster, died March 30.

Hasmiston Williams, age 16, died April ?

Tuesday, son of Hannah Medoxen died April 15.

Thursday, son of Antone Ninham, age 10, died April 17.

Saturday, son of Peter Hill died April 19.

Thursday, son of Joseph Smith died April 24.

Sunday, wife of Abram Wheelock, Mary Ann, age 26, died May 4.

Sunday, child of John Bull, Denny, died May 4.

Wednesday, Margret Woodman died May 7.

Saturday, child of Muttering Complaint / William Skyler, died May 10.

Thursday, son of Miss Rachel Smith, age 2 years, died May 29.

Wednesday, son of Abram Baird died June 4.


Page 62 of Diary

Died in Oneida, Wisconsin 1879 and 1880

Wednesday, Old Henrick Smith died June 11.

Monday, Ja w^ hi nu (no English name written) died June 30.

Elias Cornelius died July ?

Son of Mrs. Christine Denny, wife of Curtis Denny, died June ?

Old Mary Denny died July 14.

Tuesday, Mrs. Dianah (Bread) Hill, age 39, died August 12.

Sunday, daughter of John D. Powlis, Ophelia, died July 13.

Tuesday, son of Benedic Skenandoah, Elijah, died August 12.

Tuesday, son of Cloth Taken from Water, Thomas Smith, died September 9.

Thursday, son of William J. Skyler, age 1, died September 11.

Friday, Corselia Peters, age 29, died September 19.

Son of Jim Skyler died September ?

Monday, daughter of Johnny Skenandoah, age about 2, died October 27.

John Baird Sr. died in Buffalo, New York. He has been blaming the Oneida Chiefs for staying away, age 44, died October 24, 1879.

Friday, child of Truman Doxtator died December 5.

Sunday, daughter of William O. Cornelius, age 1 year, died December 14.

Tuesday, Elias Jordan died of liquor, age 40, died December 16.

Thursday, daughter of Simon Jordan, age 4, died December 18.

END OF 1879


Tuesday, wife of Moses B. Cornelius died January 6.

Thursday, mother of Big Daniel Ninham died January ?

Thursday, James Madoxen, age 20, died March ?

Wednesday, daughter of Joseph Swamp, Celinda, age 6 or 7 years, died March 31.

Sunday, Mrs. Mary Cornelius, age 55 years, died May 2.

Page 63 of Diary

1880 - Died in Oneida, Wisconsin

Monday, child of Joseph Smith died May 10.

Tuesday, child of William A. Skyler died May 11.

Friday, son of Simon Jordan, age about 1, died May 14.

Sunday, wife of Abram Baird, Phebe, age 38, died May 23.

Tuesday, daughter of Antone Wheelock, Cady, 4 months old, died May 18.

Saturday, Miss Jane Powlis, age 18, died May 29.

Monday, daughter of Antone Ninham, age 3, died May 31.

Wednesday, child of Abram Bread died May 19.

Monday, daughter of Moses Coulong died June 7.

Friday, daughter of Jane Powlis, age 3 months, died July 9.

Sunday, Sophie (Green) wife of Joseph Smith, age 21, died July 11.

Thursday, Martin King, Chief, age 75, died July 22.

Saturday, Mrs. Hulda John, wife of Henry John, died August 21.

Sunday, Old Mary Cooper died August 22.

Friday, Baptist Silas died September 3.

Tuesday, John Antone's daughter, age 11, died September 28.

Thursday, Nicholas King's daughter, Eliza, age 3, died September 23.

Friday, son of Jerry Williams, age 2, died October 1.

Tuesday, David Jordan died October 18.

Sunday, Edward Peters, son of Peter Peters, died October 17.

Friday, Nicholas King was killed by cars. Died November 19.

Nicholas King was killed by a car on November 19, 1880 near Green Bay.

Hereafter deaths will be in the Police reports. The number 1 book to the U.S. Indian Agent, Keshena, Wisconsin, November 1880. J.A. (John Archiquette) (Captain of Oneida Indian Police)

This is the end of records 1880


Loose leaf papers

The Quakers sent $1,092.75 to those families who were left behind when the Oneidas went to war (Civil) on February 8, 1864. Oneidas left for war January 8, 1864.

Another group left, including John Atsiquette on March 10, 1864.

John Atsiquette came back on October 26, 1865.

The veterans had a party on November 1, 1865.

On September 2, 1872 Oneida Members of the Church quarrying stone to build a New Episcopal Church.

It was 595 days before John Atsiquette came back from the war.

Again a group came back from the war on November 7, 1865, group of Joseph G. Powlis', 3 Reg. Wisconsin.

Martin Hill, March 18, 1841..............$12.00
He worked 7 days @.75 cents/day....... 5.25
Nation paid .......................... 1.50
4 cords pinewood near Green Bay....... 2.00 ________
$18.75 (3.25)

It is raining February 13, 15, 1867 and it is mild.

The Chiefs were to the woods February 15, 1867.

1863 order 5.00 axe 1.50 wood .50 cents total 8.00

He was hauling wood 12 cash .25 cents.

He was given two weeks starting February 15, 1867 to March 1867 to settle for the logs, if not the Indian Agent will settle the log question I.J.O. Powlis.

Years 1868 and 1869, Oneida Brown County, Wisconsin

Births on Oneida Reservation

Daughter of Mrs. Sarah Cornelius born August 1, 1877.

Saturday, Nicholas Smith born September 12, 1868.

Sunday, died Jane Atsiquette, born November 8, 1868.

Monday, daughter of Peter Bread born December 8, 1868.


Sunday, son of Solomon Cornelius born February 6, 1869.

Wednesday, Joel Atsiquette born February 10, 1869 (Uncle of Oscar H. Archiquette).

Sunday, son of Abram O. Hill, born February 14, 1869.

Friday, daughter of Jane Smith born on January 31, 1869, her name was Hannah.

Saturday, son of Big Peter Powlis Lyman was born February 13, 1869.

    son of Zo zi na / Susan Smith, grandson of Big Phebe was born December, 1869.
    daughter of Moses Thomas was born on February, 1869.
    Ga ne ya Silas, his son was born on February, 1869.

Sunday night, daughter of William Baird was born on February 1, 1869.

Thursday, son of John Baird, Philly's was born on March 4, 1869.

Friday, son of daughter of Heu niste or Cane Baptist Hill was born on March 12.

Monday, son of Henry Stevens was born on March 22.

Sunday, Mr. Powlis and Margret are the parents of Catherine born on April 4.

Tuesday, daughter of John and Rachel Baird was born on May 11.
    daughter of Anthony and Esther Williams was born on May 6.

Sunday, son of Jacob and Sally Hill, George was born on June 6.
    son of A. Webster, along the bank, was born in April.

Sunday, son of Honyost Smith was born on June 20.

Wednesday, son of Anthony Doxtator was born on June 30.

Thursday, died son of Big Leaning Sun, born July 1.

Saturday, died Yohanes Powlis and Catherine, a daughter born October 2.

Thursday, son of Adam Smith was born on November 25 or 26.

Tuesday, son of Margret Webster was born on November 16.

Friday, Elizabeth Johnson's son Solomon was born on December 10.

END OF 1869


Wednesday, 1870, son of John Skenedoah and Miss Sharlotte Schuyler was born on June 26, 1870.
    Died, Peter and Phebe Hill or She Is Making Maple Sugar, are the parents of a son born on February ?

Thursday, son of Abram Syles and Susie was born on February 17.

Sunday, daughter of Antone and Lucy King was born on February 20.

Sunday, son of Jacob and Christine Skenadoah was born on February 27.

Tuesday, daughter of John and Elizabeth was born on March 8.
    Died, daughter of Elizabeth Webster was born on March 11.
    Daughter of Peter Bread was born on March ?
    Son of Job. Swamp, Jesse was born on February 14.

Sunday, daughter of He Threw An Axe, Chrisjohn and Maryann Denny was born on March 27.
    David's son was born on March or April?

Friday, daughter of Henry and Sally Stevens was born on April 1.

Monday, daughter of Antone and Elizabeth Ninham was born on April 4.
    son of Miss Mary Schuyler or Syles was born on April ?

Monday, son of John and Jane Danforth, G. was born on April 18.
    daughter of Isaac Syles was born on May ?

Monday, Albert Webster was born on April 11.
    daughter of Small Cities was born on May 16.
    Son of Samual Cornelius was born on June 5.

Sunday, Abram Stevens, his son was born on May 22.

Saturday, son of Johnny and Cilicia Baird was born on June 18.

Friday, Abram Summers was born on July 22.

Thursday, son of Martin King was born on July 26.

Tuesday, daughter of Isaac Martoxen was born on July 26.

Wednesday, granddaughter of Simon Antone, Lucy was born on July 13.
    daughter of William Schuyler, Julia was born on August 1.

Wednesday, daughter of Solomon Skenandoah was born on October 26.

Friday, twins of Big Peter Powlis was born on November 4.

Wednesday, Miss Great Flower Shaker, her son was born on November 2.
    Son of Henry Webster and Miss Phebe Thompson was born on November 8 or 9.

Sunday, .... she was born on December 4.

Friday, son of Joseph Smith was born on December 2 or 3.
    son of Abram and Margret Smith was born on December 24.

END OF 1870


Thursday, son of Big Joshua Cornelius was born on March 2.

Sunday, son of Daniel Chrisjohn was born on March 12.
    son of John and Elizabeth was born on March 2 or 5.
    daughter of John and Sally Baird was born on February ?
    daughter of Sally Powlis was born in March.

Saturday, son of Elizabeth Webster was born on March 25.

Tuesday, Christine and Martin Archiquette had twins who were born on March 21, 1871. (They were my sister and brother, Oscar H. Archiquette)

Friday, son of Esther Williams was born on April 7.

Monday or Tuesday, son of Lymon and Elizabeth Fox was born on April 17.

Tuesday or Wednesday, daughter of Abram Parker was born on April 18 or 19.

Sunday, son of Antone Webster, Josiah was born on May 7.
    daughter of Moses Smith was born on May ?

Monday, Curtis Denny and Margret Chrisjohn was born on May 15.
    son of Jerosha Thompson, Simon was born on May ?
    son of Nathanial was born on July ?

Sunday, son of Eliza Antone, Ezekiel was born on August 27.

Monday, son of Moses Doxtator was born on September 18.

Friday, daughter of Peter Medoxen was born on September 22.

Sunday, Isaac Denny, his daughter was born on September 19.

END OF 1871


Saturday, Miss Rachel Baird, her child was born on January 6.

Saturday, daughter of Abram and Elizabeth Ninham, Christine was born on December 30, 1871.

Monday, daughter of Samson Cornelius was born on January 22, 1872.

Saturday, Isaac, son of Cornelius Johnson was born on February 10.
    daughter of De ga luhgwi was born in February.

Friday, Miss Susieanah's daughter was born on March 22.

Friday, son of A.S. and aj. Silas was born on April 19.

Friday, Lucy Danfort was born on May 3.

Friday, son of J.B. and Cilizia Baird was born on May 17.

Saturday, daughter of John and Christine Archiquette, Melinda was born on December 9. (John and Christine are my parents, Oscar H. Archiquette)

END OF 1872

ugive ion tow se Oneida 1873 and 1874
(Those born in) 1873 and 1874

Tuesday, son of She Makes Her Lip Look Nice, Skandoah Jimeson was born on December 24, 1872.

Sunday, daughter of Pigeon or George King was born on January 8, 1873.

Sunday, twins of John Reed were born on February 2, 1873, one of them died on January 30, 1874.

Sunday, Truman Doxtator's daughter was born on March 3.

Sunday, son of Mrs. Elizabeth Fox Skenandoah Dickson was born on April 17.

Tuesday, son of Isaac Cornelius, Abram was born on April 29.

    Daughter of Cobus Sylas was born on November 7.

Thursday, daughter of Cornelius Johnson, Jerusha was born on March 26, 1874.

Saturday, son of Thomas Cornelius was born on April 11.

Friday, daughter of Sally Powlis was born on July 17.

Monday, daughter of Aaron House, Jr. was born on January 4, 1875.

Saturday, son of Antone James was born on March 6.

Thursday, Josiah Archiquette, son of John and Elizabeth was born on May 2, 1875 ( was my half brother, Oscar H. Archiquette)

END OF 1873 AND 1874

Oneida Reservation, Brown County, Wisconsin

In the year of our Lord, 1869

Saturday, Charles Seyless, age 23, died March 6, 1869

Tuesday, son of Turkey or Martin King, 2 months old, died March 9.

Wednesday, daughter of Louis Denny died March 10.

Thursday, niece of Peter Smith Dollyan, age 14, died March 11.

Tuesday, son of Black Denny, age 11 or 12, died March 16.

Saturday, daughter of George Powlis, 10 months old, died March 13.

Tuesday, Christine O. Hill, about 2 years old, died March 16.

Wednesday, Big Abram Ninham from Canada, age 41, died March 17.

Wednesday, daughter of Nicholas Huff or Shocks put there, about 1 year old, died March 17.

Wednesday, daughters of Baptist Stevens or He has surrounded the City, twins, 2 days old, both died on March 17.

Friday morning, child of David King about 2 months old, died March 19.

Saturday, daughter of Lah got / Simon Antone, died March 27.

Saturday, child of Witch or Baptist Hill, about 22 months old, died March 29.

Monday, Old Dianah Delon died March 29.

Friday, David Wheelock, age about 2 years old, died April 9.

Saturday, daughter of Martin Hill died April 10.

Saturday, daughter of Ha go jih / Good Looking / Cornelius Adams died April 17.

Saturday, Mrs. Margret Green died April 17.

Friday, son of Peter Powlis, age 3, died April 23.

Saturday, son of John Smith, age 3, died April 24.

Wednesday, child of Henry John House, age 8 months old, died April 28, 1869.

( Records of 1869 no doubt were written by Captain John Archiquette because Joseph O. Powlis died in 1868 who was clerk of Oneida Nation) by O. Archiquette.

Died in Oneida 1869:

Thursday, daughter of Daylight, age 13, died May 6.

Friday, Old Moses now died, he was 84 years old, May ?

Tuesday evening, Big Eliezer Cornelius, died month May 11. He used to preach at Methodist Church.

Tuesday, Small Body Webster, age 20, died May 18.

Sunday, His side of a boat, Sylas, age about 75, May 23.

Thursday, Ester (Esther) Doxtator age 21, died June 17.

Tuesday, son of Jacob and Christine Skenadore, age 17 months, died May 25.

Monday, Jacob Atsiquette, died June 21.

Wednesday, daughter of Sa yes (Say yes) Webster, age about 12 or 18 months old, died June 23.

Wednesday noon, Jane Atsiquette, age 7 months and 16 days, died June 23.

    He has his gloves on, his son died, July 29.
    Big Twin now died on August 2.
    Son of Turkey (King) died August 8.
    Son of Abram Wheelock died August 17.
    Henry Metoxen died August 20
    Son of Shocks Standing Nicholas Huff, died August 28.
    Wife of Abram Wheelock, Lucy died August 29.
    Peter Green died September 4.
    Son of Elias Jordan died September 23.

Friday, Catherine Wheelock, age about 8, died October 1.

Saturday, granddaughter of She binds the bargin, died October 23.
    son of George King Sr. (Indian name) He has filled the crack, died November 20, 1869.

Diary of Capt. John Archiquette


All Kinds of News Written Here

(Translated from Oneida Manuscript by Oscar H. Archiquette)


Sunday, September 13.
	The door is now open for Mrs.E. Archiquette to receive Holy Communion.

Sunday, September 13.
	Sol. F.(Funn) has now delivered two five years old steers.

Wednesday, September 16.
	The chiefs are now in conference about old widow, Jerusha Powless, 
        they supported the arrangement made by Mrs. E. Danforth at first.

Thursday, August 27.
	B. Doxtator was now made great; he became chief.

Saturday, September 19.
	I have now brought two to three dollars worth of White Lead here.

Saturday, October 3.
	Commissioner has arrived here from Washington.

Monday, October 5.
	He has now written from Green Bay, Wisconsin, it said, for you to 
        sell 8,000 acres of your land to Stockbridges (Indian Tribe) or 
        maybe it is much better for you to divide up your land.

Tuesday, September 29.
	I now traded with C. Hill (Cornelius Chief).  He got nine acres and 
        I got one horse, John Archiquette.

Monday, August 29.
	I now got, P. Green out of Brown County jail for $6.50

Saturday, October 17, 1868
	They have now arrested Jacob Powless at his sister's house, 
        Sarah Powless.
Monday, October 19.
	Today they had a hearing for him, who committed a crime.  Henry 
       Cooper and Peter Denny pleaded for the defendant, Jacob, to be let 
       to live.  Baptist Doxtator and Fire Burning Alongor (John Cornelius) 
       recommended to the Indian Court for the defendant to die, who 
       killed a person.  That is all.

Tuesday, October 20.
	Again, Jacob was tried and it went according to the law, and 
       the only way it can be settled is for his blood to go for the 
       crime he committed.

Wednesday, October 21.
	Again they tried him; they tried different ways of punishment for 
        him; they couldn't get him in the penitentiary for life.  They said, 
        maybe he should be shot, but it was decided to  hang him.  They 
        gave him three weeks to live from that time.
        That is what took place.

Thursday, October 22.
	They are now taking Jacob to Green Bay, Wisconsin, Brown County 
        jail for three weeks. That is the way is happened.

Monday, November 9.
	Today two men were authorized to do the executing.

Friday, November 13.
	Today they hung him here in Oneida, Brown County, Wisconsin, 
        near the cemetery.  John Anthony sprung the death trap and 
        was paid $30.00.  There were many people there at the execution.  
        When he was standing on the high scaffold and the rope or string 
        was around his neck, he was given a chance to make a speech if 
        wanted to, so he did, he said, " I have made myself ready to 
        Jesus, Jesus and I only are in one." He spoke many good words 
        to those who do not obey.  That is all on Friday.

Wednesday, October 28.
	Today we graded the road between here and B. Smith.

Wednesday, October 28.
	The chiefs are now in conference about the landless Indians, as 
        they are called.

Tuesday, October 27.
	Today, we discussed about putting a tombstone on the grave of 
       J.C. Powless.

Monday, October 26.
	P. Swamp and her now moved in this house.

Sunday, November 22.
	H. Stevens sold his son's two-year old steer.
	I cut my knee with a draw knife.

Monday, June 14.
	He now sold a three year old cow by the pound.

Sunday, June 13.
	Doctor was here for medical service.  I paid him $1.30

Tuesday, June 15.
	They are now taking Mr. M. Powless up north in the pine where 
        we are going to make shingles.

Tuesday, June 15.
	Peter Swamp is now going to work.

Wednesday, June 16.
	We hired him to make shingles.

Thursday, June 17.
	Today, Lolas Powless is praying here.

Saturday, Eve., June 20.
	Cobas Syles was badly hurt.  He was cut with an axe by Hanyost Smith.  
        This happened between the buildings of Syles near, dayojalu'sles 
       (Fire Burning Along / John Cornelius) place and walele'ne (Frog's).


	Saturday, November 7, 1869.
		C. ( Cornelius) Hill, James Powless and Lucy Parkhurst are back.

	Tuesday, June 22, 1869.
		B. Doxtator is looking for help to drive logs.

	Tuesday, June 22.
		The old man (Martinas Archiquette) left this 
              morning at 8:00 o'clock for Depere / Green Bay, Wisconsin, 
                with eleven dollars in his pocket.

	Wednesday, June 23.
		dagadaka? (John) Powless is having his wedding celabration 
                at D.(Daniel) Bread's.

	Saturday, June 26.

	Monday, November 23.
		They now reconstructed a bridge across Duck Creek at or 	
                near lashadehge? (William Hill's ) place.

	Tuesday, December 1.
		It is now settled (through the Indian court) about him 
                selling a steer. They found him not guilty.

	Tuesday, December 8.
		The oxen were shod at and by John Baird's.

	Tuesday, December 8.
		Today I am going to cut bolts at J. Baird's.

	Monday, December 7.
		They are having conference again at George Baird's 
                and have decided to buy (E.A.) Goodnough sleigh.

	Wednesday, November 11.
		John Baird received $21.64 from E. Powless, he said,
                buy a $15.00 casket and for him to wear $6.64.
                This is all for Jacob Powless.

IN the Year of 1869:

	All kinds of news will be found.

	Saturday, January 2, 1869
		Today, people ate here in my house celebrating my good 
                health and happiness.
	Monday, January 4.
		?       atg^?ze.le?s, took a little of his corn stalks 
                what there is here of his.

	Tuesday, January 5.
		Phebe Archiquette is going to a doctor now.

	Tuesday, January 19.
		Repairs on atg^?ze le?s  Bob sleigh is now finished.

	Monday, January 25.
		I am taking Mrs. E.A. back by agreement(she) returned.

March 18, 1869

	Saturday, January 23.
		They locked up Mr. Powless for fourteen days.

	Friday, January 29.
		Dark red spotted cow gave a calf.

	Friday, January 29.
		Blizzard today, a heavy storm.

	Wednesday, February 3.
		The roads are now drifted, and a person can hardly go anywhere.

	Thursday, February 11.
		It is very warm today.

	Sunday, February 7.
		Abram Webster got married today.
                (Crossed out in original)

	Thursday, February 11.
		I went and got pork, tea, and oil, and I took it over there.

	Sunday, February 6.
		Mrs. Julia Cornelius gave birth to a child. 
               (Crossed out in original)

	Sunday, February 14.(13)
		Joseph Swamp and I have agreed to saw logs together.  	
               (Crossed out in original)

	Monday, February 15. (14)
		They are going to take Joseph to Depere, Wisconsin. 
               (Crossed out in original)

	Sunday, February 14 (13)
		Son of Abram O. Hill was born in the month of February 
                on 14(13)th day. (crossed out in original)

		T. Bread's daughter was born December 8, in the year of 1868.

	Tuesday night, February 16 (15) 1869.
		I loaned Henry Chrisjohn a domestic animal today.

	Saturday night, February 20 (19)
		Abram Danforth is minus two teeth.

	Tuesday morning, March 2.
		I loaned William Antone my domestic animal for 30 cents a day.

	Monday, March 1.
		They are now having a conference at the community hall.

	Monday, March 1.
		I put up wall paper today.

	Wednesday, March 3.
		Today, we planted at George Smith's.

	Thursday, March 4.
		It is quite cool this morning.

	Monday, March 1.
		They brought my horse back now from H. Chrisjohn.

	Monday, March 8.
		The calf died today. It is very warm today.

	Sunday, March 14.
		Martin Cornelius carried large sum of money.

	Monday, March 15.
		I am not going after straw at T.H. ( Thomas House)

	Wednesday, March 24.
		We quit hauling saw logs for good now. The road is bad now.

	Tuesday, March 23.
		I now loaned my domestic animal to D. Jordan (David).

	Thursday, March 25.
		Lucy Parkhurst has now left for home.

	Tuesday, April 27.
		Many wagons of white people going by from fishing at Foster's.

	Tuesday, April 27.
		The old man left here this morning to repair the old net.

	Wednesday, April 28.
		E.A. and Jesse started to work for me.

	Thursday, April 29.
		One barrel full of suckers are now salted.

	Monday, May 3.
		I am now going to cut pine trees for shingles.

	Thursday eve., May 6.
		Hank Salvan ordered Aaron Ninham to be put in jail on 	
                account of whiskey.

	Wednesday, May 12.
		They got him out today.

	Wednesday, May 12.
		My lumber of 18 inch shingles in the amount of one 
               thousand and a half is now sold.

	Saturday, May 22.
		The business between Irish and our fellows is now settled for $30.00.

	Saturday, May 22.
		Mr. P. bought a three quart pail at Depere, Wisconsin.

	Saturday, June 12.
		I bought a hat from John Stevens.

	Saturday, June 12.
		We made and finished two thousand shingles (pine shingles)

	Saturday, June 5.
		Today, I bought a blue pants, vest and blouse.

	Monday, June 14.
		The oya da -- cherokee nation, Indian doctors have now 
                found our settlement.

	Saturday, June 26.
		Henry Antone found our settlement.

	Monday, June 28.
		I bought a calf from George Smith for $12.00.

	Monday, June 28.
		It has been very warm this morning, and this afternoon 
                it rained very much.

	Tuesday, June 29.
		They are grading Depere, Wisconsin, road again.

	Friday, on July 2.
		I quit making shingles today.

	Friday, June 25.
		We started hoeing corn today.

	Tuesday, July 13.
		Henry Antone is now going back home, and we are going with 
                him to Canada.

	Monday, September 27.
		Today, I came back here in Oneida, Brown County, Wisconsin.

	Wednesday, September 29.
		I paid back one silver dollar to g hnogw (cloth name fished out).

	Wednesday, September 22.
		degahawahgw  is going to Canada (name of F.) again.

	Sunday, October 3.
		I loaned one dollar in gold to Joseph (Swamp) and Raccoon 
              (Cobis Peters) in Depere, Wisconsin.

	Tuesday, October 5.
		Joseph Swamp hired me to work in the pine timber.
	Wednesday, September 29.
		Two great men left today, Baptist Doxtator and Daniel Bread.

	Monday, October 11.
		We are now going to grade the road towards Foster's Mill.

	Sunday, October 10.
		They are looking here and there for Henry Skenandoah.

	Monday, October 11.
		I am going to hire Jackson to cut corn stalks.

	Wednesday, October 13.
		Janigohgoho (John Denny, Sr.) and Peter Sickles have now 
                found our settlement.

	Thursday, October 14.
		Old man Danforth found out it is perfectly alright that he got 
		married again.

	Thursday, October 21.
		I started digging a well today.

	Tuesday, October 26.
		(My son) Joel is very sick.

	Saturday, November 6.
		Old man Doxtator started digging a well (for me).

	Monday, November8.
		Today he stoned up the well about two feet.

	November 7.
		Peter A.Powless and I settled about the bob sleigh.

	Tuesday, November 9.
		Old man Webster butchered a ox for himself.

	Tuesday, November 9
		I paid P.(Peter A.) Powless one dollar for one 
               bottle of Helmbolds.

	Tuesday, November 9.
		I am going to haul stone now.

	Week, November 3.
		He came home and brought -------it?  for D. Antone.

	Thursday, November 11.
		About eight feet of the well is stoned up; it seems that 
                old man Doxtator is going to quit.

	Monday, November 15.
		J. Danforth gave me one dollar, at Holomes's part of which I
		gave him for safe keeping.

	Friday, November 12.
		John Stevens, Sr. and I settled everything about the 
               steer, he is to pay me $40.00.

	Wednesday, November 17.
		I brought shoes for P.A. which was made by P. (Peter A.) Powless.

	Wednesday, November 17.
		First snow storm this fall.  The snow is about 18 inches deep.

	Monday, November 14.
		John Stevens is now going after lumber at McArtur's Mill for 
		Moses Powless.

	Thursday, November 18.
		Today dewa?gineta? (Elizabeth Webster) is having a bee to 	
               make shingles and to cut brush.

	Tuesday, November 16.
		The little black calf is back now.

	Monday, November 8.
		It came in view again first great.  (Crossed out in original)

	Monday, November 22.
		The Indian Agent fooled us, he did not show up at 
               the community hall.

	Saturday, November 20.
		Old D. Doxtator took the blue over coat for four dollars.

	November 20.
		Good sleighing

	Saturday, November 27.
		D. Medakz n (Metoxin) failed to make a trade with me, he 	
               wanted to give me a farm for a horse.

	Monday, November 29.
		Our agent visited us, he wanted a record made as to the 
               size of land each of us have (or number of acres).

	Tuesday night, December 1.
		Old diweta?'s domestic animal was hurt between the 
               barn and the shed.

	Friday eve., December 10.
		Moses Powless finished a vehicle for J. Stevens.

	Saturday, December 11.
		Baptist Doxtator let me have 40 cents worth of 
               beans on credit.

	Saturday, December 11.
		It rained heavy all day.

	Tuesday, January 25.
		I started (hauling) pine logs to Foster's (Mill).

	Friday eve., January 28.
		adonihgo (Big Antone) gave up waiting for Elizabeth 
               Danforth and her grandchild.

	Friday, January 28.
		Jonas James has been elected to take the place of Jacob Hill
		as overseer of the tribe.

	Sunday, February 6.
		lacg 'lhaks (He is eating Beechnut---Mr. ? Skenandore, father 	
             of Zackariah Skenandore) was arrested for having trouble with
		John Baird (arrested by Indian police).

	Friday, February 4.
		We started selling our logs at Foster's (Sawmill) today.

	Friday, February 4.
		Henry Stevens offered to sell me his hay.

	Monday, February 14.
		The landless Oneidas presented their case before the Chief's 	
               today asking that they be allowed to have land, same as those 	
               who have land here in Oneida, Brown County, Wisconsin.

	Wednesday, February 16.
		I hauled logs for Henry Stevens.

	Wednesday, February 23.
		We are now stalled from selling pine logs.

	Saturday, February 26.
		It rained heavily Saturday night.

	Sunday, February 27.
		I found my domestic animal, Mike (name of horse) again, 
               at Yohanesgowanhne.

	Monday, February 28.
		I wrote an order of ($5.00) to Foster for John Danforth.

	Monday, March 7.
		We drew up a petition which we are going to send to 	
               Washington, D.C. asking whether or not we can be forced to 	
               have our land allotted here in Oneida, Wisconsin.

	Tuesday night, March 8.
		Old Abram Webster was injured by his son Abr. Webster,Jr.

	Monday, March 14.
		Wm. Antone and I settled up, for six hundred pounds of hay 	
               for the four dollar loan I had given him about two years ago.

	Tuesday, March 25.
		It snowed heavy all day today.

	Sunday, March 20.
		Heavy snow storm all day today.

	Monday, March 21.
		J. Danforth will give me 573 pounds of hay today.

	Tuesday, March 22.
		Mr. H. Smith is going to sell a hide, so I loaned him my horse 	
               and sleigh.

	Saturday, April 2.
		Today, the bridge over Duck Creek at George Doxtator's and 	
               George Baird's floated away.

	April 2.
		There never was such a flood as it is now,this spring or season.

	Thursday, April 7.
		I am now driving logs in Duck Creek for two dollars a day 
               and my board.

	Thrusday, April 14.
		I bought five bushels of potatoes for seed.

	Saturday, April 16.
		Thomas John sold his oxen to B. Smith for fifteen acres of land.

	Wednesday, April 20.
		Jacob Smith (crossed out in original) left for Canada.

	Wednesday, April 27.
		Isaac Powless went home to Onondaga, (New York).

	Wednesday, May 14.
		I started plowing today.

	Wednesday, March 11.
		The question of borrowing $200 or $150 of nation's money by 	
               the men of the tribe was discussed with the chiefs today.  	
               Eleven warriars --by eleven men.

	Friday, May 20.
		Jotulagwadu-- trumpets have arrived.

	Saturday, May 21.
		The sale of railroad ties is stopped.

	May 25.
		Ties is being sold again.

	Monday, May 23.
		The agent for Oneidas is at the community hall, the purpose 	
               of his presence is to stop the sale of any standing timber 	
               here. (Oneida Reservation)

	Sunday, June 19.
		Mr. E.A. Goodnough informed us that our land will be alloted 	
               now, if we so desire.  This the order from the president of 	
               the United States we were notified today.

	Friday, June 24.
		Today, is the first time I ate new potatoes that I planted in 
               the year of 1870.

		A bridge has been completed again at G. Doxtator's.

	Saturday, July 2.
		Daniel Skenandore and George Button got into trouble so D.
		Skenandore was put in jail.

	Tuesday, July 5.
		Rev. E.A. Goodnough is now going to Arkansas.

	Thursday, July 7.
		Little pig ran away today.

	Wednesday, August 3.
		I started haying at Baptist Hill's; I bought the hay for $10.00.

	Tuesday, August 2.
		Old Henry Powless is going to visit tgana wade?

	Thursday, August 4.
		John D. Cornelius' wife was seriously injured when she was 	
               thrown from a wagon in which she was riding when the team 	
               of horses ran away near John Baird's place.

	August 17.
		During the month of August, T. House was threshing around 	
              with his new threshing machine.

	Wednesday, September 7.
		They started building a railroad near John Reed's today.

	Month of September 12.
		I now started working on the railroad.

	Saturday, September 3.
		I loaned my domestic animal to gwasugohdani? -----------
		for a period of one month for $1.50.

		This season the crops are good. That is all.

	Friday, October 14.
		We saw the first frost this fall.

	Monday, October 17.
		Chief Henry Powless came back from tgana wade? where
		he had been doctoring.

	Saturday, October 22.
		David Christjohn and I loaned each other overcoats.

	Wednesday, November 3.
		I am now working for Bob Smith  Iron Company.

	Monday, October 31.
		They have started building a bridge in a little different 
               place from where it was near or down the hill from on 
	     (d)le?lahelhne's place, first week in November.

	Tuesday, November 8.
		Old Henry Powless is celebrating for being a chief.

	Thursday eve., November 24.
		People gathered at the school house to be thankful for 
              everything that is going alright.

	Wednesday, November 9.
		Today we had the first little snow this fall.

	Tuesday, November 29.
		I have started hauling logs for a building for my stock.

	Thursday, December 1.
		Today I traded with William Schuyler.  I gave him a steer 
               and $5.00 and I got a wagon.

	Wednesday, December 21.
		Mr. John Baird left for Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The rumor 
              is that he is gone to trade his three (Indian) ponies.

	Saturday, December 24.
		A rug is now laid in the P.E. Church.  This is the end for 1870.

IT IS NOW 1871:

	Thursday, January 12.
		The snow is just about all gone.  It has been raining 
               for two days now.

	Monday, January 9.
		We the men of the tribe have agreed with the chiefs 
               to make laws similar to that of the white man's.  
               We are going to meet again about this on January 16, A.D.1871.

	Sunday, January 22.
		The roads here have not been good once still up to this time.

	Monday, January 16.
		Mr Ritchardson the agent asked us this question, to be 
              sure and stop selling pine logs.  That is what took place.

	Monday, February 13.
		It is now approved by the Indian Court that we the people 
               who live here in Oneida, Wisconsin will now have laws.  
               James Syles, and Adam Bo Cornelius were elected for Justice 
               of the Peace, for Sheriff, John Archiquette for 
               Constable Big Abram Wheelock.  (crossed out in original).

	Friday, February 24.
		Sleighing is done for and the ice in Duck Creek is 
               all melted awau/

	Friday, February 24.
		A case against the New York Tribune is now settled 
               for $2,401 a year.

	Monday, March 6.
		Today Abr. Danforth and Sol. Skenandoah are going to be 
               tried again for killing  dehoh leta?  Mr. ? Danforth's 
               horse (before the Indian Court).

	Friday, March 9.
		Solomon Funn (Cornelius) left the Oneida reservation 
               by order of the Indian Court.

	Monday, March 13.
		The chiefs are in conference about the laws at 
               the community hall.

	Tuesday, March 21.
		Pretty good sleighing for two days now.

	Monday, March 20.
		I asked before the council at the community hall, to 
               have somebody take over my position as sheriff. That is all.

	Saturday, April 22.
		We have received an answer from Washington, D.C. 
               in regard to allotting our land.  It seems that Mr. J. 
               How is relieved of handling our affairs.  This was
               the contents of the letter.

	Friday, May 6.
		I wrote two letters one to P. Powless and the other to 
               J.Sickles Province, Ontario.

	Tuesday, May 2.
		I settled with the Chiefs today for my work as Sheriff 
               for the Oneida Nation from February 13, 1871 to date for 
               twenty-two dollars.  I will be paid in merchandise from 
               the store.  Abram Danforth took my position as Sheriff.  
               Adam Tailor took over the Duck Creek sawmill in 
               February A.D. 1871.

	Thursday, May 18.
		I have finished cultivating where it is going to be planted.

	Saturday, May 20.
		Mr. Armstong trusted me for four bushels of potatoes.  
               I will pay him $2.50 a month from now.

	Tuesday, May 23.
		Today Peter Swamp planted.

	Tuesday, May 23.
		It is raining this morning which is very good 
               for the crops.

	Monday, June 29.
		Louis Hill is now home from Onaondaga, New York.

	Thursday, June 15.
		John Stevens and I made a deal for him to let me have 
              the steers if I build them a house where him and my 
              grandmother will live.  That is all.

	Monday, June 12.
		We had a meeting at the community hall about our laws.  
               Henry Cooper was elected to be Justice of the Peace 
              by the men of the tribe and Thomas John as constable.
             (The eligible voters are made only)

	Monday, June 12.
		We have agreed to have our fourth of July celebration 
               at George Doxtator's.(crossed out in original).

	Tuesday, on June 13.
		Today, Peter Swamp planted corn.

	Friday, June 16.
		Today, I could not find my domestic animal (horse)Mike.

	Friday night, June 16.
		I have received band instrument for me to practice.

		Heavy frost during the week.

	Thursday, June 29.
		Isaac Doxtator again found our settlement, 
               he came from Kansas.

	Friday, June 30.
		I have a wagon again.  I bought it from Nathanial 
               Doxtator for $20.00

	Monday, July 10.
		Those who are going west where they will make their 
               home signed up today. That is all.

	Monday, July 10.
		It seems that the agent for the Oneidas will 
              now be able to stop the white people from selling 
              liquor to Indians by a fine of $300.00 or two year 
              imprisonment or both if the white man is caught selling 
              liquor to an Indian. That is the law of the United States.

	Wednesday, July 12.
		A six year old oxen died today.  He was worth about$90.00.

	Thursday, July 13.
		It seems that the wishes of the landless Oneidas 
                have been accepted by the chiefs, and that is for them 
                to get land here in Oneida, Brown County, Wisconsin.  
                This was not definite.

	Tuesday, July 18.
		Today several Oneidas were waiting for a minister to 
               duck them into the water but the ducking minister 
               failed to show up.(Seventh Day Adventist)

	Monday, July 17.
		Today  atg ?ze le?  (name of men) bought a calf 
               from Peter Swamp for $2.50 or twenty shillings.

	Thursday, July 20.
		Today William W. King, William Somers, old Jacob Powless, 
              Johahi z ---------, and his wife were ducked into the 
              water by a white Seventh Day Adventist. This is the first 
              organization of this kind ever started here in Oneida, 
              Brown County.  This kind of religion was brought here by 
              Nicholes Kutkut. This is all.

	Thursday, June22.
		Circus arrived in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

	Tuesday, June 27.
		Circus arrived in Green Bay, Wisconsin

	Saturday, July 6.
		Cynosi falls circus arrived in Green Bay, Wisconsin

	Tuesday, July 18.
		Circus arrived in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

	Monday, August 7.
		Henry Stevens cut himself on the ankle with an axe pretty bad.

	Tuesday, August 15.
		Today, she was taking census to find how many there are in a 
		family by order of John Hadecock.

	Wednesday, August 16.
		Oats was put in the barn today.

	Monday, August 28.
		I am leaving tomorrow to go to work on the other side 
               of Suamico, Wisconsin for Northwestern Railroad Company.  
               I am to report to Stock Weathes; 
               I suppose he is the boss.

	Saturday, August 26.
		We played  band in Freedon today.

	Wednesday, September 13.
		Baptist Doxtator and his wife left for Onondaga
              (New York)to visit.

	Wednesday, September 20.
		First heavy frost this fall.

	Wednesday, September 20.
		Today I was made road master to be in charge of highways 
               and a group of men working on the road.

	Wednesday, September 20.
		Today they practiced debating and they elected one to 
               act as chairman at P. Denny.

	Tuesday, September 26.
		We are now going to haul logs to build a jail with.

	Thursday, September 28.
		Today Abr. Danforth killed my horse,he was worth $75.00.

	Saturday, September 30.
		Today, two of my oxen died. They were worth $80.00.

	Friday, September 29.
		Today Antone James and Mr. Burns left for Milwaukee, 
              Wisconsin on a liquor charge.

	Wednesday, October 4.
		Today Mr. G.R. Cook and N.C. Foster are going to be 
               tried at Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Federal Court).  They 
               are charged of buying logs from the Oneida Indians 
               illegally.  Mr. Cornelius Hill, the chief,is the witness.

	Wednesday, October 4, 9:00 o'clock A.M.
		Today there are fires burning all over the reservation 
               which have been burning for a week.  There is so much 
               smoke that a person can't see any further than 30 rds.,
               and there is so much smoke it is suffocating.

	Friday, October 13.
		Mr. N. Kutkut gave us band music called Chieftain 
               and Merrily for $1.25.

	Monday, October 16.
		Today we put up the rafters on the building, which is 
               going to be a jail.

	Saturday night, October 7.
		It is surpising what a great fire there was in the 
               city of Chicago, Ill. The city was on fire for several 
               miles and the village of Pestigo, Wisconsin. The 
               whole village burned down excepting one house. The number 
               who died in the fire were several tens. This is what the 
               fire done in Pestigo, Wisconsin.

	Friday, October 20.
		Today the cobs were picked from the cornstalks, the 
               whole season has been dry.  We have had very little rain.  
               The forest fires caused lot of damage. The rail fences 
               burned down, the forest fire is out now.

	Thursday, October 22.
		Mr. Wilson arrived today to teach our band.

	Sunday, November 2.
		I wrote a letter for George Doxtator on Monday, 
               Tuesday, and Wednesday.October 29, 30, 31.

	Thursday, November 2.
		Mr. and Mrs. B. Doxtator returned from Onondaga, New York.

	Friday, November 10.
		Johahi z ------------- got the cow back from dehoh leta?  
               (Danforth) by order of the chiefs, the owner of the cow 
               is Thomas Swamp.

	Wednesday, November 8.
		dihdib  (William Hill) had a celebration again.

	Monday, November 6.
		They started laying rails for the L.T. Railroad, also 
               started laying ties at Thank Town. (corner of Broadway 
               and Mason St. Green Bay, Wis.)
	Wednesday, November 15.
		Today the train came as far as the Trout Creek Bridge.

	Tuesday, December 5, 1871.
		Mr. William M. Jacobs went back home to Onondaga (New York).  
               Today he was paid  $26.00 for teaching us band music.

	Friday, December 8.
		Peter Swamp took my sleigh for John Stevens.  
               I loaned the sleigh to John Stevens.

	Sunday, Decmeber 10.
		Very good sleighing.(crossed out in original)

	Saturday, December 9.
		We the band played at Corners or Mill Center for the fun of it.

	Tuesday, December 19.
		They have now completed building railroad between 
               Green Bay and New London.

	Tuesday, December 19.
		I let  ganyo?godu  (Henry Huff,Sr.) have bob sleighs, 
               he paid me $12.50 right away and the balance of $12.50 
               one week after the fourth of July. The sleigh I gave him 
               is worth twenty-five dollars, J. Archiquette.


	Tuesday, January 16.
		I gave John Silver (Hill) $10.00 as down payment to 
               Nathanial Doxtator for a wagon.

	Monday, January 8.
		He gave me the balance of $12.50(Presumably from 
               Henry Huff,Sr. for the sleighs).

	Month of February:
		Dr. Louis an Ottawa Indian is visiting our settlement.

	Wednesday, March 20.
		The cars which were hauling logs for A. Taylor is now 
               resting until about May when it will haul Abram 
               Taylor's logs again.

	March 25.
		We have had a very good sleighing from December 1871 to 
               March 1872 there is lot of snow yet.

	Friday, March 22.
		Mr. John George went back to Canada.

	Saturday, April 6.
		Thomas House and John Henric returned from Washington.

	Monday, April 8.
		The first little rain we have had this year 1872 and 
               there is still snow here and there.

	Thursday, April 11.
		The chiefs have agreed to let Adam King do what he 
               wants to do if he wants to lease ten acres of land to 
               L.P.R.R. Co. they will O.K. it.  It seems from this 
               agreement, any Indian can now lease to a white man if 
               they wish and it will be O.k'd by the chief provided 
               they are living on the land they claim.  This 
               was the ruling made by the chiefs but the chief's were 
               not all present at the meetings.  There were three or four 
               missing. I suppose the agreement made will be of no 
               use again. This is the way it happened.

	Monday, April 15.
		We are now going to drive logs in Duck Creek for A. Taylor, 
               Chief C. Hill is the foreman.

	Wednesday, April 24.
		Today I am hauling wooden rails with a single horse. 
               It is very warm.

	Wednesday, April 24.
		Today the chiefs authorized and signed an agreement with 
               John Henrick for him to draw or get the money from 
               Washington, D.C. which belongs to half breed Stockbridges.

	Friday, April 26.
		Paul Powless is back from Kansas, he didn't like it 
               there. This is all.

1872  This tells all kinds of news.

	Monday morning
		The first heavy rain this season, it rained for four hours. 
               We sent Mr. Wilson. M. Jacobs $10.00 the first week 
               in May, for him to teach us more band music when he 
               comes again.

	Tuesday, April 30.
		I planted peas today.

	Saturday, May 4.
		I planted eight bushels of oats on ( two acres ------
               (crossed out in original) today.

	Wednesday, May 1.
		John Stevens bought a house and a field from 
               Mrs. Elizabeth Danforth, he paid her $40.00 down right away.

	Thursday, May 2.
		Today they took back the bargain, they made (this refers 
               to John Stevens and Mrs. Elizabeth Danforth)  
               Mr. Stevens got his $40.00, back and Mrs. Danforth 
               got her house back.  A case was settled by the chiefs 
               about a field between James Wheelock and David Charles.  
               Mr. Charles was well satisfied what he got.

	Saturday, June 8.
		I quit working for a Mr. Monges.

	Monday, June 10.
		Today John Stevens is plowing here, where they are 
               going to plant beans.

	Friday, June 14.
		Today Solomon Fonn (Cornelius) is traveling around 
               here again, he does not obey.

	Monday, June 17.
		Today C. Hill, J. Jill and D. Ninham left for 
               Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they are going to 
               attend a meeting of ministers, the congregation 
               delegated the three men, they were given $50.00 
               for their lunch or eats.

	Friday, June 21.
		the delegation returns from Milwaukee.

	Wednesday, June 26.
		Hanyost Parkhurst is back again from Kansas; he came 
               back with Eve Powless.

	Saturday morning, June 29.
		John Stevens loaned me eight dollars.  I paid him back 
               in September.

	Saturday morning, June 29.
		Mr. C. Hill brought a German Silver band instrument 
              here, the price is $30.00

	Thursday, July 11.
		A man from New York saloon, Green Bay, Wisconsin, was 
               here and he wanted to hire us (the band) to play 
               there every Sunday evening for $24.00.

	Wednesday, July 10.
		John Stevens got a cow from Sally Cooper.

	July 15, 1872
		Moses Doxtator and Cornelius Doxtator are now back 
               from New York.  Moses drew $700.50 from Green Bay (bank) 
               and Cornelius Doxtator drew $800.00

	Tuesday, July 16.
		Mr. M. Doxtator loaned me $5.00 with interest for 
              two months. I mortgaged a two year old heifer. J. 
              Archiquette I paid him back on January 19/73.

	July 18, 1872
		We have had very little rain during the months of 
               January, February, March, April, May, June and July, 
               the weather is dry.

	Friday evening, July 19.
		Mr. A. Haos (House) joined the band, he is going to 
               practice to play the 1st E. b. Sop.  It has been raining 
               often now.

	Saturday, July 20.
		John Henrick let me cut one acre of hay on halves.

	Monday, July 22-24.
		I was George Doxtator's employee for two days.

	Wednesday, July 31.
		There was a celebration for or about Hanyost Parkhurst 
                and his better half, the Turtle Clan reconciled.

	Monday, August 5.
		The debating society are going to meet at the community 
                hall Monday night.

	Monday, September 2.
		We are now going to start quarrying stone, to build 
               a church, the protestant Episcopal Church.

	Sunday, September 22.
		John Baird is now back from Kansas.

	Tuesday, September 17.
		Gilbert Parkhurst and his brother-in-law   assalahgwa? 
               (Abram Baird) and his wife are now back home.

	October 8.
		H. Parkhurst is back again with his family.

	October 8.
		It seems H.P. (Hanyost Parkhurst) has come back for 
               good now.  Cobas Scyles came back with them.

	Tuesday, October 29.
		Mary Chrisjohn let Nicholas Huff have two one year old 
               steers on credit, for three months, if he does not pay 
               her $35.00 at that time then he is to give her a 
               horse on January 29, 1873. I am the witness, John 
               Archiquette Everything was finally settled.

	Saturday morning, November 4.
		Solomon Cornelius was put in the Brown County Jail.  
               It seems that he is charged with very serious offence.  
               This is the way it happened.

	Saturday, November 9.
		The city of Boston was on fire, which caused a 
               $100,000,000 damage.

	Thursday, November 25.
		Mr. Corelius Hill, the chief, had a celebration at 
               William Hill's, on this day. Abram Danforth, John 
              Danforth Jr., and Cornelius Danforth resigned as members 
              of our band, they are going to join some other band.
		We have to have some to practice to play 1st E.b. Cornet, 
               Lst B.b. Alto, 1st E.b. and B.B. Bass.  This is what happened.

	Monday, December 2.
		Daniel Skenandoah took the 1st E. b. Bass, Solomon John 
              took the 2nd B.b. Bass, Skenandoah took the 1st B. b. Alto.  
              We are to pay $2.50 apiece. C. Hill plays the 1st 
              E.b. Cornet. I took L.Hill's place as band master 
              for our group.

	Thursday, December 5.
		P. Powless let me have a heater.

	Friday, December 6.
		Peter Swamp butchered a cow for beef.


	Thursday, January 2.
		It rained all day today.

	Friday, January 3.
		A heavy wind storm today.

	Thursday, January 9.
		I brought vinegar bitters from Green Bay, Wisconsin 
               for Margaret Stevens.

	Sunday, February 16.
		Today Rev. E.A. Goodnough gave up getting any more 
               money from where it used to come from.  So from now on, 
               it will be up to his congregation to take up collection 
               from time to time for his living, as long as he is a 
               minister here in Oneida, Brown County, Wisconsin.

	Saturday, March 1.
		There are some more band instruments brought here by John Baird.

	The way different things happened:

	Tuesday, March 25.
		They are going to hew timber again which will be 
               used in building the church, it may be used for a 
               foundation for the new church.

	Monday, April 7.
		I loaned John Powless $5.00 for one month with 
               10 cents interest on a dollar.

	Wednesday, April 16.
		The names of the present and first Oneida Band:
			  C.H. (Cornelius Hill) Chief, 1st E. b. Cornet
		        John Archiquette, 1st E. b. Cornet
		  	  Simeon Hill, 1st B. b. Cornet
			  Cornelius Baird, 2nd B. b. Cornet
			  Wilson Elm, 1st B. b. Alto
			  Leowin HIll, 2nd B. b. Alto
			  Joshua Skenandoah, 1st baratone                                                                                                                                                                     
                     Henry Powless, 1st baratone, or Tenor
			  Solomon John, B. b. Bass Tuba
	   		  Nathanial Skenandoah, E. b. Bass Tuba          
			  Lewis Hill, Bass Drum
			  Neddy Hill, Snare Drum

	Thursday, April 17.
		It is raining and snowing today.  Peter Swamp was 
               examined by Dr. Cawe last night.

	Monday, April 21.
		John Steven's domestic animals (two) came to plow here. 
               It snowed a little yet today.

	Monday, April 21.
		Mr. Simeon Hill will use or play B.b. Cornet instead, and 
		Nicholas Archiquette will take the 1st B.b.for $2.75.

	Wednesday, May 28.
		The landless Indians are now ordered to stop. (perhaps from
		cutting timber) here, by order of the chiefs which they signed
		on May 1-2-3.

	May ------
		Four apple trees were set around my house today.  I paid 50 
		cents apiece for them, total - $2.00.

	Wednesday night, May 28.
		Mr. Charles Hill took over the 1st B.b. Cornet for $2.75.  
		There are two new band instruments, one is 1st E.b. Cornet
		for $29.00 and the other for $1.70.  This will be bought for 

	Wednesday, May 28.
		I bought a watch from Curtis Denny for 1500 ft. of pine 

	May ---------
		This is the first time timothy has been planted here, and oats.

	Friday, June 6.
		John Baird went and got the Nation's Flag from C. Hill 
		(Cornelius Hill)

	Monday, June 9.
		Today, there was some more yellow corn planted here.

	Friday, June 13.
		I practiced castrating on two bulls.

	Monday, June 16.
		Today they planned for a fourth of July celebration /73.

	Tuesday, June 24.
		Seymour, Wisconsin, storekeeper is now permitted to buy any 
		kind of timber here (Oneida Reservation).  The Nation will get
		fourteen cents on a dollar stumpage.

	Tuesday, June 24.
		The chiefs have agreed to give aid to those who are sick.  It is
		not known for sure just what kind of epidemic disease.  It 
		seems to be small pox.  The aid for the sick will be paid out of 
		tribal funds.  Mr. John W. Cornelius will be in charge.  This is
		the way it happened.

	Tuesday, July 1st.
		I let Hanyost Parkhurst have eight-year-old steer for $60.00 
		on credit for three months, time will be up October 1.  He 
		mortaged a three-year-old mare.

	Thursday, July 17.
		I brought home music entitled,  " Hail Columbia," which
		I paid $1.00 at Vananzelin Music Store, Green Bay, Wis.

	July 10.
		We are getting a new Flag for $2.00.

	Monday, July 21.
		Nathanial Skenandoah had a mowing bee.

	Sunday, August 2.
		Today was the first time collection was taken up for Rev. E.A.
		Goodnough who is our minister here in Oneida, Wisconsin.

	Monday, July 21.
		U.S. Agent for Indians, Thomas Chase, visited the chiefs for 
		the first time at the community hall.

	Monday, July 28.
		I am almost done harvesting timothy hay.

	Wednesday, July 30.
		Hail storm went through here and damaged the crops 
		especially oats.  Those whose oats were damaged to the
		amount of hundreths of bushels were Nicholas Skenandoah,
		C. Hill, Wm. Hill, John Baird, John Danforth, and myself.
		There is no need of threshing the grain.  This is the way it
		happened at this time.

	Sunday, August 10.
		Today a thunder bolt struck my barn and it burned to the 
		ground in a very short time.  I had about five or six tons of
		hay and some oats in the barn.

	Saturday, August 16.
		John Baird's band played in Depere, Wisconsin for beer.

	August, 1873.
		James Wheelock bought a new threshing machine for $700.00
		George Doxtator also bought a new threshing machine.

	Friday, August 28.
		Mr. Wm. Schuyler drove my milking cow to George Smith's 
		who is going to keep her over winter.

	Saturday, August 23.
		Mr. Louis Elm gave me one load of hay.

	Saturday, August 23.
		Thomas John gave me half a ton of hay.

	Friday, August 29.
		Mr. Solomon Bread gave me one load of hay.

	Monday, September 1st.
		Mr. Moses Webster bought a spring calf from me for one ton
		of hay.

	Friday, September 5.
		Circus in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Coles Great New York and 
		New Orleans Zoological and Equestrian. Exposistion.

	Thursday, September 11.
		I  am now going to cut hay along the marsh.

	Monday, September 15.
		J. Baird, Hanyost Parkhurst, Thomas Swamp, Jacob Hill, 
		G. Doxtator, and good many others were in favor of selling
		our land and let the landless Oneidas on it.  While old Aaron
		Hill, Nicholas Archiquette, Peter Hill, Hon. Danial Ninham and
		others were not in favor of approving anything without fully
		understanding it first.   There was a lot of discussion about 
		the subject, quite a number disagreed. This is what happened

	Saturday, September 27.
		I sold 16 cords of oak bolts to Mr. Matteson and Hatch for
		$3.00 per cord at Oneida Station, Wisconsin.

	Friday, October 10.
		The women are giving a dinner at Solomon Bread's, the
		proceeds to go towards the building of a stone church.
		The dinner is 75 cents per person, husband and wife is
		$1.00 or him and his friend and three in a group is $1.25.
		This is the way it is going today.  There were more than
		150 persons ate.  The old Oneida National Brass Band are

	Saturday, October 18.	
		Bishop Hobart Hare has called a meeting for the chiefs at 
		the school house.

	Tuesday, October 21.
		Joshua Parkhurst gave me a horse as payment for a loan of
		$ 60.00.  I had given the family on July 1st to October 1st
		in 1873.  Thomas John was witness, I am John Archiquette.

	Saturday, November 15.
		John Stevens loaned $5.00 to Adam Swamp for one month
		with 10 cents interest on a dollar, he mortgaged a bob
		sleigh.  I am the witness, John Archiquette.

	Sunday, November 30.

		It is very good sleighing this time of the year.  There is about
		18 inches of snow.

	Monday, December 1.
		Mary Powless adopted herself to Jerusha Swamp.

	Tuesday, December 2.
		It rained and thundered during the day and all night.

	Thursday, December 4.
		Today it turned cold and blizzard storm took place all day.

	Tuesday, December 2.
		I gave Elizabeth Danforth a cow valued at $30.00 on credit
		she paid me $12.00 right away, that is, she gave me a 
		seconded stove for $12.00; she is to pay me the balance of
		$18.00 on March 25.  This is the way we agreed today.
		She gave up the agreement and took her old stove back.

	Monday, January 14, 1874
		The chiefs left for Albany, New York.  The chiefs, C. Hill, 
		Jacob Cornelius, Elijah Skenandoah, and Jacob L. Doxtator,
		interpreter, were called there by John Headcock.  This is all.

	Monday, January 1.
		Power of Attorney was drawn up for lands in New York State,
		which belongs to Oneida Indians, which was never sold.  It is 
		very necessary that this be settled.

	Tuesday, January 20.
		Mr. Antone Mehinah started teaching John Baird's band for 
		fifty dollars a month.

	Monday, January 26.
		The men of the tribe have agreed to stop the landless Indians
		from working on our land, Job Swamp, David King, N. 
		Archiquette and Henry Chrisjohn will look after this.

	Saturday, January 24.
		I wrote to C.H. (Cornelius Hill) Chief to Albany, New York.

	Monday, February 23.
		Today we are having a great snow storm. I bought a watch
		chain in Seymour, Wisconsin last Saturday.

	Thursday, February 19.
		Abram Webster gave a $10.00 order to Case Klaus and Co.
		for old Margaret Stevens.

	Tuesday, March 10.
		I made a bargain with Elizabeth Danforth that I get the two 
		oxen on installment plan and pay all funeral expenses when
		late clu nihe? (Mr. Danforth) dies.  This is the way the bargin
		was made.  S.J. Archiquette.  This bargain was dissolved by 
		Elizabeth Danforth.

	Wednesday, March 11.
		Adam Danforth took the old oxen I had.