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Oneida of the Thames

Oneida of the Thames Oneida Reserve, Ontario, Canada Membership Roll compiled April 28, 1905 re-copied Feb. 21, 1956 Note: Some names are difficult to read, this document has been copied numerous times, some pages from original may be missing. Copies made from the Oneida Tribal Library, Oneida, NY July 2000 by William Sommers Quistorf website: Oneida Indian Ancestry
PROVINCE Oneida Reserve, April 28, 1905 A meeting of Committee held on the above date, appointed by the General Council to revise the roll of the Oneidas of the Thames. Resolved by this Committee to place on the roll, which have been found to have duly paid for membership in the Oneida Tribe of the River Thames, Township of Delaware, County of Middlesex.

Old Members from Those Born in 2nd Generation
New York State Canada Since born in Canada

A.W.Sickles Betsy, Margaret, Jemima Sickles Elizabeth Elias Sickles B.C.(Elias Sickles B.C.(Margaret Andrew Elizabeth, Albert B.C.(Sarah Homer Webster W.C.(Albert Sickles Alice Cornelius Frances John Sickles Eliza, Nellie, Jemima Mary Thomas Wm. Peters/Elm Jenny Danna Cornelius, Peter Cornelius, Peter/Elm ) Jenny Kennedy ) Isaac, Hannah Isaac Peters/Elm Betsy Nicholas No Family Hannah Jacob Peters/Elm Christina Williams Margaret, Katy, Wesley, Moses, Lucy, Mary, Jacob, Aggie (Wesley Elm) (Elizabeth Antone Christine, Peter, Emiline S.W.(Abby Isaac (Moses Peters/Elm) (Mary Sickles) Aggie Jacob Peters, Jr. Betsy Powless Melenda Peter Peters/Elm Louisa, Lucinda, Lewis, Margaret Cooper Gustus, Moses,Washington (Louis Peters/Elm) (Hannah White) Louisa Gustus Peters Elizabeth Ireland No Family Moses Peters Racheal Summers (?) Lewis Washington Peters Mary Jane Charles Maggie, Minnie, Betsy (?) Mabel, Eta, Samuel, (ill.) Abram Peters/ Elm Cornelius, Solomon, Lucy Amy(?) Cornelius Cornelius Peters/Elm James, Joseph, Sandy, Catherine Parks Isaac, Solomon, Freddy James Peters/Elm Mary Cornelius Viola Solomon Peters/Elm, Sr. Lucy Schuyler (ill.) Peters/Elm Lucinda Nicholas Calvin Sandy Peters/Elm Sophis Sickles Lilly Elm Solomon Peters/Elm Susie Scanado Sandy, Chester Baptiste Ireland Nellie, Wm., Racheal (ill.) Metoxin Eiljah, Elizabeth, Simom Maggie William Ireland Miriah Antone Simon, Jake, Frank, John,Racheal S.W.)Lucinda Sickles John, Jenny Simon Ireland Ida Cornelius Racheal, Jesse Jake Ireland Minnie Bread Frank Ireland Jenny Nimham John Ireland Racheal Hill Gustus, Emie, Sophia Simon Ireland, Sr. Sarah Cornelius D(ill.) Ireland Maggie Antone) Simon,et (ill.) Ireland (ill.) Schuyler (ill.) George Elizabeth, Mariah, (ill.) Sickles Abram August(?) Cornelius (ill.) Cornelius Hannah Smith Willie K. Cornelius Mariah Ireland Earnest died Young (ill.) Doxtator Catherine(?) Danna Electa (ill.) Sickles (ill.) Sickles Elizabeth, Daniel,Lucinda Daniel Sickles Noah Sickles Nellie Schuyler Minnie Ninham)Lavina,Noah, Wellington Thomas Sickles Mary General)Betsy, Willie (ill.) Sickles (ill.) Williams William, Martin, Isaiah, Eiljah, Adam, Mary William Sickles Lucinda Silver Caraline Martin Sickles In Wisconsin State Isaiah Sickles Nellie Summers Freddy, Jane Jemima Hill Daniel Sickles Diana Doxtator Samuel Elijah Sickles Alvira Elijah, Ada Adam Sickles In Wisconsin State S.W. Isaac Sickles Sarah Parks Noah, Samuel, Elizabeth Noah Sickles Betsy Jacob Hector, Eva Note: Betsy Jacob has lawful husband in Caughnawaga, near Montreal Samuel Sickles Lulu Chase Alpheus, Arnold Isaac Sickles T.W. Jenny Kennedy Peter Sickles Jemima Honyost Eva Cooper Electa Cornelius, Cornelius SSU. Lydia Fumn(?)/ Powlis Jenny, Mary, Martha, Jemima William Cornelius Elizabeth Sickles Catherine, Margaret, Isaac Elias, Mary Elias Cornelius Elizabeth Antone William, Elia, Solomon Eleanor Cornelius Sarah Cornelius John, Johnny S. John Cornelius SW.Margaret Staats Margaret, Eleazor Johnny Cornelius Mary, Sarah Hannah White Joseph, Wilson Eleazor Cornelius Clara Charles Syssia Thomas Schuyler Nellie Webster Charlotte Louis Thomas Katy Webster Joshua, Rebecca Joshua Thomas Nellie Homer Samuel Samuel Thomas Jenny George)No Family Moses Kennedy Miss Hill Sarah, Mariah, Jemima Honyost John Elizabeth Thomas William John Hannah Abram Betsy Daniel Kennedy Catherine Schuyler Baptist, Mary, Jenny Baptist Kennedy Jemima Nicholas Nellie, Lewin Lewin Kennedy Emiline Doxtator Charley Baptist Kennedy SW.Lucy Doxtator Samson, Anderson, Joe, Mathew, James, Annie, Sur Samson Kennedy Lavina Schuyler Philip Anderson Kennedy Lucretia Chrisjohn Walter, Edyth, Wellington Mathew Kennedy Lavina Hill Lyman Daniel Kennedy Jemima Williams Aran Henry Antone Isaac, William, Peter Hannah Antone Thomas, Lucretia, Mary Isaac Antone Abram, Jacob, David Betsy Sickles Willie, Moses, Catherine Abram Antone Christina Nicholas No Family Jacob Antone Jenny Doxtator Henry, Lehigh David Antone John, Melicia, Annie Margaret Williams Richard, Joseph Willie Antone Lucy Hill No Family Moses Antone Electa Sickles Joseph Eliza J. Cornelius No Family Henry Antone Electa Stonefish Moses H. Antone Electa Schuyler Abram Peter Antone, Sr. Isaiah,Hannah, Mary Lucinda Elm Cornelius, Maggie Isaiah Antone Nellie Cornelius Murry SW. Lizzie Bread Oliver, Arva Cornelius Antone Maggie Nicholas Minnie Peter Antone, Sr. SW. Margaret Peters Peter Peter Antone, Sr. Maud Alice No Family Thomas Antone Wesley, Jenny, Emaline SW. Aggie Peters Henry, Thomas, Christina TW. Racheal Cornelius Maggie Jacob Antone Levi, Smith, Margaret Jenny Cooper Elizabeth, Susie, Sarah Levi Antone Joseph, Alexandra Katty Peters Esther, Nellie SW.Jemima Sickles Mahlon, Carrie Smith Antone George, Albert, Wilbe, Eliza Sickles Elijah, Webster, Belva, Rebecca, ? (ill.) Abram Hannah Day Isaac, Elizabeth Isaac Abram Hannah Thomas Johnny Abram Williams David, Simon, Betsy, (ill.) Mount Hannah, Zebby, Abygal David Williams Lucretia Antone No Family Simon Williams Mary, Deusel, Electa, Maggie Green Sophia, Abram John Williams/Danford Electa Chrisjohn Henry, Elijah, Racheal, Christina, Sophia Henry Danford Betsy Hill No Family Elijah Danford Wilford, Christina, John Jenny Schuyler (ill.)Williams/ Cornelius (ill.) White Abram, Lucy, Elizabeth, Sarah Abram Cornelius Melinda Schuyer Dellie (ill.) John Catherine Charles Daniel, William Daniel John Jenny Schuyler Isaac, Albert, Eliza, Elizabeth Willie John Louisa Green Evan, Evelyn (ill.) John Elizabeth Antone Sarah Martin Doxtator Lucy Webster David SW. Lucy Davis - B.C. Willie, Chancy Willie Doxtator Lydia, Christina, Paul, Eliza Cornelius Lucy, Martin, Isaac Chancy Doxtator Emily, Abram, Caroline Metilda Nicholas Rose William Nicholas John, Jacob, Margaret Dolly Williams Jane, Louisa, Lucinda Jake Nicholas Louisa Elm Betsy John Nicholas Hannah White Isaac, Dolly Jacob Nicholas Betsy Schuyler Jake, Lucinda Jake Nicholas Jenny George William Cornelius Nicholas Henry, Isaac, Daniel, Catherine Ninham Freddy, Susannah, Jenny, Christina Henry Nicholas Eva Bread Levi Isaac Nicholas Minnie Hill No Family Daniel Nicholas Minnie, Charlotte, Julia,Nellie Freddy Nicholas Lavina Ninham Angeline SW. Rebecca Doxtator No Family in this unit Nicholas, Nicholas Mariah Williams Thomas, Jerry Sally Hill Thomas Nicholas Betsy Homer George Nicholas, Nicholas, Sr. Susan(?) Nicholas Abram Abram Nicholas Amos, Jonas, Jacob, Sarah Schuyler Henry Jacob Nicholas Ida Schuyler Helen Henry Nicholas James, Matilda, Elizabeth Abram Celinda Abram Nicholas Christina Hannah Johnson Nicholas, Joshua Jonas Nicholas Nellie Kennedy Susannah, Adeline Nicholas Nicholas, Sr. Eliza Doxtator Harry, Hilton Joseph Honyost Elizabeth Sickles Jemima, Elijah Joseph Honyost Dolly Nicholas - SW) William Honyost SW. Lizzie Williams Arthur, Spencer FW. Eliza Scannado Alice, William William Honyost, Jr. Lucy Ninham One Infant Baptist George Abram, Henry, Kinion, Elizabeth Schuyler Baptist, Jenny, Electa, Elizabeth Abram George Jenny Ireland No Family Kinion George Racheal Nicholas No Family John Brown Simon, Jemima, Liza, Molllie Schuyler Lucinda, Christina Simon Brown Esther Cornelius (Thomas Brown) William White Peter, Johnson, Jacob, Katy White Jemima, Hannah Peter White Elizabeth Williams Lizzie SW. Esther Williams Nancy Johnson White Nellie Doxtator Leonard, Mitchel Jacob White Christina Nicholas Willie, Martin Ernie Doxtator Betsy Alberts Leonard White Esther Antone Percy, Edward, Herby Moses Schuyler/Cutcut Catherine Johnson Nicholas, John, Lewin, Abram, Sally, Esther Nicholas Schuyler Margaret Summers Thomas SW. Elizabeth Thomas Hannah Thomas Schuyler 4-Martha Nicholas Betsy 1-Eva Ninham Nicholas 2-Charlotte Ninham Christine 3-Lydia Nicholas William Cornelius Hannah Williams No Family John Schuyler/Cutcut Katy Jones Moses, Thomas, Arch Abram Schuyler/Cutcut FW. Nellie Schuyler William, Mary, Rose SW. Racheal Schuyler Isaac, Jacob, John Jacob Schuyler Sophie Andrews Alfred, Helen Moses Schuyler, Jr. Katy Betsy Daniel Hill Electa John, Peter John Hill Lucy Nicholas Peter, Enoch Peter Hill Mary Jones William, Lucy Enoch Hill Gladys, John, Burton, Gussie Green Eva, Edith Peter Hill, Sr. SW. Electa Davis Jeffrey TW. Mary Schuyler Calvin Abram Schuyler Elizabeth Thomas Henry Schuyler Electa Hill Cornelius, Lucy, ill. Jenny Nicholas Mary, Peter Cornelius Schuyler Elizabeth Cornelius Electa, Lucinda Peter Powlis Baptist, Abram, Joseph Sarah Homer Amos, Catherine, Jemima Lucy Baptist Powlis Sarah Ninham Rebecca, Peter Elizabeth Ireland No Family Abram Powlis Maggie Ireland Freddy Mary Cornelius No Family Joseph Powlis Betsy Nicholas Louisa, Abby Amos Powlis Hannah Charles No Family Peter Powlis Louisa Ninham Elias, Jake (Second Family) Elias Powlis Nancy Walkers Jake Powlis Selanda Ninham John Lilly Isaac Joseph Jonathon Summers Betsy David David Summers Racheal Williams Isaac, David, Bess Isaac Summers Martha Smith Adeline Antone Summers Moses Summers Susannah Nicholas Maggie Maggie Summers Levi Nicholas James Antone Summers Sarah Putrey Margaret, Nellie John Thomas Katy Antone Elizabeth (Louisa Scannado-SW Charlotte, Amy, Elizabeth Mary, Wilson William Shank Lucy Williams William Shank William Shank Tena George Thomas, Eva Margaret Shank Abram John Elizabeth Antone Sarah Mary Kennedy Cornelius John Adeline Doxtator Abram Thomas Charles Mary Danna Abram, John, Dolly, Abram Charles Christina Brown Alexander John Charles Charlotte Schuyler Mary Peter Hill William Hill Hannah Skannado Flora, Peter, Electa,Angus, Mabel, Minnie Thomas Charles Electa Antone-SW. Edward, Catherine Edward Charles SW.(Dewel General Duke, Mary, Jane Racheal, Clara Duke Charles SW.Unis Jones Jemima Thomas Charles SW. Betty Thomas, Hannah Thomas Charles, Jr. Amy Duvell Lawrence SW. Mary Hill Richard, Olive Thomas Homer Hannah Green Sarah, Jonas, Nellie Betsy Jonas Homer SW.) Sulia Kay Susannah Thomas Homer SW.Dolly Williams Noah, Isaac Noah Homer Freddy, Thomas, Flossy, Esther Ninham Lawrence, Hardy, Stella Freddy Homer Nellie Antone Esther Isaac Homer Julia, Love, Peter SW. Katy Stutan Adeline Thomas Homer TW. Esther Schuyler Enoch, Silicia Anthony Day Katy Schuyler SW. Sarah Bunn Williamson, Froman, Christina, Thomas Williamson Day Sarah Cornelius Jemima, Cornelius Froman Day Gladys, Byron SW. Mary Maracle Thomas Day Sarah, Vera, Nellie Christina Day Wellington William, Webster, Walter, Matilda, Willfred (?) George Wm. Schuyler Elizabeth Schuyler Henry Schuyler Jemima Powless Solomon, Electa, Philip, Lizzie Solomon Schuyler Mary Charles No Family Philip Schuyler Cornelia Summers No Family Baptist Schuyler Lena Doxtator Abram, Joshua, James David, William, Melinda Abram Schuyler Mariah Nicholas Martha David Schuyler Katy Ninham Jack, Jenny Jack Shcuyler Caroline Sickles No Family William Schuyler M. Liza One child Thomas Schuyler Sarah Kennedy Margaret, Mary, Elizabeth Martin Williams Betsy Williams Joshua Williams Catherina Nicholas No Family Abram Cornelius Margaret Cornelius John, William,Baptist John Cornelius Hannah Cooper Richard, Walter SW. Lucy Powlis Lewin, Sarah, Lydia Baptist Cornelius Hannah Schuyler Patterson, Clara SW. Louisa Peters Lucinda Patterson Cornelius TW. Eva Cornelius Lizzie, Lena 1st W. Mary Bread Maggie SW. Rebecca Powless Nancy Jacob Cornelius Dobony(?) Cffee -SW Esther, Jacob, Mary, Nellie Henry Green Charlotte Elliott Louisa, Maggie, Lillian, Harry, Gussia, Willie Martin Cornelius Mary Williams Jemieson, Lucinda Jamieson Cornelius Christina Summers Allan Nicholas Cornelius Elizabeth Abram Gilbert, Abram, Frank, Eliza, Mariah Gilbert Cornelius Nellie Kennedy Herman, Flossie Abram Cornelius Elizabeth Cornelius Ernest, Albe Frank Cornelius Lucinda Davis Nicholas Aron Cooper Hannah Cooper Henry Cooper Jemima Kennedy Dennis, John SW. Louisa Nicholas Jonas, Moses, Harriet Dennis Cooper Racheal Vanavery Mitilite, Jemima Jonas Cooper Lucy Schuyler Evaline, Aron William Charles Sarah Charles Betsy James Schuyler Susannah Schuyler Thomas Hannah - SW Katy, Lucy, Nellie, Jonas, Elizabeth Jonas Schuyler Christian Williams Elias, Elizabeth Job Antone Esther Antone Henry, Cornelius, Mariah, Hannah, Elizabeth Henry Antone Mary Williams Lewis Cornelius Antone Syssia, Irene Elizabeth Kennedy McKay, Nellie Micah Antone M) Amy Fisher David SN. Louis Antone SW. Nellie Maracle Norwal, Alwood, Alfred Thomas Summers(?) Sarah Brown(?) Charles, Mary Charlie Summers Charlie Hannah Peters John, James, Moses, Peter John Summers Sophia Sickles Lilly Danile John Mary Summers Isaac Christopher Schuyler Mary(?) Schuyler Jacob Schuyler Electa Antone Thomas SW. Jenny Kennedy Racheal, Elizabeth, Rose,Christina, Sarah Thomas Schuyler Margaret Cornelius Electa, Lucy SW. Esther Brown No Family Levi Antone Jemima Sickles Mahlon, Carrie Willie Doxtator Nellie Sickles No Family SECOND FAMILY Jacob(?) Cornelius (ill.) Peters Nicholas, James James Cornelius Maggie Antone Martin, Jacob (ill.) Nicholas William, Peter (ill.) Peters Christina, Elizabeth William Nicholas Sarah Kennedy Frank, Martha, Sherman, Annie Peter Nicholas Katy Schuyler Louis, John, Silas SW. Lucinda Davies Hazel (ill) Schuyler (ill.) Ireland John, Jarvis, Jenny, Rebecca John Schuyler Lucy Antone Jenny, Edward, John, Eulah, Roy, Linwood, Eugene Baptist(?) Summers Catherine(?) Williams Thomas Summers Elizabeth Ireland Eliza, Cornelia, Zibby,Thomas Thomas Summers Olivia Bread Louisa (?) Brown (?) Schuyler William Brown Lucinda Sickles No Family (ill.) Scannado Susannah Williams Louis Scannado Racheal Danford Susan Exile(?) Elijah Susan Doxtator Alexander Elijah Lucy Cornelius Alexander Elijah Lucy Cornelius John, Amos, Simon, Daniel John Elijah Nellie Cornelius Amy, Dennison, John, Esther, Foster Amos Elijah Aggie Elm Sandy, Rebecca, Smeon, Shawnk(deceased) Simon Elijah Lucy James, Florence,Susie Daniel Elijah Lillie Thompson Russel, Herman Correction: Simon Elijah Eliza Jane John Lucy Florence James Susie [Eliza m/ 2nd Alfred Ninham, Jr.] Cornelius, Cornelius Margaret Nicholas William Cornelius Elizabeth Schuyler No Family Aron Antone Betsy Homer Daniel Antone Jacob Thompson Elizabeth Thomas Baptist Thompson Jemima Brown Enoch, John Enoch Thompson Mary Cornelius Lilly John Thompson Celinda Nicholas Willie Peter Nicholas Electa Cornelius Thomas, Dolly, Sarah, Jemima, William, Abram, Martin Second Family William Ireland Lucinda Silver John Ireland, Jr. Ophelia Bread Cyrus, Isaac Louis Nicholas Nellie Bread Sophia, Peter Willie Schuyler Christina Schuyler Jenny Moses Elm Rose Schuyler No Family Job Antone Susannah Schuyler John Antone Mary Shcuyler Elizabeth Abram Schuyler Elizabeth Isaac Isaac Schuyler Elizabeth Sickles Moses Jarvis Schuyler Electa Schuyler Peter, Willie, Nellie,Bell, Verna Note: A mark thus (X) opposite each name designates Indians who are Non-members, and (W) for White men. X)Cornelius Hill X)Lucy Thomas John, Jim Dolly Nicholas John Sarah Nicholas Jefferson Cussie John Hill Esther Doxtator Dolly, Nellie, Henry,Freeman Jefferson Hill Sarah Schuyler No Family W)John Beggs Lizzie Kick John Beggs Clara Charles William X)Robert Vanavery Racheal Charles Josephine, Erne(?) Thomas Williams Hannah Sickles Isaac, Stephen, Levi, Lizzie Stephen Williams Susannah Antone Huron, May, Ethel, Jennie Levi Williams Hannah Schuyler Adeline, James, Mabel, Nellie John Bread Mary Ireland William, Eva William Bread Susan Nicholas Wilson, Henry, Minnie,Mary, Ophelia, Simon, Nellie, Olive Wilson Bread Selanda Antone Levina, Gustus, Nellie, Selandie, Venus Henry Bread Alice Honyost Norman, Vera Elijah Ninham Mary Bread Gustus, John, Louisa Jennie, Alfred Gustus Ninham Jennie Parkest Zack, Elijah Alfred Ninham Nancy White Alfred, Dorothy Elijah Ninham Zebba Summers Louisa John Ninham Mary Doxtator Sarah, Dolly, Lavina,Gustus, (Away in NY State over five years) Daniel Ninham Margaret Doxtator John, James, Katy John Ninham [From Green Bay] (X)Catherine Schuyler Abram Abram Ninham Mary Antone William, Olive, Sarah, Jane James Ninham Dolly Charles Thomas,Jane,Electa Thomas Ninham Betsy No Family John Fisk Sally(?) Abram Esther (X)Isaac Silver Elizabeth Schuyler Peter Silver Catherine Schuyler Hiram, Elia SW. Alvira Sickles Flossy, Clarence (All the above draw annuity money from Six Nations) X)David Andrew Margaret Thomas Thomas, Sillicia Thomas Andrew Christina Williams Jonathon, Electa X)Aron George William, Amos Mary Thomas William George (X)WC.Catherine Schuyler Wilson Wilson George Christina Day Wellington,Billy - (Rat George), Webster, Walter, Metilde, Willard Henry Ninham Jemima Williams Martin Ninham SW. Catherine Nicholas Hannah Abram Edward Jacob Abram(Hill) Jemima Williams Moses Abram (Hill) Martha Schuyler David, Lavina, Racheal, William, Julia, Stanley, Aron,John, Maggie David Hill Mary Bread Emily (X)ill. Antone Mary Williams Henry Antone George Antone Lucy Thomas Eli, Sophia Eli Antone Emily Duncan Irene Zack Ninham Jemima Antone No Family Christina Doxtator Isaac Doxtator Noah, Paul, Nellie, Lavoy Noah Doxtator Margaret Schuyler Lehigh Lehigh Doxtator Lavina Hill Edward Paul Doxtator Betsy John John Henry Christjohn Elizabeth Doxtator Simon, Electa Simon Christjohn Betsy Williams Abram, Albert, Lucretia Abram Christjohn Hannah Antone Maud, Roy, James,Annie, Racheal, Susie, Pete,Aggie,Ted, Kirby, Martin(?), Randall Albert Christjohn Rebecca Schuyler Harry, Lillie, John,Al, Betsy, Jarvis,Moses, Simon, Dick- (moved to NY, 1932) Dick Christjohn Steve,Vernon,Rita X)Welen(?)Thomas Elizabeth Doxtator Lucy X)James Farmer Jennie Doxtator Helen, Martha Helen Farmer Lucy Schuyler James, Massey X)Aron Williams Katy Williams David, Jonathon, Racheal David Williams WC. Lucy Elijah Katy Jonathon Williams Esther Antone David, Christina David Williams Lavina Hill Mike, Wilbe, Sussie, Lynn (X)Antone Williams Eva Honyost William,Nicholas,Mary Lucy William Williams Jennie Cornelius No Family Nicholas Williams X)Esther Fish Margaret,Christina, Lavina X)?Isaac Kick Dolly Brown Daniel, Aron, Lizzie Dan Kick From Green Bay, WC. Catherine Parks (Been away over 20 yrs.) X)Willie General Betsy Schuyler Mary,Lucy,Emily,Albert X)Anthony Jones Mavion Thomas Kanbit, Katy, Sarah Robert Vanavery Rachael Charles Josephine, Eria (These belong to the Six-Nation Reserve) X)Samuel Cornelius TW. Catherine Charles Nelson,Dina,Liza,Elliot 1st.Margaret Nicholas Rachael SW. Mary Cornelius Edward Nelson Cornelius Electa Davis Bertha Edward Cornelius Mollie Kennedy Edward X)David White Catherine White Hannah, Dolly (X)Abram Smith Catherine White Jacob Smith Katy Funn Albert Albert Smith Electa Ninham Peter, Wilbert, Lillian, Violet, Lucinda (X)John Davis Dolly Schuyler Elijah,Lucy,Amos Julia Stonefish Elijah Davis Eli,Electa,Lucy Nellie,Charlotte Eli Davis Lavina Doxtator Elijah, Alexandra, Russell, Norman (X)Cornelius Doxtator Dolly Cooper Benjamin,Esther,Dina Benjamin Doxtator Sarah John Jacob, Esther Second Family Peter Abram Dolly Cooper Baptiste, Joshua Baptiste Abram Margaret Elm (Peters) George Joshua Abram Jennie Nicholas Nicholas George Abram (W)Ida Jilee Pearly,Harverine, Amerson (X)John Webster Elizabeth Nicholas August Webster Lucy Elm/Peters Alberta, Foster Thomas Doxtator Catherine Danna Electa Stonefish (X)John Jamieson Levi (X)Thomas Lyon (X)Sally Cooper Louis Lyon Mary Antone Sophia (X)John Jamison (X)Electa Cooper David Jamison Christina (X)Henry George (X)Lucy Honyost James George Elizabeth Antone Wallace,Tena, Duncan Wallace George Lucy Davies Earnest (X)Henry Antone Mary Sickles Nicholas, Moses Nicholas Antone Mary Williams Henry Henry Antone Electa Andrew Harry,Mahlon Christina Both born in Canada (X)Electa Stonefish John Jamison Levi Jamison Dolly Nicholas Dolly,Willie, Barney, Lizzie Ninham Herbie,John, Sarah (X)Solomon Green Margaret Antone William William Green Jennie Williams No Family Henry Antone Mary Sickles Moses Antone Racheal Cornelius Eli,Lucinda,Julia Eli Antone Abbie Powless Augustus John Jones Susannah John,Jr.,Elizabeth John Jones, Jr. Mariah Cornelius No Family Joseph Williams Jennie Nicholas Elijah,Isaac,Jemima Isaac Williams Leppy Williams Lucinda Abram Cornelius Margaret Cornelius John Cornelius Hannah Cooper Richard Richard Cornelius Julia Williams Walter Robert Doxtator Christina Danford Charlie Henry(?) Bunn Christina(?) Nicholas Isaac, Sarah Isaac Bunn Harriet Williams Japeth,Eddie Abbycal Williams Jeremiah Bunn Japeth Bunn Catherine Antone Adam, Asa Eddie Bunn/Walker Hannah Powless Alice (ill.) Ninham (ill.) White Eva,Charlotte William Taylor Doxtator (ill) Doxtator William, George William Doxtator,Jr. Katty Belxngdor (?) Willie Willie Doxtator Rainy, Lucinda Williams Cecilia,Cornelia George Doxtator Daniel, Jenny Mariah Kennedy Willison,Cornelius Willison Doxtator Emiline Elm George Baptist Doxtator Esther Cornelius Isaac,Josiah Isaac Doxtator Elizabeth Jones Gehazi,Levi,Jacob Gehazi Doxtator James, Corbett, Sarah Antone Freddy, Flossie, Rose, Percy Levi I. Doxtator Louisa Powless Isaac, Selanda, Jacob, Gordon Josiah Doxtator Robert, Sarah Jones Cornelius, Jonas SW. Eva Cornelius Gustus Robert Doxtator Stephen,Newhouse, Elizabeth Schuyler Mathew, Harry, Ernest Cornelius Doxtator Clara, Catherine Racheal Ireland Melinda, Hirm Jonas Doxtator Nellie Antone Mary SW. Sysia Antone Wilsy, Alvina Cornelius Doxtator Eve Cooper Henry,Edward,Wilson Wilson Doxtator Maggie George Albert Albert Doxtator/Nicholas Lizzie Schuyler No Family Henry Doxtator Katy Schuyler Chancy Edward Doxtator Freddy,Eve,Mattie, SR. Sarah George Nora, Beatrice, Lucinda, Violet, William, George, Julia Second Family William Taylor Doxtator Washington, Lucy,Peter, Millie(?) Cooper Frank, Joseph, Mike Washington Doxtator Levi, Robert, Jenny Nicholas Alex, Reddy, Lavina, Susan Levi Taylor Doxtator Sophia Lyon No Family Robert Doxtator Dinah Cornelius Hardy, Florence, Mabel, Eva, Samuel,Clifford (X)William Cornelius Catherine Danna, Sr. Solomon Cornelius Mary Danna Samson Samson Cornelius Lizzie White Eva, Mary, Bertha, Liza, Hannah From Wisconsin (X) Abram Cornelius Elizabeth Sickles No Family Daniel Ninham Elizabeth Doxtator Isaac,Lucy,Esther, Lizzie, Minnie (Draws Annuity) Isaac Ninham Electa George Daniel, Charlie Nellie Kennedy Enos Enos Ninham Gerdy Riley There were 2 pages missing. The following lists are what was on the pages we did have. Hopefully, it will help someone. Peter Doxtator Ernie,Archie,Rebecca Jenny Schuyler Frank Doxtator Liza Summers Minnie Joseph Doxtator Freeman, John, Jane Ninham Chester, Catherine Mike Doxtator Lucy Peters/Elm Sarah, Ervie (X)Abram Charles Betsy Nicholas Nellie (X)Cornelius Peters/Elm Dolly White Nicholas (X)Nicholas Elm Catherine Cornelius No Family (Six - Nation Indian) (X)George Green Jenny Nicholas Solomon (X)Solomon Green Lucinda Antone Samantha, John This is a re-copied of a Membership Roll of 1905. Date February 21st 1956 X=non-members SW=second wife W=white TW=third wife M=? BC=born in Canada WC=?