Well here's my little explantion for this name....

Well why did I start using this name....originally it started as trendysaint when I first started going to the chathouse...I used it, and later on decided to shorten it to trendy. Most people I know now don't know about the name trendysaint except for one person. He still calls me it. So really thats the origin behind this name.

Ha I'm back with more words to add to this thought you were through with me huh?...Nope your not..~EL~...MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Ummm now back to why I'm here.....To say this name has gone through god only knows how many name changes but still in the form of trendy of course...couldn't leave trendy behind...~lil grin~...Here are some for now...and on the right of it will be who calls me it...

1. trendster

2. trendeka=

3. Miss Trendy

4. trendysaint

5. trenders= usagi

6. bendy trendy= jasmine

7. trend= wing

8. twendy= gohon

9. Asherz

I jus thought this was kinda cute...~S~

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