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K5DW's Version of W7ZOI/K7TAU Spectrum Analyzer

Don Wines, K5DW

K5DW's Version of the W7ZOI/K7TAU Spectrum Analyzer

Don built his version into a surplus 19" rack mount chassis. The pc boards and board mounted parts were purchased from Kanga US and the Hammond aluminum boxes (for mounting the individual modules) were bought from Mouser. Everything else was scrounged various junk boxes and eBay. Total cost of parts was in the neighborhood of $400. Not bad for a working analyzer!

Here's close-ups of the front panel.

Water slide decals made from an ink jet printer were used for all labeling.

And this shows and inside view where the real stuff happens!

There are currently seven modules all interconnected with 50 ohm, teflon coated mini-coax with SMA connectors. The power supply is a dual output +15v/-15v commercially built supply. The blank spot behind the right-front panel is reserved for the tracking generator module which is the next project.

And here's what it looks like added to the K5DW test equipment stack.

Although it is not a totally calibrated piece of equipment, it works well for what it does!

Here's a look at the output of the K5DW version of the SMK-1.

The annotation was added to the photo! Not bad for a $400 spectrum analyzer!

Information on the analyzer can be found at the Kanga US web site.