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San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad

Kenneth's San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad Page

This page is dedicated to my Great-Grandfather John Baptist Merian who died while working in the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad roundhouse in Yoakum.

Some websites dedicated to the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad:
The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway - The Mission Route Carl R. Codney's page is the best I have found on the SA & AP.

The SA & AP, San Antonio & Aransas Pass, Depot and History This one ranks right up there. It is one of the most detailed histories, with lots of pictures. It also has separate histories for Floresville, Welfare, Waring, Comfort and Boerne.

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railway Co. This is a good history with a excellent bibliograpy, very light on images, however. It also has a seperate history of the passenger operations of the SAP

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Timetable No. 68, Effective Saturday, November 1, 1924 A great resource with linked photos of old SAP, TNO and SP depots.

San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad R.J. McKay's site is light on content, but has a nice old map and pay stub.

The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway M. A. Shelly's self admitted "rather sparse information resource."

Photos of old SAP rolling stock (not included in the sites above)
On the Union Pacific Site:
San Antonio & Aransas Pass motor car 300
San Antonio & Aransas Pass special fruit car 7112
On other sites:
San Antonio and Aransas Pass Baldwin 4-4-0 #60
An earlier view of the same locomotive.
San Antonio & Aransas Pass Baldwin 2-8-0 #250-257
San Antonio & Aransas Pass Alco-Cooke C-20 class 2-8-0 #262 (SP #869 in photo)
San Antonio & Aransas Pass passenger car 10?

Depots (not included in above sites)


3 views of Floresville
Floresville 1, Floresville 2, Floresville 3

Some historic railfanning pictures I have taken:

SA&AP rail yards:
Some of my images of the Depot and Railyards at Yoakum.
The site of the Yoakum yard(1995)
The yoakum Roundhouse(about 1900)
The site of the San Antonio yard(1995)

From the Handbook of Texas:

Interesting Stories:
First Train to Boerne Over Northwestern Extension From The San Antonio Daily Express, March 15, 1887
Railway Official Indicted for Negligent Homicide. From The Dallas Times Herald, March 2, 1890
SAN ANTONIO & ARANSAS PASS RAILWAY COMPANY v. WILLIAM WAGNER. Submitted April 14, 1916 to the US Supreme Court. Decided June 5, 1916.
BRACHT v. SAN ANTONIO & ARANSAS PASS RAILWAY COMPANY Argued at the US Supreme Court and Submitted Dec. 16, 1920. Decided Jan. 3, 1921.

Interesting tidbits:
New York Times articles covering the history of the SA & AP,

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