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Ouch!  What was that?  I think I was just bit by a spider!!  I don't like spiders, but some people do.  Do you like spiders?  If you are afraid of spiders you have something called arachnophobia.  (All links with an * refer to a dictionary).  That is the fear of arachnids*.  To find out what an arachnid is, click on the word in the underlined link.
    In this webquest, you will research information about spiders and complete activities to help you have an understanding of spiders and their relatives.

The Task
Find Facts:
What do spiders eat?
What is moulting?
Find out what kind of spider you have.
How do you know if you have a boy spider or a girl spider?
Are all spiders poisonous?
The Red Back Spider
Insect world 
Insect Zoo
Write an informative paragraph about spiders.  Use "Facts about spiders" as your main idea.

Make a diagram of a spider:
What are the parts of spider and what are they used for?
Diagram of a spider 
Draw a diagram of a spider and label the parts on manilla drawing paper.

Make a spider web:
Why don't spiders stick to their own webs?
Spider Webs 
Spider Webs Experiment
Create a spider web using the instructions on web site.  Ask the teacher for materials.

How are spiders grouped?
Is a spider an insect?
What other arthropods* are related to the spider?
How do you know what kind of spider you have?
Insect World
Spiders of NW Europe
Pictures of spiders
Create a collection of insects and arachnids.  Include a label for each animal: common name, scientific name, family, class and order.

Does a tarantula make a good pet?
Are tarantulas poisonous?
Is a tarantula a friend or foe*?
See a movie
Creative Writing:
Write a narrative from the spider's point of view: pretend that an eight year old owns you.

Other fun stuff:
What is a spider rock?
Do spiders bring bad luck?
Luck or not??
Spider Rock
 Fact/ Opinion 
complete worksheet



Classroom books:
Creepy Crawlies
Anasai the Spider
Magic School Bus Spins a Web
Charlotte's Web
The Big Bug Book
Amazing Spiders

Internet resources available with task
Other internet resources:
Spider Resources
Ask Jeeves
Hobo Spider


The Process
1.  Use groups of 2-3 students
2.  Research facts about spiders:
        Be able to identify the difference between a spider and an insect
        Write an informative paragraph about spiders
3.  Draw and label the parts of a spider
4.  Make a spider web
5.  Learn other interesting facts about spiders
    Be able to identify a statement as a fact or an opinion
6.  Write a narrative with you as the main character - a spider

Ability to stay on task with other group members
10 points
Informative paragraph staying to main idea
20 points
Diagram of a spiders with parts labeled
20 points
Diagram of a spider web
20 points
20 points
Fact / Opinion worksheet
10 points
Total point value available for project
100 points

You have learned many facts about spiders and other arthropods related to spiders.  Through this web quest, you have also learned how to stay on a topic (main idea), discover facts and opinions, follow directions for making projects, write creatively,

Last updated July 6,2001

Credits and References:
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