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Cindy Proctor

Introduction  |  Task  | Resources  | Process  |  Evaluation  |  Lesson Plan 


You have been chosen to research the different ecosystems of the world.  As a research scientists, you will use the internet and other classroom resources to find information about the ecosystem you are assigned.  You will report your findings with a short paragraph, a pop-up report and various tags of information in a folder.  Good luck and have fun.

The Task 

You will work with a group of 2-3 students researching the same ecosystem.  After you have taken notes, you will write the information into an informative paragraph and design a pop-up illustration to display your work.  You will also complete a map and a travel brochure to report your findings.

Information to look for:
What is this ecosystem - give full definition and description?
Where is this ecosystem located?
Are there differents types?
What kind of plants and animals live there?
What is the weather like?


Internet resources:

The Evergreen Project
Coral Reef
Salt Marsh

The Process

1.  You will be assigned an ecosystem and a group to work with.
2.  You will research information about that ecosystem on the internet, using classroom and library books, and other materials.
3.  You will take notes as you research onto notebook paper.
4.  You will organize your notes into an informative paragraph 1/2 page long.
5.  You will glue your report into manilla folder.
6.  You will design a pop-up ecosystem to illustrate your report.
7.  You will complete a map locating where the ecosystem can be found.
8.  You will design a travel brochure about your ecosystem.
9.  Any extra articles will count as extra credit.


Paragraph rubric:
Paragraph is written ledgably, uses some elaborate vocabualry for a 3rd grader, uses correct grammar most of the time, stays on task, gives complete information of subject.  Paragraph is written ledgably, uses few elaborate vocabulary for a 3rd grader, uses correct grammar half of the time, stays on task, gives information, but could leave extra details out. Paragraph is written ledgably, uses no elaborate vocabulary, makes many grammar mistakes, stays on task, skips from fact to fact with no sequence, give random information with no details. Paragraph is not written ledgeably, uses simple sentences with no elaborate vocabulary, makes many grammar mistakes, does not stick to the subject, facts are random with no sequencing or details.

Project Rubric:
Paragraph Illustration Brochure Map 
possible               40 possible              20 possible               20 possible                20
total total total total


By completing this project, you will gain knowledge of the world around us.  You will discover different ecosystems and where they are located.  You will  use geography skills to label a map.  You will also use language skills to write about your ecosystem and in designing a travel brochure.

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