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Ordering info:

Make check/money order to: Jamie Robin
I now take credit cards!!!

Email me with your order and I will give you the total.


Print out an order form and mail with payment to:
Jamie Robin
PO Box 284
Vidor, Tx 77670

3. :

Website created 6/29/00.
Updated often.

Why does it take so long to receive the bows?
I am a full time mom and teacher. This is not my sole
income, it is a hobby that I love.
my schedule is just so hectic. I make the bows after I
receive payment. I do not keep an inventory of bows, only ribbon to make them. Therefore, your bow order is made to your specifications, they are not mass-produced and then resold.

Do you have photos of your bows on children?
Well, I have been planning on it. I need to put together some photos, and I would like to have photos of my customers' children with their bows! So please send me photos to put on my photo page!

If one style is ordered, can I still get the multiple price if the bows are not made of the same exact ribbon? (color, etc.)
Yes, you do get the multiple price if it is a different color, or different ribbon. (grosgrain or satin)

If my order is not correct, how do you make adjustments?
I will gladly redo an order/bow if I made the mistake, at no cost to you. However, if you order the wrong size, color, barrette, etc. you will need to pay for the new order. All colors/sizes/prices are clearly labeled on the website, so please make sure you order what you are intending to receive.

How did you get started?
While in college, I started my own craft business, painting t-shirts and making some florals. At that time hair bows were very popular, many crafters were making them. Also, ladies and girls were pulling the bottom of their shirts to the side and clipping a bow onto the shirt tails. People started asking me if I made any bows or clips for this purpose. At the time I did not.
At a craft show a family was set up beside me. They dumped a box of bows onto the table and sold them for $1.00 each. Of course they sold like crazy! My mother said to me, as she always did, "You could make those!"
So, for a while, I made both t-shirts and one style of bow (my KARA bow), in many different colors. My sister started making bigger bows, in different styles and colors. We would set up at craft shows and craft malls together. A few years later, she stopped making bows and started quilting. Customers kept asking for her bows, so I decided to take over her style of bows - the rest is history!