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In loving Memory
Ellen W Braudrick
"you will always be in our hearts"
Ellen's memorial pages

dedicated with all my love

to the woman i love

"you brought light and joy to my life..

thru your eyes,i saw the happiness of life

and the wonder of love"


"Christmas 2001"

A new page

that i have added to Ellen's Memorial

I wish you and your loved ones

a very merry Christmas.

"Dear visitors
thank you for visiting Ellen's Memorial
When i first started this Memorial for Ellen
i had just a few pages
but as time went on i kept adding to it.
She is in Heaven
but my love for her goes on..
And as long as i live
i will keep adding and working
on this loving Memorial for her
Please allow time for the graphics to load...
And again thank you."

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Thank you
to "Poet's lounge"
with all my heart for honoring Ellen's Memorial
for best web site
for the month of january.

i would like to thank ANGEL'S NOTE

for the beautiful graphics

and the enter arch used on this pages.

thank you with all my heart to every one

that have given me so much love and understanding

loosing the love of my life has been very hard

but your support has helped me so much

please keep Ellen's kids
(Jamie and J.P)
in your thoughts

and in your prayers.



(Thank you Harriet for the beautiful candles)