Working To Do List:

1).  Simplify the main function.  The parsing of the class files from the
     browse strings (for the recurse) got a bit unwieldy.  I intend to
     break up the code into seperate functions.

2).  Output the browse strings to an ASCII file or a database tables.
     Currently the function just echos the results out to the output
     screen and does not use the data any further.

3).  Produce Eiffel type flat file output:  Eiffel has a flat utility
     that shows the class with the inheritance hierarchy collapsed.  I
     want to get a similar sort of function for the Java files where
     the results display all the functions and constants of a file
     that are declared locally as well as those received through
     inheritance and interfaces.

4).  Build a class browser:  Based on the results of reading in all
     the classes inherited or referenced, it should be possible to build
     a graphical browser using AWT to do smalltalk style browsing.  The
     views could

         - a simple inheritance hierarchy showing subclass/superclass
         - interface hierarchy showing the effects of the multiple
           inheritance of interfaces
         - cross-reference dictionary to view all the classes which
           refer to a specified class
         - implementers of browser that shows the methods which implement
           a specified function name

Chris Rathman /