Jasper README file                         10 August 2000, Chris Rathman

Welcome to Jasper version 1.00.

Jasper is a program to read Java class files in binary byte code format.
The program is capable of generating ASCII files which can be used in
conjunction with the Jasmin Assembler described below.  Jasper is also
intended to generate input into a class file browser that can produce the
inheritance hierarchy and composition maps from the java class files.

Jasper is written in Java, so it requires a Java Virtual Machine and Java
run time library.  All testing was done on JDK1.2, but I am not aware of
any issues that should prevent running the program on earlier versions or
on various platforms.

Installation Instructions
Jasper as a package set of classes: (package jasper;).  Two options are
available to get the Java executable to recognize the Jasper package commands:

   a). Include the 'jasper.jar' file in classpath environment variable:  The
       necessary classes to run jasper have been bundled in the jasper.jar
       file, so that if the file is included within the classpath, the Java
       program will recognize the proper calls into Jasper.

   b). Create a 'jasper' directory at a place that is identified within the
       classpath.  If the individual class files are placed within the jasper
       directory, the JVM should correctly identify the jasper classes.

The following files are included in this distribution:

    jasper/README       - this file
    jasper/COPYING      - jasper licensing terms
    jasper/WORK         - my "to do" list
    jasper/*.java       - java source files for Jasper
    jasper/*.class      - compiled java class files for Jasper
    jasper/Jasper.mf    - manifest file for the jar file
    jasper/Jasper.jar   - java jar file to contain the jasper classes

Running Jasper
Syntax:  To run jasper from the jar file:

            java -jar Jasper.jar [jasper-options] files.class

         To run jasper from the extracted class files:

            java [java-options] jasper/Jasper [jasper-options] files.class

   See your Java documentation for a list of the possible options associated
   running the Java Virtual Machine.  Jasper does not require any specific
   options in the normal course of running the the program.

   Jasper recognizes the following options:

         --jasmin   Disable jasmin file output");
         -jasmin    Enable jasmin file output (default)");
         -browse    Enable output to the browse files");
         -recurse   Recurse through the inheritance and composition for the class");
         -help      View Jasper help");
         -version   View Jasper version number");
         --version  View Jasper license");

If you have a problem with Jasper, please e-mail me at: Chris.Rathman@gmail.com

Jasper is Copyright (1999) Chris Rathman, under the terms of
a BSD style License.  See COPYING for more details.


Jasmin Reference
Jasmin was written as the companion to the book "Java Virtual Machine",
published by O'Reilly, written by Jon Meyer & Troy Downing.
(See http://www.ora.com/catalog/javavm/).

Jasmin is Copyright (1997) Jonathan Meyer, under the terms of
the GNU General Public License.

Although Jasper is capable of producing Jasmin style files, there is no
no code shared between the software.  If you have any intentions of using
the Jasmin style output from Jasper, then you are encouraged to see the
Jasmin resources for details concerning the language.

Chris Rathman / Chris.Rathman@gmail.com