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ConradCHESS .. counting w's .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

counting w's ..
"One Wednesday at dawn, Walter Williams was sweeping saw
dust while we watched his wife Wilma water their lawn."
Question: How many w's are there in all?

Congratulations to these solvers as of
FOUR solutions found by Albert Frank/

THREE solutions found by Valmai Osborn.

TWO solutions found by Danny Blanco,
Glenn McCorkle and Luc Vingerhoets.

ONE solution found by Niven Brown, Joe Cruz, Lorna Davis,
Dinesh de Silva, Regan Fad, Egon Feller, Jonathan Goins, Joshua Green,
Roy Harper, Jeff Jensen, Archie Keiper, Lance Co, Will McGugan,
Nicola Meyer, Lauren Riley, Hennie van Jaarsveld and David Wang.

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