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Here are some 'tricky' questions ..

read each question once and try to solve it in your head before
looking at the answer .. chances are you will get some wrong.

Question: Family count
My youngest sister has the exact same number of sisters
as she has brothers. Her oldest brother ( that's me ) has
twice as many sisters as I have brothers. Not including
mom and dad .. how many of us are there in our familly?

Click here for the count answer.

Question: Handle with care
What is so fragile that breaks if you even whisper its name?

Click here for the fragile answer.

Question: Average speed
Two youngsters were running as hard as they could.
They averaged 6 miles per hour then had to rest. On the way
back they averaged 4 miles per hour for the exact same distance.
Not counting the rest time, what was their average speed ?

Click here for the average speed.

Question: Seashells
You and a friend are picking seashells on the beach.
You say, "Give me 7 of your shells and I will have twice
as many as you!" Your friend answers, "Give me 7 of your
shells instead and we'll each have the exact same amount!"
How many seashells do each of you have?

Click here for the seashell counts.

Question: Chess game
You made a noon chess game appointment with a friend.
Today is Friday and he told you to meet him two days
after the day before the day after tomorrow.
What day does he expect you ?

Click here for the appointment date.

Question: Pair of socks
Inside the drawer of a dressing-table in a dark room,
there are 28 black socks and 28 brown socks. What is
the minimum number of socks that you must take out of
the drawer to guarantee you have a matching pair?

Click here for the minimum socks.

Question: 1st or 2nd
You are participating in a race and you overtake
the 'second' person. What position do you finish ?

Click here for the 1st or 2nd finish.

Question: Last or next to last
If you overtake the 'last' person, then you finish ...?

Click here for the last or next to last finish.

Question: Simple addition
Start with 1000 and add 40.
Now add another 1000.
Then add 30.
Now add another 1000.
Then add 20.
And add another 1000.
Now add 10.
What is the total ?

Click here for the correct addition.

How did you do ?

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