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The four bank chess players ..
Brown, Clark, Jones & Smith work in a bank.
One is an Accountant, one is a Cashier,
one is a Manager, and one is the bank President.
The Cashier beats him consistently, but the
President plays chess with no one else in this bank.
Both Manager & Cashier are stronger than the Accountant.
Jones & Smith are neighbors that play chess at lunch.
Clark plays better than Jones.
The Accountant lives near the President,
but not near any other chess players.
Using logic .. tell me what position each person holds in the bank ..
plus who is the beginner, average player, expert and chess master?

Congratulations to these solvers:
Osama Al Rawi, Ronald Boonstra, Dinesh De Silva, Egon Feller, Albert Frank,
Jeffrey Jenssen, Elizabeth Garrett, Joshua Green, Jeff Hamburg, William Hosch,
Whiney Klouddweller, Daniel Livingston Chris Magson, Darius Makaitis, Merisa,
Ziahad Mohammed, Sandra Ortega, Steve Pope, Luz Marina Rameriz, Steve Steppe,
Charles Tay, Arun Varghese and Frank Womack.

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