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    Adjudication of unfinished team games: 

1. If no result has been agreed by the published closing date
   of the team match, both players shall submit to the Arbiter 
 ( within 15-days that follow the match closing date ), a record
   of the moves played, the position reached, and a statement 
   claiming either a win or a draw which may be supported by 
   analysis in .pgn or ChessBase format.

2. Players that do not wish to submit analysis will forfeit 
   their right to appeal the adjudicated ruling.

3. The Arbiter shall find appropriate players to perform the 
   adjudication. He will tell you their ruling and will also 
   tell you whether or not that ruling is subject to appeal.

4. Any appeal against the ruling must be mailed to the Arbiter 
   within 7-days of receiving the notification, whereupon the
   Arbiter shall obtain a 2nd ruling from another Adjudicator 
   and notify you of that decision. 

5. Please note, in the appeal process, additional analysis 
   may be submitted by both players.

6. This 2nd ruling would be final and no further appeal 
   will be accepted from either player.

   Drafted by Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi on April 1st, 2003. 

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