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ConradCHESS .. letter a .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

the letter a
If you 'spell' positve numbers ( ie: one, two, three, etc ),
what is the first number that contains the letter 'a'?

Congratulations to these solvers as of
Juan Allain, Danny Blanco, Niven Brown, Dinesh de Silva, Craig Evans,
Albert Frank, David Gill, Joshua Green, Roy Harper, Lance Co, LW Luk,
Chris Magson, Glenn McCorkle, Will McGugan, Adron McIntosh, Helen Moawad,
Don Reithel, Mathew Robinson, Pierandrea Rosso, Bernard Sojka, Steve Steppe,
Andrea Toscani, Hennie van Jaarsveld, Luc Vingerhoets, Brend Wesseling,
Brian Wood and Tammy Wyatt.

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