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ConradCHESS .. 9 cigarette butts .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

9 cigarette butts
On average, 1 smokeable cigarette can be made from 3 butts.
If you find 9 butts and slowly smoke one cigarette per hour,
how many hours can you smoke?

Congratulations to these solvers as of
TWO solutions submitted by Anne DiSante, Albert Frank,
Pierandrea Rosso and Luc Vingerhoets.
ONE solution submitted by Lorna Davis, Joshua Green, Will McGugan,
Hennie Jaarsveld, Ed Koltyanskiy, Glenn McCorkle, Chriedu Maduekwe,
Silviu Nienciulescu, Bill Pursel, Bernard Sojka, Steve Steppe and Joe Yalkezian.

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