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ConradCHESS .. 50 miles .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

50 miles
It takes one hour to drive 50 miles from HERE to THERE.
If you leave HERE at noon and drive 25 miles to MIDPOINT at 20 mph,
how fast should you go to reach THERE for a 1:00 pm appointment?
30 mph; 40 mph; 50 mph; 60 mph; 80 mph; going to be late

Congratulations to these solvers as of
TWO solutions found by Carlos Cunha, Albert Frank, LW Luk and Glenn McCorkle.
ONE solution found by Clara Ferrando, Joshua Green, Chris Magson,
Helen Moawad, Valmai Osborn, Matthew Robinson, Steve Steppe,
Hennie van Jaarsveld, Luc Vingerhoets, and Brend Wesseling.

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