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ConradCHESS .. 5 meters .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

5 meters
Jack and Jill ran a 100-meter race. Jack won by 5-meters.
If they race again at the same speed and Jack starts 5-meters behind Jill,
what should be the result .. Jill wins, a tie, or Jack wins again ?!

Congratulations to these solvers as of
TWO solutions found by Biven Brown, Albert Frank, David Gill,
LW Luk, Valmai Osborn and Luc Vingerhoets.

ONE solution found by Brian Foote, Albert Frank, William Hosch,
Goshua Green, Lance Co, Nopawong Leelaprechalert, Glenn McCorkle,
George Negyesi, Matthew Robinson, Bernard Sojka,
Steve Steppe and Frank Womack.

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