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ConradCHESS .. 5-digits .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

Using numbers 2 through 9, create a 5-digit number 'abcde'
which has no repeated numbers .. whereby d=(a+b+c+d+e)/4;
b=2a; c is the largest number; and e=(a+b).

Congratulations to these solvers as of
Osama Al Rawi, Katey Alatalo, Danny Blanco, Manuel Carvalho, Amar Djoudi,
Napawong Leelaprechalert, Raouf El Messiry, Greg de Finance, Albert Frank,
Henk Gerdson, Joshua Green, LW Luk, Chris Magson, Will McGugan,
Helen Moawad, Joao Nuemann, Luc Vingerhoets and David Wang.

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