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ConradCHESS .. 5 cards .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

identify the five cards
Five face down cards are: Jack/Hearts, Jack/Clubs, Queen/Hearts, King/Diamonds
and Ace/Clubs. The King is not on the bottom nor is it directly above a heart.
The Queen is somewhere between the Jacks, the Ace is somewhere
above the King, and no two adjacent cards are of the same suit.

Congratulations to these solvers:
Scott Adkins, Danny Blanco, Niven Brown, Manuel Carvalho, Dinesh de Silva,
Brian Foote, Albert Frankm Joshua Green, William Hosch, LW Luk, Glenn McCorkle,
Richard Newall, Valmai Osborn, Matthew Robinson, Bernard Sojka, Steve Steppe,
Luc Vingerhoets and Joe Wenger.

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