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  17 Zebras
Upon his death, my partner left 17 Zebras of exact same weight to
his 3 sons with this provision: "My oldest son is to receive 1/2 of my
Zebras; my second son is to receive 1/3 of my Zebras; my youngest
son is to receive 1/9 of my Zebras".
Since I am in charge of the will ..
how can I distribute seventeen live Zebras to his 3 sons?

Congratulations to these solvers:
Osama Al Rawi, Blink, Joe Cruz, Egon Feller, Clara Ferrando, Kerry Fontana,
Abert Frank, Henk Gerdsen, Joshua Green, Dave Hagy, Roy Harper, Matthew Hutchins,
Whiney Klouddweller, Lance Co, Chris Magson, Nicola Meyer, Ziahad Mohammed,
Lauren Ripley, Matthew Robinson, Watson Soccilien, Bernard Sojka, Heather Swan,
Luc Vingerhoets and Helen Wick.

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