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ConradCHESS .. 10-digits .. logic .. IM Conrad Goodman

10-digit number
Using some numbers from 0-9 more than once, create a 10-digit number,
whereby reading left to right, the 1st digit tells how many zero's are
in that number, the 2nd digit tells how many ones there are, etc,
up to the 10th digit which tells how many nines there are.

Congratulations to these solvers:
Katey Alatalo, Aurelio Bandiera, Danny Blanco, Pavel Doktor, Albert Frank,
Joshua Green, Chris Magson, Glenn McCorkle, Graham McDonald, Adron McIntosh,
Richard Newall, Valmai Osborn, Steve Steppe, Heather Swan,
Henry Vinerts and Luc Vingerhoets.

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