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 CHD Baby : The Imperfect Heart.

My son Ryley was born on July 7, 2000. On the 1st day of his life the pediatrician alerted us that he had a murmur. After calling in a Pediatric Cardiologist we discovered that our precious angel had a large Ventricle Septal Defect and Pulmonic Stenosis. In November of 2000, we discovered that Ryley really has Tetraology of Fallot.


Please view all of my links about my son and Congenital Heart Defects!! Remember you are not alone!!! I am also adding a fun page to this website just to relieve some stress so be sure to check it out!!!

 CHD are the #1 congenital defect in children

 Doctors still have not found a true cause!!!!!!

 1 out of every 100 babies born have CHD and CHD has taken as many babies lives as Coronary Artery Disease in adults.

 February 14 - National CHD Awareness Day!!!



Ryley @ 3 mths. (Mom's precious angel)


Please feel free to visit all of my Rye Rye's Website…… Included in this site are pictures of Ryley's Open Heart Surgery…… Last Updated on June 3, 2001.


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