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***Other Dolls***

Ashley's Fanfiction World of BSB! ***March 19, 2004***Hey everyone. I know it's been a very long time since I've updated my stories. I'm not planning on taking my page down or anything. This summer I plan to finish these last 2 stories. Who knows? I might just start another one. Right now I don't have any motivation for the BSB. I'm really into wrestling right now so I'll probably have a story dealing with that this summer also. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has sent me feedback even though I haven't updated in a while. And to those of you who still check back to see if I've updated thank you for being so patient. No worries, the stories should be finished by the end of the summer:)*** Hi, and welcome to my page of BSB Fanfiction. This page will be all about the Backstreet Boys although I might put up things about other bands. It will only have fanfiction and maybe some pictures later. I've finished my first story(LOM) and the sequel(ATM) is also started. The third story(Surprises) is not connected to the other two. Thank you for visiting my site and please come again:) I would also greatly appreciate it if you would sign my Guestbook! Don't forget to scroll down my page and look at the banner links!!

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