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Borchi Kennels

Terry Steele, 421 S&W Circle, Clyde, TX 79510

(325) 893-5793

Sire: Dual Ch. Silkenswift Blaze of Chaos MC, LCM IV, SGRC, SORC II

Sire: FC Silkenswift Captain Chaos, SC, LCM II, ORC

Sire: Silkenswift Flying Tiger, CD, SC, LCM, JOR

Dam: Silkenswift Midnight O’Malley

Dam: Silkenswift Howff Ishtar, CGC, SC, Can. FCH, LCM III, ORC

Sire: BISS Ch. Windrift Kindred Spirit

Dam: Silkenswift Pye’s Dark Design, LCM IV, Can. FCH.

Sire: DC Mielikki A Kind of Magic, SC, LCM, SGRC, ORC

Pedigree of: Maghia/Mir Litter

Litter Whelped: August 31, 2004

Breed: Borzoi

AKC Reg. No.: N/A

Color: N/A

Breeder/Owner: Billie Thibeaux, 130A Loma Alta Dr., Smithville, TX 78957

Phone: 512-360-4255



Terry Steele, 421 S&W Circle, Clyde, TX 79510

Phone: 325 893-5793


Dam: Ch. Shefaro Mielikki Ebn HaSanna, ROM

Sire: Ch. Shefaro’s Reyna Alejandro FNX

Sire: Ch. Shefaro’s Aquila’s Fenix

Dam: Ch. Shefaro’s Cherta’s Reyna

Dam: Ch. Reyna’s Raisa

Sire: Ch. Steppenwolf King Richard

Dam: Ch. Shefraro’s Cherta’s Reyna

Sire: Dual Ch. Teine Windmaster of Foxwood, JC

Sire: Ch. Tobiah Teine Mahogany Rush, JC

Sire: Ch. Tobiah's Pepper Shaker

Dam: Kristull Arctic Fox

Dam: Ch. Khanzade's Candle Light

Sire: Ch. Khanzade's Miguel of Sundown

Dam: Khanzade's Ultra Light

Dam: Am. Ch., Int. & Nat. UCI Ch. Tiene Slight of Hand, CGC

Dam: Ch. Meyta’s Donya

Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Insights Eros

Sire: Can. Ch. Insights Cujo Karatai

Dam: Can. Ch. Ruoff’s Cameo Blue

Dam: Meyta Tiffany

Sire: Can. Ch. Chernenkoff’s Tavarish

Dam: Ch. Andvell Sara Borgia

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