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Borchi's Borzois!

"Ripley" pictured at 11 months of age!

Borchi's Cheryepnin, CGC ("Ripley")
Whelped: 7/06/99

Sire: Int. Ch. Borchi's Balagan Mudreitz (Merlin)
Dam: Vun Veq's Bianca's Blanca

"Ripley" is one of the newest members of the Borchi crew, from a litter of two.
This litter was planned for, and tried for a number of times before coming to be! It was supposed to be a "Fourth of July" litter but missed by two days! The litter was four male puppies with one lost at birth, and one lost within the first couple weeks. The two remaining puppies "Ripley and Wishbone" remain here at Borchi!
Their registered names came to be while searching for names beginning with a "C", since beginning to name my litters alphabetically and this was my third litter. "Ripley" got his call name as a shortening of his registered name! However it seems to fit him well as he is the one that is always "ripping" and "running" through the yard, house, or wherever he is!
Like "Wishbone" he is a true combination of both sire and dam. He has a beautiful head from both, with full dentition. He has Merlins' good front, and Blanca has improved the rear. He has a nice top-line from both (longer in body than his brother), his chest although not yet fully mature looks to be of nice depth, and he has Merlins long tail. He has good movement front and side, all in all a good sound, typey dog. He will be a slower maturing dog than his brother and is currently waiting at home to mature before being shown.
Along with the general training and socializing to complete and receive his "CGC" certificate, Ripley and I have also had a try at "Obedience" training. Hopefully if I can motivate myself we will be working on his CD, as he shows promise!
"Ripley's" Placements and Wins!
  • January 29, 2000: BCOA Supported Entry, Abilene Kennel Club
    • 2nd Place 6-9 Puppy Sweepstakes (Judge-Billie Thibeaux)
    • 2nd Place 6-9 Puppy Regular Class (Judge-Michelle Billings)
  • January 30, 2000: Abilene Kennel Club
    • 1st Place 6-9 Puppy Regular Class (Judge-Gary Newton)
  • January 25, 2003: BCOA Trophy Supported Entry, Abilene Kennel Club
    • 1st Place Open Dogs (Judge-John Reeve-Newsome)!

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