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Amy Elise Figer

Hannah has a new baby sister!

A most special gift from heaven has arrived.

A most special baby girl has arrived and we're proud to let you know
. Though a premie little wee one, she's finally home where we can watch her grow.

We had a little time to wait, just a little we were told,
But we're really proud to annoucne she's finally home to hold.

Soon as it happened, the camera went, "click, click",
So we could fill the reservation with this most treasured, special pic!

So join us in BIG CONGRATULATIONS to her family,
Mommy, Rachel, Daddy, Adrian, and big sister, Hannah, too.

And,please, please join us, when we say to sweet baby, Elise,
"With lots of love, our daily prayers are being said for you!"
We love you, sweet wee one!

Nanny & Pop (Sara & Herb Duncan)