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We want to thank everyone who made our short time here in the sims communtity fun. But the stress of the war we had with a certain someone and the demands of our private lives became more than we could handle. The sims was no longer fun for either of us anymore thanks to the certain someone. The desire to create kinda diminished too, and has yet to return. The ideas are there, but not the drive. When you see the nasty side of people, you have a tendency to want to walk away instead of looking at it.

We also want to thank our affiliates for sticking by us for so long. We know this wasn't an easy thing for them to do, and we appreciate it more than y'all will ever know.

This wasn't an easy decision for us to make, but it was one that has been on hold and needed to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

We may be back one day, with the hope that there will be peace in the Sims community when we do.

~*Garnet N Dedman*~