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Have You Ever???
written by Shanon Hanson

Had someone that fully and completely
touched your heart and soul with theirs?

Had someone to make you feel
so alive, happy and complete?

Had someone to stir new and
exciting feelings within you?

Had someone to make you laugh so hard
that it brought tears to your eyes?

Smiled so brightly at the thought of the
beautiful memories that were made together?

Felt that they were your best friend as well as your lover?

Had someone so special to come into your life
after praying and asking God for that special someone?

Cherished every single moment that you spent with them?

Opened your heart, shared thoughts, feelings,
hopes, dreams, fantasies, and fears?

Loved someone so very much.....
more than you ever dreamed possible?

Held someone so very close to your heart,
kept them with you in your thoughts and prayers?

Had someone to really and truly love you
and appreciate you....making you feel so special,
loved, desired, wanted, and needed?

Missed someone so badly when you weren't with them,
that it felt as if a part of you was missing?

Wondered if your special someone is thinking of you too,
and misses you as you do them?

Hungered for their loving and tender touch?

Closed your eyes and sweetly dreamed of them,
falling asleep with a warm loving smile?

Looked so forward to touching and holding them and,
making many more new and wonderful memories?

Mmmm...I know I do! : )

When someone special comes into your life and brings
warmth, passion, love, happiness, laughter, compassion,
and joy into your ever so thankful for them,
as they are a gift from above....never take them for granted.
Shower them with love....and treasure each
precious moment that you have with them! : )
~ Shanon Hanson ~

"The best and most beautiful things in the world,
cannot be seen or even touched.....
they must be felt with the heart."
~ Hellen Keller ~

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