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The Price Of Freedom
written by Shanon Hanson

Some were ready and prepared,
Others were so young and so naive.
Some of them chose to serve our country,
Others had no choice, they were called to serve.

As they hugged and kissed their loved ones bye,
Their hearts were heavy and tears filled in their eyes.
Not knowing if they would be coming back home,
Or if they would die, it was all so unknown.

As they prepared to fight for our freedom,
We prayed to God for their safety.
They all left their loved ones,
And their lives that they had known.

They departed to an unfamiliar land
Risking their lives and making so many sacrifices.
Being away from family and friends,
Giving up what most can't even comprehend.

The horrors and atrocities that
Our Veterans faced and endured,
You may not ever know or totally understand.
They protected our rights, our freedom, and the rights of others,
So that we could have and enjoy freedom in our land.

Some came home to a Hero's welcome,
Others didn't come home at all, they made the ultimate sacrifice.
Some came home and were disgracefully shunned,
Others have been so shamefully forgotten.

All of our Veterans served our country,
With great pride and true honor.
There is a price for freedom which they ALL so graciously paid.
They ALL greatly deserve to be remembered and honored,
Afterall....they are truly America's Heros ! : )

Please Help!

I urge you to help protect the rights of our Veterans.
You can contact your local VFW Post, The American Legion,
Disabled American Veterans, Vietnam Veterans Of America,
Veterans Of The Vietnam War and your elected officials.
If you have trouble locating one please email me,
and I will be so glad to help you :)

"Thank You"

I would like to personally say "Thank You"
to all of our Veterans who served past and present,
to the families of our MIAs, POWs, and those
that made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives,
for all that you have done, gone through, and the sacrifices you made,
so that we may all have and enjoy our freedom today.
May God bless you and keep you in his loving care always.
Welcome Home and great BIG hugs to ya ! : )

~ Shanon Hanson ~

Our Veteran's Contributions To This Site
Thank You so much for sharing : )

The Military Oathe

"I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support
and defend the Constitution of the United States
against all enemies foreign or domestic,
and I will bare true faith and allegiance to the same.
I will obey the orders of the President of the United States
and the officers appointed over me according to the regulations
and the Uniform Code of Military Justice...
So Help Me God."
Submitted by Rex King
US Navy - Vietnam

Coming Home

Those who came home from Vietnam
We came home to our country
A country who did not want us
Oh why did they not want us
We went because we were called
We went because it was our duty
We did what we were told
Even though we did not understand
We where young and venturous
We knew no fear
But it did not take long for the fear to set in
On those night patrols
We could not make friends because
We knew they would not be there on the dawn
We all did our best even though it was not enough
We all kept looking for the help that never came
We all went there as naive young men and women
But the ones who came home were not naive anymore
We grew up fast over there
I have lived my life wondering why so many died
Why so many did not come home
I have ask myself many times why not me
I feel it would have been easier to die
Then live with the torment of these many years
I still live with those memories today
But I do not want to forget
Those BRAVE naive young soldiers who did not come home
REMEMBER those who did not come home.
RM2 John Nutty
US Navy - Vietnam

Stone Cold

The sadness in those eyes
The horror they have seen
I've seen those eyes a million times
Each night in my dreams
I wonder who they belong to
So old they seem to me
But then I see the faces
All about nineteen
How can eyes so old
Be set in a face so young
What have those eyes seen
To make them look so numb
Was it death in a war
Far so far away
A war that no one wanted
Not even to this day
Where have I seen those eyes before
Other than in my dreams
I see them each day in a mirror
For they belong to me
SgtE5 Gary F. Williams
US Army 446tc / 534tc
Vietnam WIA 1968

The Son

An old woman sat with tears in her eyes
A letter cluthched tight in her hand
Her only son had fought and died
In a far off distant land

Where is this faraway land she thought
As she brushed away a tear
That her only son had fought and died
A boy just 19 years

Yes just a boy of 19 years
but a man in one big way
He gave his life to help a friend
On the battle field that day

The word was passed we must pull back
From the trenches where they lay
But wounded was his closest friend
Not 15 feet away

The boy moved over
Held his buddies head
He tried to help his friend
They were still in this position
When they met their fatal end

Yes a just a boy of 19 years
But a man in one big way
He gave his life to help a friend
On the battle field that day
written by Len Lee
Retired US Navy
Vietnam 1968 - 1969

Quote by Father Dennis Edward O'Brien

"It is the Soldier, not the Reporter who has given us the freedom of press.
It is the soldier, not the Poet who has given us the freedom of speech.
It is the Soldier, not the Campus Organizer
who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the Soldier who salutes the Flag,
who serves beneath the Flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the Flag,
who allows the Protester to burn the Flag."
Submitted by Matt Dahlin
USAF - Proudly Serving

Silent Sentry of the Suffering

A young lady raised in a protective American Society
was inexperienced and unprepared to encounter the hell of war.
Yet, some 7,500 American Nurses volunteered into the
battle-torn cities, villages, and jungles of Vietnam.
These Heroines steeled themselves and applied all of their energies
to the horrible uncertain tasks, and a result became truly
the most outstanding Nurses and citizens of the 20th Century.
The technology of the modern day helicopter Medevac,
and the outstanding dedication and training of the field Medics,
filled the Hospitals with tens of thousands of Soldiers injured
so severely that had it been in any other war thus far known to man,
they would have never lived beyond the battlefield.
The fatality rate of all treated in a Field Hospital
was remarkably low, 2.6%.
This is twice the survival rate from any previous war.
Throughout this chaos and never-ending work,
amoung the human debris of war,
these Angels of Mercy performed with skill never before known
by one who had been trained to a lesser degree than that of a Physician,
and yet at the same time bestowed upon the suffering
the warmth and gentle compassion that could only be
given by God's gentlest creature, a Woman.
Any Serviceman who has known the comfort of a military nurse
during times of extreme uncertainty will attest to the fact that his survival
was not only due to the unprecedented skill practiced by his attending physician,
but was equally attributable to the sincere and caring love
that could only be given by the touch of a female Military Nurse.

Dedicated To: 1LT. Judith L. Dexter
(Col. Judith L. Richtsmeier)
Eighteenth Surgical Hospital
Pleiku, South Vietnam
And to the thousands of other female Vietnam Veteran Nurses
who have not been given proper recognition for their
selfless devotion and unparalled service to their nation.

written by Lew Ross
US Navy - Vietnam


This site is lovingly dedicated to
all of our Veterans that served past and present.
And also to our MIAs, POWs, our service men and women
that made the ultimate sacrifice and to
their families that they left behind.


Special Thanks
The music on this site is "God Bless The USA"
Performed by Lee Greenwood , who I had the true honor
of personally meeting at The Spirit of America Rally in Dallas, Texas.
He performed this song for the family members and those proudly serving
during Desert Storm and he was very active in supporting our troops.
Great BIG Hugs to you Mr. Greenwood for all of your support! :)

Thanks to Bob's Waves for providing the music for this site.
His link is listed on my home page, please take a moment to visit his site.

My Awards

In Remembrance...
Please Remember and pray for our service men
and women as they serve our country so proudly.


Let Us Bring Our POW's/MIA's Home!

They proudly and bravely served when thier country called...
Dead or alive, they need and deserve to be brought home.
Please keep them and thier families in your prayers.
They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten!

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To my brother Mike who is proudly serving....
I Love You, be safe, and come home soon!

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