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How can you love someone so deeply, a feeling so passionate,
that it fully awakens all of their senses and makes their heart smile?
How can someone love you so very fully and so completely,
that it makes you cry out for them in your dreams?

You feel their soft, warm, loving, and tender touch,
gently caressing, squeezing, teasing and feeling so much.
You taste their sweet lips placed so gently on yours,
when the two of you have not yet touched.

A love with so much warmth, depth and passion,
you have never known, only except in your wildest of dreams.
Could it be possible, you would turn it away in fear of it not being real,
because you had never known how a love so pure and true feels?

For this love, I would not fear or walk away to miss the chance,
without this very special love, would be missing out on love's sweet dance.
I am not a stranger to heartache, disappointment or feeling blue,
for a love so pure and true, I would dance life's sweetest dance with you.

To share such fiery passion, with so much feeling, for you and only you,
I would give myself, my entire life without any apprehension, remorse or sorrow,
for you, your love, your wants, your needs, and your passionate desires.
I'll love you so fully and completely not only for today, but all of your tomorrows.

To share a love based not on a physical, but a spiritual beginning,
can only result in the most beautiful, powerful and special kind of all love.
The love we have dreamed of, prayed about and waited a lifetime for, a love so special,
being friends, lovers, would shine on the heavens above!!!

Dreams can and do come true, if you want them to.
My dream is spoiling and soooooooo passionately loving you! :)

I Love You!!!

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This site is dedicated to all of those who know true,
and passionate love, and to those that are still seeking.