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My Special Friend

My Special Friend

I have a special friend
Someone you do not know
But, He is - oh so - dear to me
And I just love him so

He listens to me carefully
and lets me share my soul
He helps me on my way with life
He wants me to be whole

He lets me tell him anything
He shares with me his fears
It's as though we've known each other
years 'n years 'n years

He treats me like I'm valuable
Because He thinks it's true
I can go and seek his thoughts
when I don't know what to do

And I can tell him that I've sinned
And hurt my Lord above
Yet He will not condemn me
But will cover it with Love

How wondrous is his friendship
How precious to my soul
How fine it feels to have a friend
Who wants me to be whole

~ Author Unknown ~

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