185th Recon Airplane Co.

All of the below pictures were volunteered for duty by Sam Schwartz (Pterodactyl 36). There are quite a few, but worth the wait for the unlucky who still don't have DSL in their neighborhood...:).

Pterodactyl 36

The sign near the main gate

A view of our pentaprime runway

The mast we built for our TV antenna
so we could receive AFVN TV in BMT

I believe the facility that housed Pyramid
is in the background

Revetments built out of ebony plywood we had made
for us at a sawmill in BMT city. This was an old one that was replaced.
The wood was so heavy it took at least four guys to move one sheet.

New revetments
(Webmaster comment) "Let's get those drums painted...NOW!!! "


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