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Photo of Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall taken in Natalia, Texas, October 30, 2002. Photo courtesy of William DeSalme.

The Travelling Wall, as it was known around here, and also known as the Healing Wall was here a few years ago. Many came to look at the names and were solemn as they were made aware that these sacrifices were real people who had names. Most of the veterans of that era brought their families but so many came late at night or in the wee hours of the morning to reflect. I saw a few of them dispersed at different areas of the park in prayer and deep thought and perhaps finally getting to say goodby to their fellow fighters. If pictures are worth a thousand words, the scene at night in the park cannot be described in words. So solemn and private was this time for the Viet Nam vets that the local paper made little comments on it nor did they take pictures. Words nor photos could ever capture the emotions that went through all of us and especially those who shared time with the names on the Wall.

One of the most poignant tributes to the purpose of the Wall from a lady named Rosie who frequently posts comments at PipebombNews.com.

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