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When growing up, most of us had a special hero, someone that we looked up to, emulated. I personally don't recall having anyone that I wanted to model my life after. Not until I was about 33 or 34 years old did I have a special hero. I'd like for you to meet my hero; my son Richard. Through these pictures, a bit of narration from me and a bit later a few words from him and a poem or two that he has written you will meet one of the loves of my life. I hope that you understand the focus of my life, the reason for my living. I introduce you to my hero:

Ever since I can remember, Richard always had a smile. He and I have been and I pray always will be close. Be it sharing the love of writing, drawing, the sport of golf, or riding horses together, we always done and bought things in twos. I guess one of the strongest testaments that any parent can have is that even in his teen years Richard is never one to forget to tell me, or my ex-wife that he loves us. There is not a time, be it night or day that goes by when we see each other, talk to one another that he ever forgets to tell either one of us of his love when the night is through. In my opinion there is not enough love any more between parents and children. At least from what I see so often, it is evident that this is not the case.

The ideas about a lot of my poetry, the poems about children are in many ways a reflection of what I am pleased to say has not happened to or will ever happen to my son.

Richard is a gentleman. He is always letting the ladies or the young women that he might come into contact with, know that it is the man's place to open the door. He will also rise when she rises, to order for her, and to include flowers at the table when going out on a date. It is a rare thing to witness these days. It is even a prouder moment for a father to hear the comments on the side, from all genders, about how pleasant it is to see a young man with manners. A bit of a side note, I know of two separate instances that the mothers of young ladies have said to their own daughters that this young man (Richard) is too nice for you. Isn't it ironic that the words said instead should be, " My daughter, this is the only way that you should ever accept to be treated by any man." Is it not true that we have many a lesson that can be learn from our children?

And now a few more pictures and a few words from my hero……..

Hi I'm Richard as you can see by the pictures, I'm pretty hot. And since you don't know me, you don't know that I have a real big ego. As a matter of fact, I just have a big head, and half the things I say, well I don't say them, something else does. Well, what can I say, I love to play golf and have this new found desire just to make it big. I'm a pretty good student. But I like to see that my Dad has practically centered this part of me being his hero. Well, I don't think my dad gives himself enough credit. Don't get me wrong he isn't perfect, but are you? AM I for that matter? Well, if you answered that question with a yes, I believe you have come to the wrong place. For nor you or I are perfect. Thanks to the new found woman in my life, I have found one thing of utter perfection. That one thing, that one part in place, that one person in our time, the Lord. If you read on and see the poem I have centered for her, you will notice it has only been two weeks, and those two weeks, I can honestly say have been a couple of the best weeks of my life. A couple of lines at the bottom of the poem have no significance to anyone other than Her and Myself. I think if you are a true person of art, and understand the poetry you will realize that it is just that. POETRY, for me, for my father, for ourselves. Sit down relax and enjoy the show.

I'm no hero. Look to the man standing beside me. Look to the man with a tear for me, that man is your hero. I love you dad. Grip it and Rip it!

Richard Brown

"What Should I Call It?"

There is a time in life when the sun stands still
That time is now,
I look at you and wonder what is now in store
I step back and look at myself,
Do I have you to thank?
Is it you I should give my heart?
I think of the short time and the trials and tribulations of it all.
I can't tell you how I feel,
I can't let you know what I have to say.
Is it going to scare you, are you going to see me in a different light?
When I hug you,
What if I feel something?
When I kiss you,
What if I don't want it to end?
I feel the fact that you have turned my life around
You have engraved yourself a place in me.
No shoes you will ever wear,
No haircut you ever sport,
Even if we get separated for a week.
You'll always know i miss you,
and you'll always know i care

Two weeks Megan. It feels longer.

Richard Brown


Was it the baseball in the backyard,
Wait was it the watermelon in the summer?
No, it was definitely the football in the house.
And remember the time Nanny got mad.
Its not fair you couldn't play any more,
and its not fair we couldn't talk.
How come you didn't come home that day,
and why did you have to miss my soccer game.
I can only remember the good times now,
And what a big tummy you had.
I remember watching "Crocodile Dundee,"
and then telling Nanny something bad.
We cant mention what that was,
do you think we could keep it between the three of us?
I've grown older now and miss the times we had,
Did you know that Nanny moved on to?
I hope she's up there with you now,
In fact I'm pretty sure she is.
Do me a favor Granddad take care of her for me,
and don't forget the times we had that would mean a lot to me.
I miss you two dearly and I hope you are happy together,

Richard Brown