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Sterlingsilver Abyssinians

Welcome to the original and only official Sterlingsilver Abyssinian Website!

We started the Torticka cattery in 1985 with Ridgerunner's Cecropia of Torticka (Pia), a ruddy female. Around 1988 or 1989, we saw the first silver abyssinian in the country at a show in Austin, TX. Windemere's Silverdream (Sissy) of Elora was a ruddy (black) silver imported into the country from Norway by Chris Brooks, a veterinarian in Ft. Worth, TX. Sissy was bred to our blue male, CH Torticka Micale. Later, Sissy was bred to a ruddy silver somali from Germany and we were given Elora's Tiffany of Torticka from that litter. Several years later, Sissy was bred to a blue male, Highstepper's Blue Boy, producing Elora's Wallace (Lacy) of Sterlingsilver and Elora's Oneida of Sterlingsilver (first blue silver in the country). With these two kittens, the Sterlingsilver cattery was registered specifically for our silver lines of Abyssinian.

Since the silver abyssinians were new to the country, neither the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) or The International Cat Association (TICA) had standards for them. While CFA to this day does not allow silvers, and probably never will, TICA accepted them in the New Breed, New Color division. We were co-authors of the color descriptions for TICA for the four silver colors of Abyssinians accepted at that time.

In 2001, TICA accepted all four silver colors into their championship division. In June of 2001, in Ft. Worth, TX, Sterlingsilver Daylily became the first blue silver female abyssinian champion in the nation. Pictured above is Sterlingsilver Sir Christopher, a blue silver Abyssinian male.

Over the years we have had wonderful relationships with other Aby breeders and close friends, helping to increase the number of silver breeders in the United States, and with their help, insuring that the Sterlingsilver line continues. The control of our line was almost lost when one person we had been helping tried to help herself to all our breeding stock, but by the help of several good friends, Laura Hanus of Mystiquajoy Abyssinians and Robin Sessler of Leotie Abyssinians, that crisis was averted. So now we begin a new era of Sterlingsilver, with Randary, a cinnamon silver boy from Mystiquajoy (with Sterlingsilver roots), and two black siver girls, Sarasota, sired by Leotie's Chromium of Sterlingsilver (his kitten picture at right), and Saratoga, who is a total outcross.

Mystiquajoy Randary of SterlingsilverMystiquajoy Randary of SterlingsilverMystiquajoy Randary of Sterlingsilver
Mystiquajoy Randary of Sterlingsilver

Firefox Sarasota of SterlingsilverFirefox Sarasota of SterlingsilverFirefox Sarasota of Sterlingsilver
Firefox Sarasota of Sterlingsilver

Catujita Saratoga of SterlingsilverCatujita Saratoga of Sterlingsilver
Catujita Saratoga of Sterlingsilver

For more information about kittens and cats available please contact:
Dickie and Juanita Henderson or Pat Walz

A couple of non-silvers we are very proud of . ..

RW QGC Torticka Butterfly Kisses of Leotie
cinnamon female
Sire: RW QGC Leotie's Iskandar of Torticka, fawn
Dam: DGC Charlu's Saucia of Torticka, ruddy
1993 TICA Great Lakes Region 15th Best Kitten
1993 TICA Great Lakes Region 16th Best Cat
1993 TICA International 3rd Best Sorrel Abyssinian
Breeder: Juanita Henderson
Owner: Robin L. Sessler

RW SGC Torticka Snapdragon of Leotie
cinnamon male
Sire: SGC Tamisan Dragonfire, red/sorrel
Dam: CH Torticka Celestrina, blue
1993 TICA Great Lakes Region 17th Best Cat
Breeder: Juanita Henderson
Owner: Robin L. Sessler


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