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Welcome to my site from the Lone star state!!!

As the saying goes, DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!!! We are our own country, in our own. Texans are a special breed and will all agree!! I would like introduce you to the extraordinariness of this great land.  Before and after Enron, the recent Super Bowl, Hurricanes or any other altering event  TEXAS remains TRUE. 

I have been computing from a mere 15 years and want to share some of my tastes, opinions, culture, and greatness of my corner of the world. Please feel free to send feedback with the button at the bottom.

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Houston is one of the most diversified cities in the world. If you look at my personal page you will see.   My son, Nicholas, amazes me with his natural computing abilities at age 7 (now 10). My love for music almost took over my life for a period, my favorite, Homegrown Houston Music. I have a great love for astrology plus any and everything occult. Check out my interesting finds throughout the years.

Recently I have been focusing on Scouting for my son. I recently won the District Spark Plug Award and was named District webmaster. I was Pinewood Derby Commissioner.

In the past,  I put together a site for Jimmy's Pawn Shop, Bath, and Sonic Sensations Unlimited.