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These guys have been working hard to gain their current sound. You gotta give it a try. See below for links to get their sound. MR. WONDERFUL is my favorite tune.

This is Stephen Tripp Fragile. He is the mastermind behind Bath. The music that flows from him is an emotional river with many bends, levels, and heights. With a cross between radiohead, bowie, cure meets LED ZEPPLIN, JANE'S...this act is one not to be missed.


"The 3rd cover design for the full length CD "frustration" i call it" rock n' roll under"...get it??? available for the upcoming release of "FRUSTRATION" full length CD. release date T.B.A. Hopefully by late APRIL2000" 

mp3 or real files at IUMA.............. The granddaddy of all music web sites. Your home for new music.

download or stream audio.

the official bathtub ....

check out 80...

The band uses the symbol "ff"=fortissimo because they are VERY LOUD. So look bath--ff at .

Stephen is the one who introduced me to zing. Here is Bath's Zing Album.


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