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Namaste, I am the Queen of Saturn. My world is beautiful, with rolling hills, expansive oceans, and visions beyond human imagination. My people are a peaceful people, intelligent, imaginative, and loving. I am currently on earth because I was on a routine visit 20 years ago, when my ship crash-landed. Earth does not have the parts or technology yet to fix my air-craft, and until you do, I'm making the most of my time here.

This website is dedicated to my life here on Earth. It is also a message that I hope to get through to my people back on Saturn.

People of Saturn:
If you get this message, SEND HELP! My Ship is wrecked. Come, get me swiftly!

So, feel free to travel around my world. This site is my home away from home. Come in, stay a while; maybe we can have a cup of coffee...or something...