Welcome To My Pad

Home of the Vicious
Racefrog you say?
lets see some pics

My Personal Favorite

i think i ran this one over Sapo Rapido

And a close Realative
frogious viciouses

That's enuff bout frogs
Here is my life story.
Growing up i was a hooligundobrowolski aint no pleasanton

that lead to me getting two tatoos
im capicorn but goats suck eyeballs are allways good

one on each butt cheek
Just Kidding, there on my buff upper arms(haha)

then i got thrown in jail ouch, thats gotta hurt

but i got rehabilitated no really i love my mother
Then i met my hero and changed my outlook on life one Miilliion dollors

Along the way I(being of sound mind and body, yeah right i was probably drunk, unless this is my probation officer reading this then i never ever drink) bought some cars that im kinda proud of
first was my firebird 301c.i. V8
then was the aspire 1.9liter piece of 4 cylinder shit
and now i own a huge mercury, its huge it's huge, really it's huge

then i wreaked some of them bombs away

And thats the story of my life, oh yea a pic of me the eye's? remeber i live in dobrowolski

Now some of the more memorable lines of my life

It's Huge!
Your just a little fuck!
I want the skinny one!
Of course tiberum sun is better than Quake 3!
Yes your honor, I know the conditions of probation
Yes your honor, I still know the conditions of probation
Yes your honor, I know i said you would never see me agin, but dam your hot(doh, i said that out loud)
Yes officer they let me have my hair like this in school
Mr. Stewart please step out of the car and put your hands where i can see them
Spread'em (ouch that one hurt)
Fuckin fuk
It's not what you got its what you do with it, but you can do so much more with what i got.
i have constant diahera
here Will eat this tortilla

And now some of my mostest favoritest pages in the World Wide WussAss(oops...i..um..mean there grrrrrrrrrrreeeeat!)

Murkettedismal's page from hell
Oh shit My Personal Galleries
um.. roy'page
My Starcraft Clan page

Enuff links Now you Can

What are you drunk?
these hits can't be right.

its just me