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The Versatile Bead

20 Delicas
30 Size 10/11 (10 beads alternative)
10 8/0 (20 beads alternative)
10 6/0

1) Cut a piece of thread 36/40” long and thread on needle of your choice. Work with thread doubled throughout.
2) Place 10 delica beads on your thread.
      a) Grab the thread about 4/5” from the end between your first finger and thread on your non-dominant hand and bring the rest of the thread around your first finger.
      b) Don’t tug on the needle. Hold the needle between your first finger and thumb. Grasp the thread with your remaining three fingers, turn your hand toward you and tug on the thread with your fist.
      c) Pick up the first and every other bead on the needle until you reach the end. Take your needle through the last two beads.
      d) Pull the thread in your dominant hand until the beads form a circle. Give the thread a tug until you see 5 beads in the inner ring and 5 beads sitting in an outer ring.
3) Place one 11/0 bead between each delica in the outer ring (5 beads).
      a) Seat each bead individually throughout by holding the circle you’ve beaded and giving the thread a tug after placing each bead.
      b) When you have placed the fifth bead, take your needle through the last bead in the delica round.
      c) Step up to end each round by placing the needle through the first bead (11/0) you placed in the current round.
4) Place two 11/0 beads (or one 8/0 bead) between each bead in the previous round. (10 beads) Step up.
5) Place one 8/0 bead between the two-bead elements (8/0 bead) in the previous round. Step up.
6) Place one 6/0 bead between the beads in the previous round. Step up.
7) Place one 4mm faceted bead between the beads in the previous round. Step up.
8) Repeat Row 6. Step up.
9) Repeat Row 5. Step up.
10) Repeat Row 4. Step up.
11) Repeat row 3.
12) Finish with two rows of delicas.
13) Take your needle through the final round once more.
14) Pull the thread tight and tie off with a square knot. Tie a square knot in the beginning threads. Clip the threads, leaving about a 16th of an inch and burn the ends.

Three Beads

Note the difference in texture and finish, as well as the size difference. I like to keep the beads closely related in color, but not matching. Although, it's also fun to create beads that are spotted or striped. You're only limited by the beads you have on hand!!

Chips Ahoy

You'll find the instructions for the center beaded bead - one of many I've made with semi-precious chips, on page 47 of Beadwork Creates Beaded Beads, edited by Jean Campbell (published in 2003).

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