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Spiral Cookbook

<center><font size="6"><b>Spiral Cookbook <font size="4"></b></center> <font size="6"><b>Spiral Cookbook <font size="4"></b>

The spiral beads which follow are all worked following the spiral bead instructions. The recipes give you the ingredients (the beads in the starting row) for each spiral bead. These various beads range from chunky (Raspberry Spiral) to curvy (Kiwi, Strawberry, and Blackberry) spirals. The closer the sizes of the different beads, the more chunky the bead. The larger the accent bead and the smaller the starting beads (usually Delicas), the more twisty the bead. These make great foils to the other beads on this site.

Blackberry Spiral

4 amethyst Delica Hex
2 amethyst 10/0 Twisted Hex
2 gold 15/0s
1 matte amethyst Cube

I think this bead would look better if you substitute either an 8/0 or a 6/0 for the cube on the first two and last two rows. However, I love the super chunky, tight twist of this spiral.

Kiwi Spiral

4 chartreuse Delicas
2 olive matte metallic Tojo 10/0 Triangles
2 olive 12/0s
1 silver-lined chartreuse "E" bead

Strawberry Spiral

4 gold Delica
2 red 10/0 Triangles
2 gold 15/0s
1 silver-lined deep pink 6/0

Raspberry Spiral

4 gold Delicas
2 red Drops (8/0)
2 red 15/0s
1 silver-lined deep pink 6/0

Key Lime Spiral

4 chartreuse Delicas
2 olive-lined crystal 8/0 Miyuki Triangles
2 opaque chartreuse 11/0s
1 yellow-green crystal Drop

Aubergine Spiral

4 brown-purple frosted 11/0s
2 brown matte 8/0 Hex beads
2 gold 15/0s
1 mahogany ceylon 6/0

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