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The Bronze Age

<center><font size="6"><b>The Bronze Age</center><font size="4"></b>

I issued myself a challenge when I started this site, a challenge to see how many different beads I could create built on my basic bead. The joy of this pursuit has been to hang on for the ride and see where the great pursuit will lead. Here's my newest necklace and several new embellished beads: the Chrysanthemum, the Jaunty Jonquil, and the Bell. There's also a variation of the basic bead which grew from my use of 8/0 True-Cuts instead of Triangle beads, a suggestion made on one of the bead lists to which I belong. During the discussion of the new 8/0 True-Cuts, someone said they would work nicely in the beads I'd put up on this site. The suggestion came the day my supply of True-Cuts arrived! Synchronicity of the best kind!

The Flutterby beads are made in the usual manner with three 8/0 True-Cuts separated by three 15/0 bronze beads in each strand.

The Spiral beads are made with the following recipe: 4 Delicas, 2 Twisted Hex beads, two 15/0s, and one 8/0 True-Cut.

Basic Variation #1

First, I made a 5-bead basic, substituting the new True-Cut 8/0 bead for the Triangle. When I had finished the basic bead, there were gaps between the rows of 2-drop Delicas - four gaps which needed to be filled. To complete the bead, needle down to the 8/0 bead in the first row and take the needle through the bead. Place three 15/0 beads on the thread and go through the next True-Cut. Repeat around. When you have completed the round, needle down to the next True-Cut and repeat the process (three 15/0 beads in each gap). Fill each gap (four rows) working down the bead. I decided at this point that I didn't want to use the True-Cuts on the bead I embellished, so I substituted a bronze Twisted Hex for the True-Cut/Triangle, used dark amethyst Delicas and made 5-bead basic beads.

The Chrysanthemum

Row 1: Take a basic bead and needle down and through a Twisted Hex in the second row of hex beads. Load Loop A: three 15/0s, one 8/0 True-Cut, and three 15/0s. Take needle back through the Twisted Hex and through the next two-Delica element. Add Loop A to thread and take needle back through the two-Delica element and through the next Twisted Hex. Repeat around (8 loops).

Row 2: Needle down to a Twisted Hex in the middle row. Load Loop B: five 15/0s, one 8 True-Cut, five 15/0s. Work around as described in Row 1 (8 loops).

Row 3: Needle down to a 2-Delica element in the next row. Load Loop B and work as described, adding loops ONLY in the 2-Delica elements and taking the needle through the middle Twisted Hex on its way to and through the next 2-Delica element (4 loops).

Row 4: Repeat Row 1 (Loop A), going through the Twisted Hex beads in the fourth row (8 loops)

The Jaunty Jonquil

Make a 5-Twisted Hex basic bead and work Row 1 of the Chrysanthemum bead (8 loops).

The Bell

Make a basic bead and work Rows 1 and 2 of the Chrysanthemum bead. Needle back and through a True-Cut in Row 2. Put two 15/0s on your thread and go through a True-Cut in Row 1. Work around, joining all the True-Cuts with 2-bead elements, working from Row 2 to Row 1 and back until all the True-Cuts are joined.

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