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~ * ~ African Violet Foliage and Flower Types ~ * ~

* Flower types:

Single pansy-shaped flower: Little Axel
Double pansy-shaped flower: Diamond Jubilee
Single star-shaped flower: Blue Mink
Double star-shaped flower: Powder Keg
Wasp-shaped flower:
Chimera: Victorian Flirt
Fantasy flower:
"Puff" fantasy: Kimono
Geneva edge: Picturesque (another example: Powder Keg )
Raspberry edge: GlitterStar (actually, this one is known as a "glitter" edge)
"Thumbprint" blossom: Optimara Monet

~ Foliage Types:

Quilted leaves: (also a lovely chimera!) Desert Dawn
Serrated-edged leaves: Optimara Trinidad
Girl Foliage: (Single Leaf)
Variegation (Tommie Lou): Dean's Brandywine
"Crown" variegation: Bunny Wabbit
"Mosaic" variegation
Miniature African violet (up to 6 inches in diameter): Ness' Little Echo
Semi-miniature African violet (up to 8 inches in diameter):
Standard African violet: Moonbeams (also has quilted leaves, and chimera-fantasy flowers)
Trailing African violet: Marion's Enchanted Trail

Thanks to Char, Marie, Irmi, Jim, and Pat for their pictures!!

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