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Haley on Good Morning America

Haley was interviewed by Good Morning America about Sixth Sense. Haley stated that this role was
"more of a challenge than any other roles." As an actor, he said that he drew on real life experiences
but nothing prepared him for Cole, his character in Sixth Sense. He said that he not had quite enough life expereinces
Haley said the role was very intense. To prepare for the audition, he would think about what Cole had would just to live.

When asked if the movie had given him nightmares, he said "I had nightmares after reading the script for the first time,
because it was so well written." He liked the script. When asked if the movie scared him he said "No, because I had already seen it ...but I enjoyed the audiences reaction." He stated that all his friends are running off to see Blair Witch Project
and thought that most of his peers could handle Sixth Sense. He said though that "If I had not been in this movie,I would not have seen it."

About seeing himself on screen, "You are a different person off forget about being Haley". He wants to work with Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton and Ron Howard.


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