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Antique Engines

Always Hunting For Old Engines

All Engines on this Page are In "Running/Working" Condition

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John Deere 1 1/12 HP

(Restored by Ben)

Fairbanks Morse 2 HP

(Restored by Ben)

Fairbanks Morse 6hp

"De Laval" Engine used for Turning Cream Seperators

(Restored by Ben)

The Stonewall Antique Engine and Tractor Show June 28, 2002

Atlas Engine made in San Antonio TX. by the Krouger Machine Co. (8 HP)

Fairbanks Morse 110 HP @ 360 RPM 2 Cylinder 2 Cycle Diesel Power Plant
(From The Base To The Top Of The Cylinder Head Is 12 1/2 Feet. Bore 12" Storke 15'')

2 Cylinder 75 HP Natural Gas Oil Field Engine Belted To A Saw Mill Rig

Replica of an Antkiller Used to Kill Cut Ants in the Wheat fields of Kansas pat. date......1910
(The windmill turns a shaft that is connected to a cone shaped roller on the bottom plate which rolls in a circle crushing the ants as they come up through the hole in the center of the bottom plate).

(Built By Ben)

Engine Show in 1894

My idea of the perfect home -- a house with a small shop conveniently located. Wife don't like the idea much.

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